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Shell Teen 5/5 4 1 Yes 6170
Jacob couldn't have been more right. There really was nothing left of Bella now...oneshot.
Shiah Teen 5/5 5 4 No 8208
Her name is Shiah. She's the long lost sister or the Quileute Tribe - Embry's twin sister who disappeared with his unknown father the day after they were born. (Embry's mum is the one with pack blood instead of Embry getting his 'wolf' from his father)
She ends up back in La Push with the pack after her dad passes away.
Such an interesting twist.. confusing.. yet interesting.
Her life is continuously changing.
Shining Moon Teen 0/5 1 2 No 3141
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This story introduces a new character to the cast of the Twilight Series: Benjamin Purser. It focuses on the Quileutes and the wolf aspects of the series, and takes place after Breaking Dawn. After becoming a wolf, the half Quileute half European Ben Purser faces the challenges of being a werewolf. What happens when he imprints on an unlikely person: Leah Clearwater? Adds a new twist on Quileute lore.
Shivering through the Storm Teen 5/5 5 1 Yes 3134 I took a deep breath to calm myself. I could do this. I would survive the night and live to see the sun and clear blue sky again. There was a knock on the door. I jumped, startled. "Rose?" Emmett said softly, "can I come in?"
Shocking Surprise Teen 4.5/5 30 9 Yes 8501
Bella and Edward go back to Isle Esme for awhile. When Bella find out she's prenant again thay rush back home to Carlisle. Shocking Surprise Banner by me! *Update- Story is now finished keep on the look out for Continuation of Forever the sequel it will soon be up.*
Shooting Stars Teen 4.5/5 10 2 No 8463
My personal take on the Midnight Sun idea. Edward's POV throughout the Twilight chapters. Edwards struggles with his conscience over his base urges while finding himself the unwilling hero for a hapless but intruiging Bella Swan, the last girl who he should be interested in helping.
Shopping: An Alice Cullen Production Teen 0/5 10 4 Yes 4371
Once again, Alice Cullen has gotten her way. Doesn't she always? This time around, Alice has managed to convince Bella and Edward to accompany her to Seattle. Taking place about a year after Bella's transformation, how will the newest Cullen react to her first major shopping experience? Let's hope she can keep up -there's no stopping Alice when she's on a mission! Cue Bella's eye rolling here. Involves lots of fun and fluff. Enjoy! PG13 for sexual references, which we all enjoy, of course. (=
Short Road To Ruin Teen 4/5 4 1 Yes 674
Where did Edward go the day he left Bella? That heart breaking moment when his world crashed, but his decision was made...
Shun the Heaven Teen 5/5 7 1 Yes 1975
When Jasper accidentally attacks Bella in New Moon, we know well what the effects are. But how does it feel to be the one who set all this in motion? Jasper's POV One shot
Shutter hearts Teen 0/5 0 1 No 595
When the heart cries out, the one who answers the call is not always the one you had in mind. PLZ review ppl! would really appreciate it.
Silver & Gold Teen 5/5 3 2 No 2462
Savers have existed for thousands of years without our knowing. They keep us safe from the unknown. They are fast, knowledgeable, incredible humans…well…much more than humans…they just happen to look like humans and have powers. Strength, speed, immortality, invisibility, mind control, element manipulation, and much more. They are born without warning, in triplets, each with their own specialty. The last known trio was born 200 years ago: Killian, Orin, and Ailis. This is the story of Ailis Bourke and Edward Cullen.
Sin City Teen 4.5/5 44 4 No 7977

When Edward never came back, and Jacob and Bella never became friends, she stayed in her Zombie state far to long. Long enough to all but fail her senoir year. The only college that she could get into was in Las Vegas--Sin City. Bella's sins start to get a bit out of hand. What happens when Edward crosses Bella's path and once again saves her life?
Warning: Bella's some-what of a bad girl. She's a stripper.
Please read. I think you'll really enjoy the story :D
Also, i'm looking for a banner(:

A bit OOC
Sirius Rising Teen 0/5 5 1 No 1081
This is the story of Jacob's transformation to a werewolf from his POV. It begins with him leaving her house ofter the movie with Mike.
Sisters Teen 0/5 1 2 No 2919
Family is everything. Bella Swan, and her sister, Constance Marie, have always been the best of friends. Families are supposed to have unconditional love, but the love is put to the test when one becomes a vampire and the other becomes a werewolf. Experience the thrill of the Twilight series re-written with a new character added in - a sister for Bella.
Skeletons Teen 5/5 25 14 Yes 26721
Image Hosted by banner by Iris Run Run Run Run Run Run CRASH
Two different people. Two different lives. Both running away from things they couldn't handle and didn't want to face. But a head on collision between the wounded Jacob and cunning Luz Maria maybe worth more trouble than facing the demons before them. (FIN : WASHOUT)
Sleepover Teen 0/5 0 0 No 227
Just some fluff I wrote when I had gotten bored earlier. Let's see how far we can push poor Edward. ;)
Smooch Teen 5/5 3 1 Yes 1
You guessed it! (teen for sexyness:])
Sneak Out Teen 5/5 10 2 Yes 1032
A little one-shot about Bella. Bella sneaks out and rides a motorcycle with no helmet. She will soon fell the wrath of Edward! This is my first story, so go easy on me. *Note* I've never actually done either of these things, so I pretty much made it up. If you have done either of these things, and I did something wrong, leave a commment telling me what I did wrong and how to fix it. Thanks!
So Teen 5/5 10 1 Yes 547
Some Alice and Jasper fluff<33 First fanfiction!!!=]] (rated teen for sexuality and love)
So Much Teen 0/5 3 1 Yes 1090
This is bella and edwards first night of husband and wife. Its sweet and simple.
So much for forever Teen 5/5 2 1 Yes 635
Summary: Sam breaks up with Leah after he phases the first time. (I know that was short, but it says it all:D)
Solar Eclipse Teen 0/5 0 1 No 3903
Tahiri Veila has never been happier. Anakin Solo has proposed, and in two months' time, she will be his wife, and a permanent fixture in the Solo family.

But her perfect life is about to be turned upside down.

Waiting in the shadows, a sinister force is about to reveal itself, hell-bent on revenge. In order to save those she loves most, Tahiri will be forced to travel to the edge of a distant galaxy to find the answers needed to combat an ancient power that even the skill of the Jedi cannot match. (Crossover with Star Wars).
Some Like it Hot Teen 0/5 3 1 No 1119
After Bella has "gone to Dartmouth" with Edward after their marriage, Quinn moves from Atlanta, Georgia to Forks so that her father can have a more relaxing deputy job. Billy and Jacob drop in the station to meet the new policema and his family... and any more would ruin. It's almost fate. :]
Somebody Find me a Preacher Teen 4.5/5 10 1 Yes 872
We all know what Bella sees when she looks as Edward. Her heart, her feelings, all her love is layed out for all to see. But what does Edward think behind that cool facade when he is looking at Bella. All restraints gone. Passion flowing brightly. Set 2 weeks after Eclipse ended. SONGFIC!!!!!! Song: Somebody find me a preacher= Tracy Atkins
Someone Else?s Memoirs Teen 5/5 22 3 Yes 22072
Their skin is sun-starved marble, streaked beneath the surface with pinstripes of raw red – carved by loss, honed by grief. But every vampire, new or old, heals eventually. [jasper/bella][post-eclipse AU, character death] Someone Else's Memoirs by Off-White
Something to Add to the Legends Teen 0/5 4 1 Yes 3689
It's Renesmee's first birthday. This is a look at the pack and the Cullens from Seth's point of view. Novel Novice second place winner. Novel Novice Twilight May-June '09 winner
Something To Live For Teen 0/5 0 1 Yes 70
A series of Haikus about Esme's past. Why did she try to kill herself?
Sometimes it's what you need Teen 3.5/5 11 1 Yes 657
Jasper agrees to do Edward a favor.
Jasper/Bella, Bella/Edward, Jasper/Alice.
Please R&R! =]
Sometimes, I Just Go For It. Teen 5/5 19 3 No 4618
Possibilities for Breaking Dawn Bella and Edward's wedding, Bella's transformation, how Bella deals with her change, etc. CHAPTER THREE IN VALIDATION
Sonata Teen 5/5 3 1 Yes 4098
“Bella, I don’t want you to come with me.”

The words roll off of his tongue easily, effortlessly. Lying is the easy part. Getting her to believe the lie is the hard part.
Edward's feelings and experiences during and directly after "New Moon." Companion fic to "Shattered."
SOOO STUPID! Teen 4.5/5 32 2 Yes 995
Okay so bella does somethin sooo stupid and she doesnt know how to deal with it or even fix it. she wonders about wat edward and his family may do to her. but what pray tell could she have done? Cussing! BEWAAAARE!! Okay you guys ive been getting reviews saying that u guys want me to put the cullens (mostly hot edward) but im not sry but i will put stuff that edwarda nd the cullens do too!! I posted ch 2 its sumthin stupid edward did in his POV No cussing just 'shit' but thats nuthin right?
Soul Song Teen 5/5 2 1 No 2019
A new vampire joins the Cullens' ranks, one with a power none have seen before... and it's not Bella. Can she be useful to them? Is she really as good as she seems? No one quite knows.
Soulmates Teen 0/5 0 1 Yes 2378
One-Shot Alice moves to forks and falls in love with jasper, however Jasper is already with Maria. how will this affect their relationship. Alice recalls the time she spent with jasper. All Human
Souls Forgotten Teen 4.5/5 9 1 Yes 801
A poem about Rosalie's end of her life and how she really feels about all of it, and how she feels about Bella's decision. Photobucket
Sovereignty Teen 5/5 2 1 No 2450
Is there someplace, deep inside of Edward Cullen that is tempted by Aro's constant offerings?
What is the one thing that Aro could possibly offer him that would be better than what he already has?
Mateless, incomplete and the only lone person in a family of matched couples, Edward ponders what he could learn by leaving his home comforts.
What will Edward choose, and what will this one choice mean for him, as well as the Cullen family, and to the future of the vampire world?
Specials Teen 5/5 8 2 No 1557
This is a story about when the Specials meets Post Breaking dawn. Luna, psychotic 17-year-old Special from New Pretty Town is sent into a time warp to the 21st century to kill all the vampires, but finds it is harder to carry out the mission than it was told. SPOILERISH MATERIAL INSIDE!!!!: spoilers from the Ugly series and Breaking Dawn, read at ur own risk!!!!!!! Specials Banner
Spidery Patterns Teen 5/5 42 4 Yes 20720
The spidery patterns laced up the side of her face, glowing and pulsing in a darkened tone compared to her milky skin. I could not stop the bile from rising in my throat as I gazed on, teardrops catching on my eyelashes.
When Bella chooses Jacob instead of Edward, the surprise that takes hold of Jacob is astonishing. They start to build their lives together, out of nothing but love, but when one simple act on Jacob's part makes all of what they have done spiral out of control, what will happen? Companion story to Death Of A Soul, but you do not have to read that to understand this. Photobucket
Split Personality Teen 5/5 10 3 No 5680
Bella's life is a misery, she gets abused by her father and her mother died when she was young, she is a complete Emo and hates herself, and all her life she has beein suffering from her Split Personality. Her twin sister who died before she was born has now came back as her Split Personality, but what twists and turns will happen when she meets the cullens? What will happen when all of Bella's secrets are revealed...what will happen when they find out the Truth? Split PersonalityBanner Made by Kit Kat Cullen!!Rated Teen R&R Please!!! :)
Stand in the Rain Teen 5/5 3 1 No 1976
After the deadly shooting at Tree Hill High, Brooke Davis flees her hometown for the rainy environment of Forks, Washington, hoping to banish her guilt and fear, and start over from scratch. What she didn't count on was the pull she felt toward fellow student Edward Cullen. And when she finds herself pulled into the secretive world of his family, will she finally get her wish? Or will her past come back to haunt her?

Starlight Teen 4.5/5 24 6 No 8636
Continuation of Eclipse Bella's wedding day finally arrives, but her streak as a danger magnet isn't over quite yet. No, you are not delusional. I have actually updated. *cheers*
Steady Sun (not finalized) Teen 5/5 19 4 No 4863
The Cullen's life after Breaking Dawn. My first attempt at fan fiction. Its not very far in, but I'm thinking about giving Rosalie and Emmett bigger storylines. Any ideas or suggestions would be very appreciated.
Stephenie Meyer: The REAL Story Teen 5/5 6 2 No 3022
We all know the story of Twilight, but what about Stephenie Meyer - the genius behind it all? What's her story? And what of Poncho, her husband?
Still Teen 0/5 6 1 Yes 1529
After Mike Newton's graduation party, Edward helps an intoxicated Bella into bed. Between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Fluff!
Stitches Teen 4.5/5 5 5 No 12783
Shes putting you back together, Edward. We can all see it happening right in front of us. Shes like the stitches closing up your wounds.”-Esme Bella isn't the first girl to fall head-over-heels for Edward, nor is she the first to believe that Edward loves her too. Dillon Saunders once believed that she and Edward would be together forever, but he broke her heart. Now all she has to get her through is the theater and a series of self destructive relationships. Both she and Edward need recovery, and that is exactly what they find, in the places that they least expected it. stitches banner
Stolen Teen 5/5 2 2 No 5130
Edward and Bella are a happy married couple expecting their first child when someone lurking from the shadows sets her eyes upon him. Will Edward be able to change what he has become? Will Bella be able to forgive?
Stories Of A Few Best Friends Teen 5/5 27 7 No 9943
Bella has the best friends in the whole world. At least, thats what she thinks. When the boys come to visit before the wedding, Edward is convinced that their trouble. The boys may be trouble, but their fun. And that's exactly what everyone needs.....
Storm Teen 5/5 21 4 No 4537
Beautiful banner by eternitys_charm! Bella lives in Phoenix, along with Edward and the rest of the group. Everything is going great until Edward starts noticing marks on Bella's arms, and strange behavior from her. Then the storm hits, leaving Edward badly injured and Bella with no place to stay. Is distance enough to end the strongest of friendships? Of course not. ALL HUMAN. Awesome banner was made by eternitys_charm!
Storms Teen 4.5/5 23 9 No 40979
storms banner We're far away from Forks, now. And what a lovely city Knives is- the perfect place to start afresh, don't you think? Edward is long gone and Jacob loves his wife-to-be. Bella is not happy- but then again, she hasn't been for four years. She's used to it. But mistakes have been made, and a destructive chain of events has been set in motion. Nothing can stop it. The storm is fast approaching- it's too late to get out now. Much too late. The Cullens are back.Char made my banner. She's an awesome person who has good things waiting for her in the afterlife.
Strained Emotions Teen 5/5 66 16 No 16114
This is Jasper's point of view of everything that happened it Forks. Bella's arrived and none of the Cullens know how to react. Jasper is by far one of the most intriguing characters to write in their POV. It's so much fun. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!!
Stranger Then Fiction Teen 5/5 13 10 No 28309
Alexandra never thought she would do anything special with her life. She assumed the only way she would get the adventure she desprately wanted was in books, especially Twilight. When Alex sees a shooting star, that all changes and she is thrown into the world she thought was only fiction. Now, Alex is battling a greasy haired Aro who wants nothing more than revenge, keeping a relationship together with her favorite russet brown werewolf, and her penpal, Lor, who just can't seem to leave Rosalie alone. Sometimes, reality can be stranger then fiction. Stranger Then Fiction Co-Written with LoveIsACookie
Stranger Things Have Happened Teen 5/5 2 1 No 1917
‘Well isn’t that a coincidence?’ Edward smirked tapping the screen and selecting a destination ‘I’m headed to the airport too, we can travel together!’

‘You’re right,’ Bella crossed her arms and cocked an eyebrow at him ‘that is a bit of a coincidence…so where are you headed from the airport exactly?’

‘I’m not sure yet,’ he shrugged taking hold of her case and disappearing through the gates, leaving her to keep up with him ‘I’ll decide when we get there.’

BellWard AU/All Human
Strangers in the Night Teen 0/5 1 6 No 6566
Catherine Dashwood is dragged to Forks by her grandparents unwillingly and thinks this is hell. She becomes friends with Bella Swan and both girls seek comfort in each other, as they cope with high school dramas, break ups, revenge seeking vampires, werewolves and a hell of a trip to Italy. Please read and review!! =)
Stronger Teen 0/5 0 1 No 605
Victoria is back in Seattle and she means business. Revenge on the Cullen's and Bella Swan has never been harder, but with help from her newborn army of vampires it may be a piece of cake. But, is someone siding with the Cullen's reporting Victoria's every move betraying her wishes. Or does someone want to escape their fate as an uncontrollable vampire?
Stuck Teen 0/5 0 4 No 7205
Edward leaves Bella but stays in Forks. Bella turns to his best friend, Jacob, for the happiness that she always finds in him. After a time, though, Bella is confused with her feelings for Edward and Jacob. When Jacob and Bella are finally together surpassing all the pain and trials they had, they face another problem. A new pack comes along and claims that there has been a personal violation between one of the new pack's members and Jacob himself. Jacob and Bella are yet again faced with another challenge that, this time, cannot be solved that easily. It's life-threatening.
Summer Camp Teen 4.5/5 7 2 No 2067
It's summer camp! great. Bella really likes Edward. But she doesn't know if he likes her. Based on a true story. Really cute and fluffy.
Sundown Teen 5/5 8 1 Yes 679
The silence is the only thing that can be heard. It’s deafening, closing in on you, doesn’t let you escape.Right, love?
Sunny Days are Here to Stay Teen 0/5 4 1 No 3921
An unprecedented event occurs in Forks, Washington: five consecutive days of sun. Characters: Jasper Hale, Alice Cullen, the Cullen family
Sunny In Seattle Teen 0/5 2 1 No 1549
Alice, Rosalie, Edward, Jasper, Emmett, and Bella have been best friends for years. But now, they are all entering a time in their lives when the everyday routine begins to change. Their feelings toward each other change, their relationships with each other change, and even their views on life and love change. Alternate Universe and All human.
Sunrise Teen 4.5/5 3 2 Yes 3973
Bella just moved in with her Dad. She has an attitude problem and a problem with authority. She is just trying to get by till graduation, when life as she knows it gets turned upside down. Things she never wanted to know are released. And she only has her mother to blame. Please Read! IMPORTANT AUTHORS NOTE DO NOT SKIP!!!!!!!
Sunrise Teen 5/5 892 17 Yes 34774
It has been sixteen years since Meg Cullen was kidnapped by the Volturi. Sixteen years of Edward and Bella mourning their dead daughter...supposedly killed by the Pack. Then, Meg returns to Forks. Only then does the race for answers (and survival) begin... ~SEQUEL TO MY STORY "CHOICE"~EPILOGUE: BRILLIANCE IS UP!"BY THE PRICKING OF MY THUMBS, SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES." ~MACBETH
Sunrise Teen 5/5 2 3 No 3133
This is the story of a girl who comes to La Push. These she meets some occasionally strange, but mostly lovable characters, one of which is seemingly showing an unusual interest in her, but will she believe the strange things that these new friends tell her or will she write them off as crazy and leave? Read the story to find out!
Sunset of Hearts Teen 3.5/5 207 20 Yes 31429
As the sun sets, it is the ending of a life. Sure, lives end every day, and new ones begin. But on this twilight, the sun was setting on the most important life in my world. But, it was also dawning on a new life as well. The only catch was, those two lives were both the same. What if Bella had come to Forks, and Edward and his family were human? What if they were like every other family? But, what if they were unfortunately pulled into a dark situation, that was to transform them into the thing of their nightmares, and inconsequentially, something darker than they had ever dreamed of? And what if Bella was the one to keep Edward going through all of this? Basically, what if Edward and his family were human in Forks? (Were being the key word.)
Sunset, Sunrise Teen 5/5 48 8 No 12985
A Bella/Jasper fic Bella, Edward and Alice returns from Italy, but something's changed. Bella finds herself in a tricky situation: Her feelings towards Edward arent the same, and at the same time finds herself falling for one of the other Cullen boys. This amazing banner was made by JokesOnJane, and it is so beautiful!! Kit_Kat_Cullen_XOXO, this is for you:)
Super Nova Teen 0/5 2 1 No 509
Nessie and Jake's lives are going perfectly after realizing they love each other and getting a happily ever after...or so they think. What happens when their lives start to blow up in their faces, and how will they cope with their diificulties? **Sequel to Full Moon. You really need to read that to understand this story.
Supernaturals Teen 0/5 0 1 No 575
Bella has always known about supernaturals. Vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters, all of them. She even knows about "vegetarian" vampires, who only feed on animals. But when she returns to Forks, she finds that nothing could have prepared her for Edward.
Supernova Teen 4/5 8 2 No 2300
post-eclipe e/b starts the morning of edward and bella's wedding. this story is mostly cute stuff ive thought of, ill probably work on a plot.
SuperNova Teen 4.5/5 18 3 No 2144
How could Charlie do this to me? To us? To all of the Cullens, Edward. My Edward. How? Wow, over 500 reads but only 9 comments plz R&R :]
Supernova Teen 5/5 3 3 No 22611
As Edward and Bella move on from the events in New Moon, Edward struggles to keep his control over Bella's safety. Bella is thrilled that her life is returning to normal, except for the absence of her former best friend, Jacob. Once Bella made the decison to become a vampire like Edward, there was no going back. Even if that meant losing her family and her friends. How will the werewolves react when they find out that the Cullen's plan on breaking the treaty willingly? Will Bella be able to let go of the past and let go of Jacob? Will Edward convince Bella to marry him before she is turned into the enternally damned? ECLIPSE from EDWARDS POV.
Suprises Teen 4.5/5 13 4 Yes 2389
Third Story in Can You Even Die Anymore Series!!! After all of the hardships Bella and Edward faced a miracle is placed upon them. They along with the other females are going to have a baby. Everything seems to be going perfect, a little too perfect actually. The truth of someone thought to be dead comes out and there are consequences. Who is this person? What role will he play in their lives now? Bella was brought back from love as everyone knows. Now as the person who brought her back from the dead because of her and Edward's love is made clear. Is this person just another gypsy with powers or is she something all together??? All of these twists and turns add to the confusing story of our precious Bella and Edward! *Please Read* Sequals to Cheating Death and Fighting For Love ~Isabella NEW IMPORTANT AUTHORS NOTE!!!!!!! READ!!!
Surprise In Every Corner Teen 4/5 4 1 Yes 1779
my October challenge....What is Leah's life like after she changes into a werewolve? What is happens on her birthday? Will it change her life perpective forever?
Surprises Teen 5/5 9 1 No 1811
Edward and the rest of the Cullens have a very special vacation planned for Bella. But she not only hates vacations, but she hates surprises as well. Just a little fun fiction to bide my time until I can get some inspiration for my other stories.
Surprises. Teen 4.5/5 14 3 No 3450
basically this is about Renesmee and Jacob. it has scenes with the other's couples to. Nessie and Jake are exploring each others love. its different than most stories about them! HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE. AND IF YOU DO AND WANT MORE REVEIW!!! PS. THANK YOU MY BEST FRIEND EMILY FOR HELPING ME WITH THE THIRD CHAPTER!!! ILY!
Survival Teen 5/5 9 1 Yes 784
**********SPOILERS************ Bella can't take the pain anymore......what does she do about it?
Suspicions Teen 5/5 46 9 No 15746
Bella's world takes a sudden frightening turn as suspicions become reality. Takes place just after New Moon as Bella struggles to decide between two conflicting worlds. Complete for now, sequel to come soon as well as Edward's POV of the story called 'The Fall'
Sweet Dreams Teen 0/5 0 1 Yes 1532
Sometimes the best things are simple accidents. Blackwater.
Sweet Tangerine Teen 4.5/5 9 1 Yes 1743
A song-fic about how Edward felt the first night he went to Bella's room, and then comparing it to how he feels after New Moon takes place. Photobucket
Symbols of love Teen 5/5 112 10 Yes 11727
Edward leaves Bella, again. Only this time, somethings different. Bella is pregnant.
Take 7 on the high school run. Teen 5/5 54 14 No 12990
Well as you know, Bella and Edward made the decision to spend the rest of their lives with each other. So here they are again. The Cullen family relive the high school charade for the 7th time since aquiring Bella. The family have moved back to their 'hometown' of Forks, Washington after many years Follow them as they face new people, new places, and new experiences. (BPOV) Rated teen for story purpose. CONTAINS: BREAKING DAWN SPOILERS AND SOME LANGUAGE. Please R&R, I would love to find out your opinions.
take care of your new human, dear Teen 5/5 8 1 Yes 1282
Taken Teen 5/5 3 1 No 1429
AU: ALL HUMAN. When Bella's son is taken from her, her life falls appart. Now a few years later she moves from Floirda to Forks in hope of starting over. Soon she notices her little boy is right under her nose, will any one believe her.
Taken Teen 4/5 19 13 Yes 19490
Bella gets taken away from her previous life, and is forced into an unknown world. But, its there, in an horrible and hurtful world, that she finds the greatest thing in her life. Love. But will that love stay with her forever?
Talking to an Empath Teen 5/5 8 1 Yes 2162
"I had never talked much with Jasper and especially not after my birthday party, but I always liked him, I didn’t know if it was his talent, or if it was the fact that he understood what it meant to change an aspect of who you are for the person you love." Bella and Jasper have an one-to-one. - The story isn't about Jasper apologizing.
Tears of an Angel Teen 3/5 2 1 Yes 1414
This is a missing scene from New Moon told from Edward's perspective. It's when Edward calls Bella's house to find out from Charlie whether or not she's dead, but talks to Jacob instead.
Tell Me All About It Teen 5/5 4 1 No 3712
Winner Novel Novice Twilight Judges' Choice in the Sept/Oct Back to School challenge. Bella's first day of high school as a vampire.
Temptation Teen 0/5 4 1 Yes 1577
Several years after Bella has been changed, she runs into an old acquaintance who brings out the dark side of her nature.
Tempting Fate Teen 5/5 6 1 Yes 3745
In a blur of pain and light, Bella’s life as a mortal is over.
Testing the Waters Teen 5/5 8 2 No 4861
It has been a little over a year since Edward has left and Bella has MOVED on, or so she thinks. She is running from any form of true love, and running to any available guy. This means even pushing away Jacob. But after a shocking turn of events, Bella is forced to come to terms with the fact the Edward is gone and she is not over him. Based on Katy Perry's song "Thinking of You" BXJ BXOC BXE No smut or lemons, but it is insinuated.
Testosterone-Induced Stupidity Teen 5/5 52 1 No 1754
Edward always has to have things his way, and one day Bella gets sick of it and decides that a certain vampire needs to be taught a lesson in compromise. “I suppose that even a perfect guy is still a guy, which is always going to result in the occasional moment of testosterone-induced stupidity.”
That Guy from the Magazine.. Teen 5/5 18 1 Yes 1
the one that everyone adores...))))
That Wasn't Suppose to Happen Teen 5/5 33 13 Yes 12957
It's the day of the wedding. Bella is about to become Mrs. Edward Cullen. Something goes wrong that no one saw coming. Will Bella and Edward ever get their day?
The "I" Word Teen 5/5 1 1 No 1022
Jacob's imprint was sent to kill him. What gives?
The (Not So) Short Second Life of Bree Tanner Teen 5/5 3 2 No 6787
An alternate take for how things could have ended differently for Bree Tanner and how her unlife might have continued (Inspired by The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner)
The Acaedemy for supernatural Beings Teen 4.5/5 82 6 No 3567
The cullens get a letter in the mail telling them of a school for mythical creatures. They go to Europe to try out the school, and instantly feel in place. Then during one of their classes, they find someone that they thought that they had left in forks two years ago.
The Adventures of Seth the Tailless Squirrel Teen 0/5 4 2 No 3176
Seth was killed in battle (specifically the one in one of my other fics Chasing A Sunset but it doesn't make much difference) and somehow ended up in the body of a tailless squirrel. How did he end up there, and how will Stephanie, Alyssa, Lexi, Robyn, Miley, Sam and Madison (with the help of some sparkly and wolfish friends) get him back where he belongs? It is rated Teen for whatever language might come up in the story, and not much else. Banner made by the awesome (and slightly insane) cocoa-luvah, who also happens to star as Alyssa in this fic. Rate, Review and Enjoy! :)
The Ancients Go to Therapy Teen 5/5 12 2 No 2060
Well, as we may have noticed, the ancients (Aro, Marcus, and Caius) have some...problems. Issues, if you will. So here's a little series of one-shots (though I'll never know the true definition of that term), beginning with Caius - the pyromaniac. *This originally was just going to be "Caius Goes to Therapy" but then I realized that Aro and Marcus have some issues too. Aro might possibly be gay (even though he has a wife...), and Marcus is just SO excitable.
The Animal Within Teen 5/5 1 7 Yes 6922
Jacob Black was not a man of many words, instead he filled his world with thoughts. Thoughts of Bella Swan who was soon to become a vampire. Little did he know that he still featured in her mind although her heart was the possession of another man. Will he ever free himself from the curse of loving Bella Swan, and if so: at what price?

Edward Cullen was an articulate man whose world revolved around Bella Swan. She filled his senses and completed him after years of roaming the world half-empty. He knew she loved another but held tightly onto the promise that she loved him more. Will his stars be re-aligned?

Inside us all is an animal raging to be free but you only know too late when it’s been set loose... And once it has, is there any chance of caging the beast?
The Argument Teen 0/5 3 1 Yes 1281
Edward and Alice get into an argument because Edward is planning to leave Bella. Will Alice make him see reason??? Rated Teen for profanity and disturbing scenarios!!!
The Bar Teen 0/5 3 1 Yes 1749
TWILIGHT/VAMPIRE DIARIES CROSSOVER“He’s not like us.” Everyone looked back to Alice. “He burns in the sunlight. He can possess the humans. And he’s seeking revenge.” A one shot because I have a new obsession with Damon Salvatore. :D Mike has organised a night out in a Seattle bar with Angela and Bella but what happens when a lonely vampire comes around looking for revenge against his brother?
The Beatles- First Trip to America Teen 4.5/5 9 3 No 2580
This is based on a dream I had. The Cullens do come in, later. The Beatles trip to America- what if the Beatles (Ringo, Paul, George and John) were human but George (I chose him randomly) meets a vampire on their way into a concert.
The Before Bella Teen 4.5/5 28 3 No 2707
Before Vampires, Before Edward, Before Forks, Before anything crucial in Bella's life. Bella is living with her mom in Pheonix, Arizona, going to highschool with a seemingliy normal life. Until she gets a glipse of her life to come. Banner By Me! With lots of help and guidence from WolfGirl44!!

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