4 Proven Ways to Heal Fast After a Spinal Surgery

4 Proven Ways to Heal Fast After a Spinal Surgery

The spinal surgery process begins way before you enter the recovery room. Therefore, it’s important to get everything right, before and after surgery to fasten your recovery time. Here are some of the essential steps you should consider taking to prepare your environment, body, and mind for your quick healing.

Have an Exercise Routine

Yes, you would want to avoid vigorous exercises after spinal injury, but some simple exercises can help ease the pain, increase blood circulation around your back, and significantly improve your mood. So, as you wait for surgery, you can work with a physical therapist to come up with a perfect exercising routine that will strengthen, stretch, and your muscles. In this case, a low-impact choice will be ideal, for before and after surgery.

Plus, if you can manage your weight, it will help reduce the stress on your spine, hence boosting fast recovery. Your orthopedic surgeon at spine.md should recommend the right time to resume exercises after surgery. But, ensure you include frequent walking into your daily recovery routine.

Consider Quitting Smoking

Smoking is addictive, and stopping might not be easy for most people. But what right motivation do you need apart from improved spine health? Remember, smoking contributes to your back pains as it encourages faster degeneration of your backbones. Therefore, consider quitting smoking before or right after surgery to enhance your recovery.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Food is the fuel that your boy needs to properly prepare for the after back surgery healing process. Taking the right amount of nutrients will boost your immunity, hence preventing unnecessary infections. Plus, consider avoiding sugar and other processed foods as they can easily trigger inflammation. And of course, take a lot of water to ensure you’re always hydrated. It helps flush out toxins from your body, plus tons of other awesome benefits.

Let your Home be Ready for You.

It’s always important to prepare your home for when you get back after surgery. Therefore, take a week or two before the scheduled date for your back surgery for thorough cleaning. Get everything you don’t need out of the way, and place everything that you will need at an easy reach. If you don’t have a firm chair with a supportive armrest, get one. And, make sure your bed is ready for you; it shouldn’t be too high or too low for easily getting into/out. Don’t forget to check the toilet height while at it. If possible, get a good quality toilet seat extension to make standing easy. A trained caregiver will also come in handy.