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The Safe Harbour Teen 5/5 5 1 Yes 983
Jake+BellaWhat if the phone had rung a minute later, after Bella and Jacob's lips had met? A Jacob/Bella Oneshot.
The Secret Diary of Dream On-with Extra Sparkles Teen 5/5 5 1 No 1152
Edward’s version Of Dream On… And we get to see how much he tells his diary…
The Secret Life of Jared Teen 5/5 8 1 Yes 875
Jared, Kim and his annoying little sister! Hooray! Submitted for the contest about Jared.
The Secret Life of the American Vampire Teen 5/5 8 1 No 494
It's a crossover of the Hit Show and Twilight!
The Secret UNderground World of Vampires Teen 0/5 1 2 No 3274
okay, so i know every1 knows edward should be gay, so yeah he is now. and my character is an awesome freaky hybrid witch and they fall in love and love conquers all.
The Secrets We Keep Teen 4.5/5 14 3 No 3355
What if Charlie found out about the Cullens? From Charlie's point of view.
The Shadows In Her Eyes Teen 5/5 1 1 No 2025
Vera, Rosalie's best friend during her brief time as a human, recounts her last encounter with "Rosey" before she leaves her old life behind forever.
The Sharpest Lives Teen 5/5 53 10 No 15340
“So, there are real werewolves?” Bella asked. “With the full moon ad silver bullets and all that?” Jacob snorted. “Real. Does that make me imaginary?” “You know what I mean.” “Full moon, yes,” Edward said. “Silver bullets, no – that was just another one of those myths to make humans feel like they had a sporting chance. There aren’t very many of them left. Caius has had them hunted into near extinction.” (Breaking Dawn 745) You’re the one that I need, I’m the one that you loathe… ---JokesOnJane, you're AMAZING!!!1! Thanks for the banner!
the smell of blood doesn't stand a chance. Teen 0/5 7 2 Yes 1519
The Souvenir Teen 5/5 3 1 Yes 1409
Edward revisits his hometown in 1929, having left Carlisle and Esme during his rebellious period. IN CANON... Written as a response to a challenge issued by sillybella on, but ended up to be much more...
The Story of Esme Teen 5/5 26 22 No 33900
How it began. How it happened. How it ended and how it was revived. A look into the life of Esme Cullen.
The story of Isabella Marie Swan-Cullen Teen 0/5 0 1 No 733
This is my story! My name is Isabella Marie Swan-Cullen, I am 119years-old. This is the story of my life and my death. I am dead. Right?
The Strength of Love Teen 5/5 5 2 No 3237
Edward and Bella have been in love since they were kids.Their love of horses brought them together and then later broke them up.Now when a new opportunity at love appears will they take it? Or is it too late? Can love really withstand anything? AU/AH
The Sunshine Train Teen 4.5/5 279 27 Yes 86754
Create your own banner at!John F. Kennedy said once that the courage of life is often a less dramatic spectacle than the courage of a final moment; but it is no less a magnificent mixture of triumph and tragedy. A man does what he must, in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures, and that is the basis of all morality.
I couldn't agree more.
Courage was the reason I was here. Courage and love. We know Edward and Bellas story during Twilight, but what if it was different? What if Alice was the new girl, and Bella was already a vampire? Would Jaspers self-control hold out when he meets a girl whos blood smells so intoxicating to him? Mostly AxJ, all canon pairings. Thank you so much to MoonSpinner for the amazing banner!!
The Sweet Escape Teen 5/5 56 8 No 7236
Right after New Moon! Will Bella be transformed after graduation like promised?!?! Lots of teasing! Fluffy i guess....R&R
The Tango Teen 5/5 12 1 Yes 3396
In downtown Seattle there is a club called The Tango. What would happen if, after Bella was changed, the Cullens and the La Push pack accidentally ran into each other at this so called 'The Tango'? Would a fight break out? Would the two groups be calm? How would Jacob and Bella react to seeing each other? Photobucket
The Taste of Blood at Midnight Teen 4.5/5 25 1 No 1238
What would happen if Bella offered Edward her blood? Will he accept the offer? Will she live to see another day? This is my very first fanfiction please read it and R&R ;-) here's the thing i need people to review so i know if i should keep going, so if i get 10 reviws i will post chapter two. deal?
The Thief?s Revenge Teen 0/5 4 1 No 890
I am a theif. I am a window of hope. I am the most POWERFUL vampire in the world, and I am searching for my revenge. With the Help of my Family and my power The Cullens will pay for what they did. espacialy Edward, and i will not rest until we both are dead but he killed me the day he left in the forest.
The Thing that Feels Teen 0/5 1 1 No 2541
The whispers travel swiftly throughout the city: vampyre, vampyre. There is a vampyre in our city. Carlisle has reluctantly been an unwiling spectator of his father's vengeance and obsession for years, watching countless innocents being hunted down and put to death. But no one is prepared for the hunts to reveal a horrifying truth, one that will change Carlisle's life forever and begin his descent into hell...
The Thoughts of Bella Teen 0/5 4 3 No 333
Thoughts on how Bella feels about Edward.
The Thrill of Cliff diving Teen 2.5/5 2 5 No 11834
Create your own banner at! This is another Jacob and Leah fanfic. jacob receives news about his imprint. but his only way to relieve himself of the pain and confusion is to...
The Ties That Can't Break Teen 5/5 10 7 No 9724
Edward and Alice thought their lives were pretty much normal. Except that Alice's boyfriend Jasper is a vampire. His sister Bella comes to town and creates chaos.And what about the powerful creature lurcking in the shadows.
The Transforming Teen 0/5 4 1 No 825
With just two weeks until the wedding, everything seems to be going fine. But when Bella disappears, and no one seems to find her, what are Edward and Jacob going to do? And when they find out who took her, and what's happening to her...things change, but not necessarily for the better
The truth about Victoria Teen 4.5/5 4 1 No 621
This is the story of how and why Victoria was changed, how she met James, and why she is so evil.
The Unexpected Teen 0/5 2 1 No 2480
What if everything you had ever known was about to change? Love can do that kind of thing. What if the person you had planned to spend eternity with, wasn't the one? What if you met someone else who was like no one you had ever known? Jasper faces these struggles as he meets a mysterious Meg Ryder. She is like no one he has ever known before.
The Value Of A Dollar Teen 5/5 11 2 No 1499
What happens when Esme and Carlisle want the kids to learn the value of a dollar?
The Vampire Formerly Known As Bree Teen 0/5 5 1 No 787
Bree, the newborn Carlisle spared in Eclipse at the end of the big fight, tells her feelings on being a vampire in a stolen notebook. It takes place before her encounter with the "yellow-eyes".
The Vampire Queen Teen 5/5 27 9 No 11408
She was married in 1859 to Jasper Whitlock at the age of sixteen. One year later, he left to fight in the Civil War. In 1863 Jasper goes MIA but he really got changed. Two weeks later she was also turned and killed her sire. Now, 146 years later, Isabella Marie Swan-Whitlock is the new, powerful to the extreme vampire queen who killed the Volturi who opposed her and took control. But when the Cullens are at the party that will introduce her to the vampire community at large, what will happen when she sees someone who looks extermely like her Jasper, who she thought was long dead, then finds out it is, how will she react. And why is there a pixie like women attached to his arm? A Jasper/Bella story. Don't like these stories?? Don't read it.
The Vision Teen 5/5 134 12 Yes 30361
Alice gets a vision about our favorite star-crossed couple's deaths. No matter what is done, the vision keeps coming. Is there any way to stop it? COMPLETE!!!

The Voice Teen 5/5 36 8 Yes 27199
Set during New Moon. Written from Edward's POV. What would happen if Edward found out Bella was in danger and he came back to Forks, but he didn't let her know he was there?
The Wanton Stranger Teen 5/5 4 2 No 3459
Rejection. No one likes it. Everyone experiences it. Everyone deals with it. But what about Edward Cullen? He had everything he wanted in Bella Swan. But what happens when she leaves him for Jacob Black? Back to a life of quietness and solitude, Edward does not know how to react to his loss, until a new student at Forks High School conveniently enters the scene to catch his fall, though others want her just as badly as Edward thinks he needs her. Jealousy, lust, revenge. What better way to deal with rejection? *CHAPTER 2 NOW UP!*
The Way Alice Saw It Teen 4/5 5 1 No 727
What happens when Alice is the first to notice Bella.
The Way I Love You Teen 5/5 165 18 Yes 26403
Edward and Bella do something they shouldn't have. Now they suffer the consecuences. How will they handle the pressure of being parents and other challenges along the way? All human characters. Slightly OOC, not too much though. Edward and Bella are 18. **Disclaimer: I sadly do not own Twilight.****The sequel is now posted. It's called "Total Bliss...Or Not" so check it out!**Create your own banner at!

The Wedding Teen 5/5 1 1 No 4428
Bella Swan best wedding planner around needs to arrange the one wedding that will further her career. Ensue Tanya Denali & Edward Cullen. Edward & Bella fall in love at first sight but with so many obstacles standing in their way can it really work out?
The Wedding Ring Teen 5/5 8 1 No 655
The day Bella finally decides to tell the world about thier engagment he reachs in his pocket to get the special ring.....but it's not there. Can Edward find it?
The Wild Child Teen 5/5 3 1 No 1687
“Momma. Momma, hold me,” I whimpered and forced my fingers to wrap around the front of her dress. I didn’t want to be alone. “Don’t go away,” Mary is differnt. She sees things no body should see. It's scary to hold that power and to be so young, but she knows how to keep a secret. Everything is fine until a week before her fifteenth birthday when a girl, who bares a striking resemblance to Mary, shows up. The strange, dirty girl tells her things, things that couldn't possably be true. Unexplainable events start after the girl shows up though. Mary sees things. Dangerous things. Things that could get her killed.
There Always Comes A Time Teen 0/5 6 1 No 2619
Continues from Eclipse. Edward and Bella tell Charlie about the wedding and everything seems smooth running. But then something happens, something big. Will Bella still want to go through with it? My first fanfic! R&R please.
There and Back Again Teen 0/5 3 1 No 989
After 72 years of absence, the Cullen’s return to the small town of Forks. What would have changed in this small town? Will anyone remember the Cullen’s extravagant wedding of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan? What about the wolves?
There is an End to Every War Teen 4.5/5 154 17 Yes 16046
Bella and Edward are back, but will it last? From Bella's transformation, to the werewolves, to Vicoria and the Volturi, they have enough obstacles to break up even the most dedicated to each other. Maybe they need a little help... Discontinued.
There is Nothing Sane About Love Teen 5/5 5 3 No 1536
Isabella, my only Daughter. There was nothing left to her. Nothing. She was barely alive, a zombie. That was before she jumped. At least then she was moving, breathing, talking. My only daughter’s life is gone. I know why. And I will do anything to avenge her. Anything. This is Renée’s story
There is something, I see in you, It might kill me. Teen 5/5 2 1 No 1382
Did Jasper hunt a human? You'll see.
there's nothing stronger than gravity Teen 4.5/5 8 1 Yes 1643
There's one out there for everyone. Teen 0/5 1 1 No 957
Bella seems independant and happy with her life. Including her love life. That is, until Edward Cullen moves into town. Now she has to handle the drama between her best friend Alice and her boyfriend James, as well as the undenyable strong pull toward Edward.
These are the scars that silence carved on me. Teen 4/5 5 1 Yes 559
He doesn't love her and she doesn't love him but they both have had their hearts broken by the people they would give their lives for and it doesn't matter anymore. [drabble; jacob/leah; jacob/bella]
these trails lead to places you don't expect Teen 5/5 3 1 Yes 533
Thicker Than Blood Teen 4/5 1 2 No 5271
Anna Henderson and Embry Call have been best friends all their lives. When Embry starts acting strangely, Anna takes it upon herself to find out what's going on with him. What she discovers, however, is more than she could have imagined. Embry/OC
Things Happen Teen 4.5/5 34 7 No 7160
What if Bella kissed Jake in the truck? An interesting "what if." Will Edward still take her back? Will Bella want him back? Warning: The rating of this story is subject to change at any time.

this is what happens when you're starved for company Teen 5/5 10 1 Yes 1071
This Phenomenon Teen 4/5 8 3 No 4651
He leaned over. As he did, Bella’s body began to shake violently and her hearted pounded. The absolute strangest desire was gripping her. She couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t understand it. She wanted to give in to it so badly. She wanted to kill him. Banner
Though My Eyes Could See Teen 0/5 0 1 No 905
A seventeen year old grief-stricken Bella flees from Forks to live with her father in Wyoming after her mother's tragic death, and to escape from the betrayal of her step-father. In this beautiful, strange new environment Bella is given a chance for a better, more happier life. But is she strong enough to overcome what she lost? And will she be able to resist the passion of a certain cowboy who seems all too willing to help? Follow Bella through her journey in her search for strength, and with it, the beginnings of a whole new life. AU Human.
Thoughts of a Dead Friend Teen 4/5 18 1 Yes 2286
Jake thinks of Bella on her 19th birthday, knowing she is already -- technically -- dead. Post-Eclipse This is a companion story to Chapter 9 of "September 13th" -- but it can be read independently of that story.
Through A Wolf's Eyes Teen 5/5 1 1 No 1611
A series of one-shots from Jacob's perspective. All take place durning New Moon, Eclipse, or Breaking Dawn. Not going to be in order. First one-shot-Chapter 15 of New Moon
through my eyes Teen 5/5 38 15 No 8289
twilight was written in bella's POV... some people have done it in Edwards... but this is twilight in Alice's POV. EnJoY ! alice cullen
Through Rosalie's Eyes Teen 0/5 2 1 Yes 265
This is my first Fanfic it is a poem of what Rosalie is seeing and thinking at different points in her life.
Through The Open Door Teen 5/5 37 9 No 15939
Characters/Pairing: Cullens - canon pairings
Rating: PG-13
Category: Drama, AU
Spoilers:Includes content from all 4 books + Midnight Sun
Summary: It was just a normal, stressful day. That is, until this Twilight fan walked through a door and ended up in the Twilight-verse. What would you do, if you ended up in Bella's life - if everyone in Forks thought you were Chief Swan's daughter - if nobody, not even the Cullens, knew the difference? How do you live someone else's life when you know what's going to happen - or, at least, what should happen?
Thunder and Twi-lightning Teen 5/5 4 4 No 5154
A pair of Treasure hunters let loose a group of ancient creatures.

Volterra is destroyed by unknown forces.

A secret police unit from Chicago arrives to investigate a string of murders . . .

And to top it all of, three certain killers arrive at the Cullens.

What else could go wrong?
Til We Meet Again Teen 4.5/5 49 6 No 11102
It was only natural in the end when he broke his promise, that I broke mine. Edward always warned Bella not to wander into the woods, but when he left her again, breaking his promise, she did the same. Now, fifty years later, she's about to meet up with the one person...vampire, that she yearned for, yet wasn't sure she ever wanted to see again.
TiVo Teen 4.5/5 32 2 No 4411
TiVo by awsomealice94 Random series of One shots that all have to do with the Cullens and their everyday lives and problems if they were actually living in reality.....even when they take some of their problems to TV
To Be Head Of the Family... Teen 0/5 0 1 No 1027
Carlisle has picked Edward to take over his role as head of the family. This is based on the plot of Macbeth...
To Cool for Pants Teen 5/5 3 1 Yes 1
Alice looking hot :] (nothing to inopropriate)
To Find Heaven in Hell Teen 5/5 26 5 Yes 7659
Things were never meant to have turned out like this .The Volturi were meant to have been scared away, someone was meant to have made a passionate speech swaying them against a fight, our powers and the powers of those who supported us were meant to have defeated them. But things never turn out the way they are meant to, do they? Do Vampires go to heaven? Yes...some Photobucket What will Bella do to save Edward? Everything. The amazing banner is by the very talented DM-is-my-God
To Kill Teen 5/5 6 1 Yes 573
Victoria and James are on a hunting spree. And the story begins . . . (Rated TEEN for graphic violence.) Create your own banner at!

to sin, and salvation Teen 5/5 6 1 Yes 1534
He takes another breath of the air he does not need, and prepares to spend yet another twilight alone. Edward Cullen and the challenges of solitary life. Edward, Edward/Bella
To Understand What Is To Come, Book One Teen 5/5 1 1 No 1443
The Cullens and Bella read New Moon a few weeks after the incident with James.
Together Teen 5/5 78 9 Yes 16008
Continuation of "Alone" All Human Now that Bella and Edward are together, will their lives settle down or will there be more bumps along the way? There will be a lemon chapter here and there.
Together for Enternity Teen 5/5 48 7 No 8421
*This is the sequel to Gray Skies Forever. So please read that one first, not to mention it will make much more sense! Bella and Edward are back together and everything seems perfect, they are getting married and have two families that highly support them. But what happens when the werewolves re-enter their lives. How will they react? Are they even the same one? And what ever happened to the Volturi?
Tokyo's Battle: The House Wear the Undead Suffer Teen 5/5 17 3 No 4363
My name is Bella and I live in Tokyo. Headmistress of a prestige school, I possess special powers that could wipe the human race off the map.
But I can't do that. There's a band of vampires that want my powers. That's why I must hide. Who is Edward Cullen, and why can't I kill him?
Tom Clancy's Twilight: Red Storm Rising Teen 5/5 3 2 No 3337
What if Tom Clancy had written Twilight? All the drama of Bella and Edward plus a Russian Invasion.
Tomorrow Teen 5/5 11 1 Yes 918
Short one-shot fanfic attempt. Edward and Bella talk about her request.
Too Far Teen 5/5 56 8 No 10849
The events during that summer between Twilight and New Moon... basically a Jacob-free version of Bella and Edward romance, and the problems that ensue without the help of werewolves, vendetta-ridden vampires, or the Volturi. No danger or action, for the most part, just their relationship.
Torn Teen 5/5 22 5 Yes 6005
This picks up/re ends new moon. Edward and Bella go to meet Jacob and it turns into Bella's worst nightmare.
Torn Between Two Teen 0/5 0 2 No 6241
Renesmee and Brandon have been together for almost a year, but it seems Jacob is constantly getting in the way. When is forced with the decision of who she should be with, she has to decide whats best for her. Can she find a way to keep both in her life, or will she lose one forever?
Tortured Eyes Teen 4.5/5 20 4 No 3515
Isabella Swan supposedly died 25 years ago, and while her body was never found the funeral confirmed her fathers worst fears. His little girl was gone, forever. But Bella didn't die, no she got a fate much worse then that - she had to live for eternity without that which made her life worth living. - - - Like Choices, this story has been changed a bit. Rereading it will explain most of the changes. - -
Total Bliss...Or Not Teen 5/5 159 15 Yes 41833
**Sequel to The Way I Love You, read it first or this won't make sense to you!** Edward and Bella are getting married. That also means they have to leave their children behind for a week when they go on their honeymoon. But what happens to the kids that causes them to come home early from their honeymoon? Edward and Bella are now 21, the twins are 3. A little fluff here and there, nothing racy though. **Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight, just the plot of this story and any characters not in Twilight****Sequel now posted, called "Turning Back In Time"**Create your own banner at!
Total Eclipse of My Heart Teen 0/5 1 1 No 2230
7 years after Breaking dawn and Nessie is all grown up. Jacob and Nessie fight to stay together with overprotective parents, Jacob's past with Bella, Werewolf drama, and a dark secret that could ruin their relationship.Plus Seth imprints! Nessie/Jacob
Tracker Teen 5/5 13 1 No 1942
Bella wants her life back and will do anything to get it back- including tracking down Edward. But what will she encounter on her desperate quest for her life? UPDATE- I will be redoing this story. I had forgotten that the story wasn't finished on here.
Training Teen 5/5 5 2 Yes 1978
The night Jasper taught the Cullens and the wolves to fight the newborns, from different POVs.
Transformation & Infatuation Teen 5/5 24 9 No 10113
When Edward meets a mysterious young girl and is faced with the decision of saving her or letting her die, he unknowingly turns her. As a newly turned vampire, Bella is confused and alone, and is searching for the mysterious angel that saved her.
Trapped Teen 0/5 2 1 No 1051
CROSSOVER BETWEEN TWILIGHT AND VAMPIRE ACADEMY!! What happens when Edward, Bella, Jacob, Dimitri, Rose, and Adrian are all trapped inside of the same elevator because the power went out? Takes place after Eclipse, before Breaking Dawn and After Frostbite and before Shadow Kiss. Banner Made By Me!!!!!! (isn't it wonderful?!? lol!)
Trauma Minor Teen 5/5 20 1 Yes 3368
Carlisle is paged to the emergency room for a trauma that turns out to be very personal. "Bella," I replied, walking next to her stetcher. "I hadn't planned on seeing you till after work. What happened?"
Trigger Teen 5/5 78 5 Yes 8687
With his daughter’s wedding only a few scant weeks away, Charlie Swan suddenly finds himself in the line of fire. And in the seconds before he’s facing down the barrel of a gun, he is filled with dread that he will almost certainly not live to walk his daughter down the aisle. Not unless someone intervenes; someone strong enough and fast enough to beat a bullet.
Trip of Nightmares Teen 0/5 0 1 No 657
19-year old college students and friends Alexis and Julianne decide to go on an Italian summer vacation and spend two days in Volterra, Italy. Julianne is the only person who knows Alexis has visions of the future. Despite a vague, but mysterious and scary vision of something bad happening in Volterra they decide to go on the trip anyway. Little do both of them know they will encounter a real-life group of vampires’ intent on making Alexis one of them no matter the cost to her or her friend.
Trouble in Hawaii Teen 5/5 38 6 No 2858
Charlie feels guilty for keeping Bella all cooped up in Forks and decides to take her on a nice little vacation to Hawaii, somewhere Edward can't go. What trouble will Bella find in hawaii and, will Edward be there to save her? (don't worry, nothing bad will happen, it ends happily!)
Truce Over Teen 5/5 2 1 Yes 1346
This is my version of what happened between chapters 22 & 23 in Eclipse. I hope you enjoy.
True Heartbreak Teen 5/5 17 1 No 5148
 Her day started off like every other painstaking, monotonous day of her mediocre post-Edward existence had. It ended in tragedy… What if Bella had found the items Edward left under her floorboards? An AU story set in New Moon.
True Monster Teen 0/5 1 1 Yes 106
What Edward is thinking when Bella runs off to meet James
Truth and Reason Teen 5/5 5 3 No 6414
Edward has left Bella for her own good, to lead a normal and safe existence. His futile attempts are meaningless when a descendant of the Masen family shows up in Forks, Washington. Bella and the stranger find themselves fighting for their lives against forces they cannot overcome. Will Edward come to the rescue in time? Or will a sacrifice have to be made?
Truth Hurts Teen 5/5 14 4 No 3415
He squirmed and turned to me, opening his eyes. He stopped crying immediately. All my fears were completely irrational. I looked into his bright blue eyes and I knew, I was meant for him and vice-versa. Quill had nothing on me. notebook paperA Leah love story.
Truth In Music Teen 5/5 6 4 No 8314
Photobucket AU-AH. Slightly OOC. Bella Swan had always had a simple existence. School, work, and her music. She no longer had any living family members and the band was all she had left. That is all she had and that was all she ever wanted. After years of toiling away her and her band mates get their big break with Volterra records. The famous and dashing Carlisle Cullen and his equally famous and dashing son Emmett take them under their wings, knowing that their band Twilight is the next big thing. They had made their big break. Soon enough the Cullen’s fall in love with the lovely shy girl from small town Washington, well all but one Cullen. Edward. When Bella met Edward they both felt sparks. But that only lasted until Edward opened his mouth. Edward Cullen left the music business in his past to move on to a life in the film, but was that what he really holds in his heart. Can this girl from Forks help him find out what it really is that he wants? More importantly in the hard world of Hollywood can they have a happily ever after? Especially when Edward’s past comes back to haunt them. From Chapter four: “What?” I asked him wanting to know what he found humorous. “Nothing.” He said taking another sip of his wine. “No. What?” I pressed. He had been so standoffish I wanted to know why now he would suddenly find the conversation at hand laughable. “It just sound cliché don’t you think?” “What does?” “The over told discovery story…it was out of the blue…unexpected…” “It was.” “I’m not doubting that it was. However god knows the world doesn’t really need another band.” “Edward…” Esme tired to intercede. “What?” He asked his mother. “Don’t be rude.” She said quietly. “I’m being honest.” He said bluntly. “There are far too many bands out there already as far as I’m concerned, and each is less inventive in their ‘sound’ as the next.” “Excuse me?” I asked getting very deffesive. “Look I’m not saying that you aren’t very talented at what you do, but…” “Have you even heard us?” “No.” “Then you talk pretty big for someone who knows absolutely nothing about us.” I stood up. Unable to sit and listen to him any longer. “Carlisle, Esme, thank you for a lovely evening. It was a pleasure meeting you.” I said to Esme before turning to Emmett. “Em. Do you think you could drive me home now, before I do something I might regret.” I didn’t even wait for him to answer I just left the room and headed out to the car.
Truth Lies Teen 0/5 1 1 Yes 1013
Leah is hurt by the people she thought she loved and loved her. Here is her pain. rain It's a bit confusing, but itallic goes with itallic, regular goes with regular. If you have to read it separat, go ahead.
Truth or Dare Teen 5/5 40 2 No 1365
The Cullen are playing Truth or Dare! See what crazy things these vampires will do!!
Truth or Dare: Cullen Style Teen 4.5/5 9 1 Yes 2218
Truth or Dare Cullen style is seriously extreme, and Edward, Emmett and Jasper fall victims to a vicious dare given by none other than Alice. this was a challenge my friend gave me...The one-shot has everything from play to tutus, an will keep you laughing! Zoom in on the Cullen boys' debut at the ballet theater, Emmett's most blush inducing moment, and Alice's most un-innocent behaviour!!!
Turned Tables Teen 5/5 6 1 No 3829
Banner by me. Isabella Swan did not anticipate Death approaching her so early on in life. Of course, Edward Cullen had similar expectations. Follow them in their death in the strange land known as Sequel, where the tables have so overbearingly turned.
Turning Back In Time Teen 5/5 65 6 No 16603
**Sequel to The Way I Love You and Total Bliss...Or Not. It can be read seperately though, I will explain everything and it should make sense** Lucia "Lucy" Cullen has been missing for over 13 years. Now she moved with her "family" and is slowly finding out the real truths of her past. Why was she taken from an aquarium in Port Angeles, and just who is this family she's remembered her whole life? This is Lucy's story, and how she deals with love, lies, and life. AH. **Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or anything Stephenie Meyer created, I just own the new characters and the plot ideas**Create your own banner at!
TV With Charlie Teen 5/5 6 2 Yes 2283
Charlie attempts to get Bella to watch TV with him. However, it has unintended consequences...
Twenty Years Teen 5/5 16 5 No 5924
It's been twenty years since Bella was changed into a vampire. What will happen to her?
Twilight Assassins Teen 5/5 5 3 No 9399
A family, sort of set up like the Cullens, live undeteced from the tracings of the Goverment and under Employment of The Voltori. The main plot, the 'Not Suppose To Be' adored couple, Bella and Edward, are to be targeted by the Voltori's Top Assassins. At first, it seems just a normal mission. Get in, kill the targets, make a cover scene, leave...But when things are mishapped and the mission becomes complicated and more complicated by the Cullens fighting back, and the Twilight Assassins suddenly now being targeted by the second best squad of the Voltori with the only escape, KILL Isabella Swan...Will our beloved Bella make it? Or will this be her end? Read and find out...
Twilight Contest Submission Teen 0/5 1 1 Yes 1040
Has anyone heard about the Twilight writing contest? See the site here: Basically, you have to write a 1,000 word or less short story using the quote "When you can live forever, what do you live for?" at least once. When he thought he had six months to live, the idea of death didn't seem that bad. He made a list of the things he wanted to do before he died - and even completed it, with two months to spare. But a twist of events leaves him with more time than he thought he did, and he doesn't know what to live for anymore. "Forever can get pretty lonely." *Note: this story in no way pertains to the storyline of Twilight, aside from the forever quote that was required. I'd still like some feedback before I submit it, though.
Twilight Remix Teen 4.5/5 8 1 No 1706
Twilight Remix Teen 4.5/5 10 4 No 4447
What if in this story Bella was the hybrid, what if bella has a relationship with the wolves, what if bella and edward come together a diffrent way, what if bellas past come back to hunt her, of twilight remix theres more than just happy endings you have to read in order to find out. People PLEASE Reviewit helps me alotpleaseR&R

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