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Isabella Swan's Diary Spinster and Lunatic

By Arwa   Rating 4/5  

I started writing “Sam from The Blog” as a fictional story referred to Twilight and Bridget Jones, it was more like how “Bridget Jones’s diary” was to Pride and Prejudice.I thought it would be a combination between Twilight and Bridget Jones’s Diary/Pride and Prejudice. Of course with whole fresh characters, all characters are different and named differently except the male hero, which was named Edward Dark, Which is Mark Darcy and Edward Cullen. I thought the story was going well, but nobody actually read it, because they thought it has nothing to do with Twilight, and there’s no Edward and Bella. And this doesn’t surprise me at all.I liked writing the story, and enjoyed updating it, but now I wish some people could tell me what they think of it.Therefore I’ve decided to re write it, using the characters of Twilight in a completely different universe (as so many did).So the story is:A crossover between Twilight and Bridget Jones’s Diary. using the Twilight characters (their names), but during the story you can see how they connect to the original, some of the characters are human, and the others are not, but not all vampires are vampires, i.e. Alice is human. And also the characters ages are completely different. (between Bella and Bridget there’s more than 10 years, so Bella’s Age here is 25). I’m not British, but decided to make the story British, because I like the accent and British expressions. I’m neither American and English is my 3rd language, so don’t expect any good writing.I’ve also decided to change the blog to diary, so it can still be close to Bridget Jones’s Diary.

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