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Bella's Fate Teen 5/5 59 16 No 16937
bannerHow can this be possible? Me? A different vampire? These questions erupted from Bella after her talk with Alice in her room. She knew something is different from her. She knew that it is impossible for everything to settle down just that. And now, she face this new challenge in her life that might break her clutch to Edward and to the rest of the world.
Bella's final dive Teen 5/5 13 1 Yes 743
Jake wasnt theRE to save her. Alice didnt come to the rescue Bella doesnt want to be here anymore and cliff diving sounds like fun and a perfect way out. RE-WRITTEN
bella's love Teen 3.5/5 1 3 No 1659
What happens when jake and bella fall in love and edward wants her back?Disclamer : I do not own any of the characters except the ones i made up. Make your own banner at plz review i will not update uless u review and i reall yam hoping u like my first fic
Bella's Meadow Mishap Teen 5/5 28 3 Yes 3811
A twist to what happened when Bella found Edward's meadow and saw Laurent!!!
Bella's Misery Teen 4.5/5 32 3 No 1915
Bella has to choose, move on and stay with Jacob or keep waiting for her hero to returns. This is after Bella jumps off the cliff. The Volturi somehow find out that she knows too much and they seek to kill her. Who is going to be her savior now?Read to find out! Note:I own none of Stephine Meyers characters, I only own the ones I made up.
Bella's new pet Teen 4.5/5 16 1 Yes 1074
Bella is lonely when Edward goes hunting, so she gets an idea… why not get a pet? She adopts Emmy and then the trouble starts. Readers- I’m moving accounts. This was a shared account with someone who doesn’t really like me anymore. So I’ll post this to all the stories I wrote (I’ll only continue some) so that you can read them. I’m continuing: Complications, Goneandnevercomingback., Marionette, mynewLife, and SpilledMascara. If what you read wasn’t listed and you want me to continue, let know through the “contactauthors” button in the “elainamorrigan” account why I should continue it. -elle/Twizzler Create your own banner at!
Bella's Out Teen 4.5/5 10 1 No 702
Edward is taking care of Bella after she is turned into a Vampire.
Bella's story Teen 5/5 14 8 No 41565
I actually wrote this in June on another fan site, but they ended up shutting down, and I wanted to continue it. This is my idea of how Bella should be turned into a vampire. She and Edward are engaged, but then another problem shows up in teh form of a stalker.
Bella's Wedding Day Teen 4.5/5 83 20 No 24847
Bella's big day has finally arrived. BUT what happens when an old friend comes to wish her good luck? WARNING...if you don't like Jacob, you won't like my story. :)
Bella, My wings Teen 0/5 1 1 Yes 1710
Edward POV. Purely fluff with Edwards feelings towards Bella.
Best Friends For Ever Teen 5/5 15 1 No 879
"After the wedding was when Bella was to be changed. The frienship that began before we could remember was to be eternal. We would really be best friends forever." Amanda has been living with the Volturi for what seems like ages when she get an invitation to Bella's wedding. She returns to Forks, where she visits the werewolves (who now know her real secret), falls in love, and threatens the ballance of the vampire word. And that's jsut the stuff I'm willing to give away. *Sequel to "Best Friends Since Ever" and, in my opinion, much better than the first. **Rated Teen for mild swearing and bad pick up lines.
Best Friends Forever... and ever and ever and ever. Teen 4.5/5 35 5 No 3479
Bella and Edward are best friends. Watch them learn thier their lessons the good, the bad, and the ugly way.
Best Laid Schemes Teen 4.5/5 9 5 Yes 14323
Edward is desperate to keep Bella away from La Push and specifically away form Jacob Black. Much to Edward’s dismay, Bella made her move while he was busy hunting and went to see Jacob. Now Edward and Alice have devised a scheme that is sure to thwart Bella’s wayward travels in the future.
Betrayal Teen 5/5 117 8 No 10473
Taking a Hiatus on this storyangst banner made by meSequel to my much anticipated story:::"Interference"!! Bella and Edward's wedding has arrived, and Edward has just escaped a near death with the evil Siren -Penny-. But when a new member of the Cullen family betrays them and wants revenge for something one of the Cullens did long ago, their love and life once again is put to the test.
Better Left Unknown Teen 5/5 1 4 No 12382
Banner for the Twilight FanFiction Story 'Better Left Unknown' by MaeFlowers Vancouver Island is harbouring a pair of dangerous criminals, but each horrid crime is disguised as an accident. Disguised so well that no one suspects a thing. The sadistic pair must be stopped. In a small town on the outskirts a curious girl and her best friend become just a little bit too involved in a game of spying. A new family moves into town and Callie Hennesy is determined to find out just what the elusive family is hiding. But some things… some things are Better Left Unknown. Post-Breaking Dawn, from Callie's and Bella's POV.
Betting on Success Teen 4.5/5 51 3 No 5900
The time had come for us to relocate. Again. I’d caught a few stray thoughts from several of the wary, yet still exceptionally unobservant humans, who seemed to find it odd that in the seven years of living here we seemed to lack the aging gene. 15 years have passed since Renesmee was born, and now the Cullens are relocating. Renesmee, Jacob and Bella experience the high school charade for the first time with the rest of the family. But what happens when Jacob wants to start a little bet?
Bevor ich ein Vampir war Teen 0/5 0 1 No 718
Bella has "Twilight"...Esme has "Bevor ich ein Vampir war." The title means Before i was a Vampire because this story is about Esme's live leading up to becomming a Vampire starting at age 16--when she first met Carlisle Cullen.
Beware! o.O Teen 5/5 27 2 No 2112
Photobucket What would happen if the Cullens were real? What would happen if the fans found out about it? A halarious story that is sure to have you bent over in laughter!!Chapter 2: Why Me? is UP!! I wont post another chapter till i get at least 20 so reviewreviewreview!!!
Biloxi Teen 5/5 1 1 Yes 2481
Biloxi is the story of Alice's change told by the vampire who changed her.
Birth Teen 5/5 7 1 Yes 7784
Bella's transformation goes less than smoothly; a series of scenes from a variety of perspectives.
Bite Teen 3.8/5 70 1 Yes 1
"Even then his lips did not leave my skin, they just moved to my throat." Eclipse
Bite Me Teen 0/5 7 1 No 1799
I didn't know. I couldn't have known. This vampire stuff was so much harder than it looked... Meet Elena, a newborn teenage vampire. Turned by her nonvegetarian boyfriend and now in full rebellion against all things vampire. But it's hard to go against the pure instinct that drives her. Now she's seeking out the biggest coven of vampires known to follow an 'alternative' life style. The Cullens.
Bittersweet Teen 5/5 11 3 No 3055
A BellaxEdward story. Charlie is good friends with the Cullen’s and Bella just moved in with Charlie a few months ago. Basically this story is starting at the end of the summer right before school starts. The Cullen’s are still vampires, however they eat human food, but it doesn’t give them any nourishment, so they still need to hunt. DON'T get mad at me for killing off.... AAH! Nao you're in suspence. :]
Black Confinement Teen 5/5 10 1 Yes 3853 This time, when I awoke, I wasn't in my room. I was in a cold, pitch-black place, all by myself. I was strapped to a bed, but I was in a slanted, nearly standing position. I could hear machines humming nearby. My breathing was loud and haggard. A machine whirred to life, the sound building and swelling in volume and strength. Shock.
Black Sunrise Teen 5/5 4 3 No 3484
A new wolf arrives in la Push. An unmistakeable bond forms between her and Jacob, but will the complications with Victoria and the newborns tear them apart? Jake/OC all the rest are canon.
Black Water Teen 5/5 3 1 Yes 807
I glanced down at the water, and realized it was a mirror of my heart. Black, jagged and unreflective. There was no light left in the world now. Nothing to ease any pain or guide me through the unending night. There was no brightness here, no safety or happiness. A moonless night.
Blackened Butterflies Teen 5/5 5 12 No 21591
Emme Foster hasn't had the best time growing up. And since the age of nine, it has taken a turn for the better. With a new Foster family every so often, and a passion for horses, Emme learns to hide her past and secret passion from others as to be considered normal. What happens when there are some new kids in town, with some very interesting habits, and while off in Columbus, Ohio; yet another mysterious figure wanders their way in to her life. Now to protect the life she holds so dear, Emme must choose who to tell what, and how to keep her dark past, and bright passion away from her enemies, and even her closest friends.
Blackest Midnight Teen 5/5 12 2 No 4185
What if Bella hadn't been a shy, insecure wuss when she came to Forks? What if she had attitude, spunk, and was brave? What if she were Goth? This is yet another of my random musings, where I mess with a character and such. I never really liked Bella (mostly out of jealousy than anything else :D) but I was reading another favorite of mine Vampire Kisses (I highly reccomend it) and thought, what if Bella were more like Raven? And then I got this.
Blast from the Past Teen 5/5 5 1 No 512
What would happen if the Cullens ran into someone from their human past?
Blinded By Darkness Teen 5/5 150 9 No 23246
A collection of one shots on how the Cullen men feel during different times in the three novels. Rated Teen for minor language. Photobucket
Chapter Nine: Edward's POV of when he asks the Volturi to die.
Blindsided Teen 5/5 24 6 Yes 3674
Bella learns shockingly that Edward is cheating on her with someone from his past. Bella is crushed, yet comforted by the support of Edward's family. How will Edward react when Bella tells him how she truly feels?
Blood Hound Teen 0/5 2 2 No 3765
Quil’s wilful sister is hiding in Seattle. What does she do when she hears screams in the night, finds bloodless corpses in alleys, and faces something from a nightmare? Who does she turn to when she becomes a walking nightmare herself? And why can’t she stop thinking about her childhood best friend?
Blood In Thy Hands.. Teen 5/5 34 8 No 8748
What If Edward did come across Bella In an alley way, with no distractions to keep him restrained. what If he did change her? What choices would poor little Bella make now? And will Edward be the love of her life? her soul mate? Only time can reveal... Blood On Thy Hands Rated Teen for Possible future Refrences!BIG TWIST AT THE END!!! Very OOC Lol!Thank you Kit Kat Cullen for the Wonderful Banner you have preserved for me :) !! Lol!
Blood, Love, and Family: Esme Cullen's Story Teen 0/5 2 2 No 2861
This is a story of Esme's human and vampire life/existance. Who was she? How did she become a vampire? Why is she like a mother o the Cullen family?
Bloodlust Teen 4.5/5 10 1 Yes 1674
Edward tells Bella: "When we hunt, we give ourselves over to our senses." What does Jasper feel when he hunts? Bella talks to him about his feelings on a hunt.

Occurs between New Moon and Eclipse.
Bloodlust Teen 5/5 4 2 No 1613
A young woman wakes up in the middle of nowhere, she feels different, she realizes something is VERY wrong, will she find others? What is she going to do next? These she questions race though her head all while trying to deal with a newfound bloodlust.
Bloody Hurt Teen 5/5 326 14 Yes 15298
Edward left Bella... again. Bella moved away and was changed into a vampire. She returns to Forks 70 years later with the rest of her "family", but what if he is there? Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN TWILIGHT OR NEW MOON THEY BELONG TO STEPHENIE MEYER!!!!!
Bloody Mercy Teen 5/5 36 13 Yes 12741 Edward Masen and his parents move from the busy Chicago life to live in the small rainy town of Forks. Of course Mr. and Mrs. Masen didn't know that their son would be involved with a family of vampires, and espcially that he would end up dating one! Ok so Bella is the vampire Edward is the human, there are some stories like this and none are finished!!!! Chapter 13 is upStory is finishedSequel is being validatedBLOODY MERCY'S BIRTHDAY IS THIS SEPTEMBER 7TH!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOODY MERCY!!!!!!!!!I knew I was going to die, but I didn't expect Bella Cullen to be ontop of me pushing the stupid van off of me."Edward? Are you okay?" she asked.
Blue Moon Teen 5/5 7 4 No 4426
18 years after Breaking Dawn, Renesmee's not the only special one.... Bethany's life has never been exactly what she wanted. But when she goes off looking for a change, she meets up with a group of people she never expected, and things turn for the worst. Can Bethany learn to cope with who she is and accept what she has? Or will her search for something better lead her farther from what she truly wanted the whole time? CHAPTER 4 IS UP!!! We've reached over 500 views! Yo Ho!!
Blue Moon Teen 0/5 3 3 No 3359
After meeting Jacob Black, I didn't think anything could go wrong. I soon found out that I was sadly mistaking.
Boarders Teen 5/5 7 2 No 4412
Edward and the Cullens attend a preporatory in Seattle... and so do the Quileute werewolves! How will the new girl, Bella, cope with the strange prejudices the two groups of people have against each other? Love, rumours and problems abound... EXB
Bonded Teen 0/5 5 1 No 1967
“Leave, Isa, before it is too late. You are free. All this is going to cause is you dying again,” Edward reasoned. “It’s already too late. Who knows how long I’ve been bonded to you. I met you even before I was Bella Swan, I can feel it.” Full summary inside
Bottom Of The Food Chain Teen 5/5 4 1 Yes 1259
Banner Banner made by me, let me know if you want a banner made. Vampires are the dominate species and Humans live in fear and are constantly fighting to survive to the next day. "Just when I though the pain couldn’t get any worst I felt the same pain to my shoulder and then my lower stomach, then everywhere. This was it. I saw bright lights and then I saw… nothing."
Boys Will Be Boys Teen 0/5 3 1 Yes 529
Bella teaches Jacob a lesson in maturity while they're carving pumpkins with his friends.
Brain Wash Teen 5/5 5 5 No 3826
What if the Twilight Series were clues to help Renesmee find her way back to the Cullens after a catastrophic seperation? What if a new character's entire life were threatened because thousands now knew all about vampires, and how they are real?
Bravery Teen 5/5 3 1 Yes 3260
Love, hurt, pain, and lust is all the things Edward and Bella share:) Whoops, scratch that, this is a clean slate starting over from the beginning, hehe:) What if Edward accepted the invitation to the Volturi? Now he feeds off innocent humans, along with Alice and Jasper. I know saddening, but wait! What if a certain brown haired maiden makes her way on tour of Volterra castle? Will Edward drain her heart of blood? Or wait and find what the heart contains? Please Review! ONE-SHOT canon pairings [banner removed by admin - please keep images in summaries smaller or equal to 300 x 150 pixels]
Breakdown Teen 5/5 48 4 No 2447
img513/1421/breakdownbannerjt5.png "Would you like to hear my story, Bella? It doesn't have a happy ending—but which of ours does? If we had happy endings, we'd all be under gravestones now." Based off this quote from Eclipse...or what happens after this speech/monologue.
Breaking Dawn; Revised Edition Teen 5/5 32 9 No 2341
Well for those of you who were not satisfied with Breaking Dawn and the perfection in Bella's life, this story is for you. We're taking a heavy duty (haha doodie...)vacuum and sucking out the sugar, leaving the main plot, but adding a little dash of pain and maybe a few more deaths. Hope you enjoy! PS- This fan fiction belongs completely to Stephanie Meyer...All the characters, writing, etc. etc.
Breaking Hearts. Teen 5/5 21 11 Yes 6962
Bella and Edward are getting married, but when an unexpected, univited guest shows up at the wedding, what will happen? Will it be enough to break Bella and Edward apart? Or can true love really conquer all?
Breaking Point Teen 5/5 5 3 No 4372
Everyone has a breaking point, and it's best to find it before it finds you. When a new lethal threat is unleashed on the vampire community, it will spark a war they haven't seen since the south. Lives will be lost, blood will be shed and ties will be severed. Can the war be survived? Or will it drive them all over the edge.
Breaking Rules Teen 5/5 5 3 No 19060
Basically, it's Breaking Dawn before me and my friend read it. It features Edward and Bella techincally dead - though Edward is MIA -, Jacob madly in love, the Volturi, personality differences... And it's different. We don't have a wedding scene *hint hint*. So uniqueness counts, right? Please give us a try.
Breathe for Mercy Teen 5/5 73 10 No 67479
No one knows her real name. But everyone calls her Mercy. And she's running from a world of pain and fear, desperately searching for a place to hide from the monsters that haunt her footsteps. But she's found again-this time by Dr. Carlisle Cullen, who takes her under his wing even though he's vampire and she's human, and takes her home to live with the rest of his family, unaware of the wicked web she's caught in. But they don't know who she is, what she's done, what she's capable of. And the voices just won't go away. This is my story. My nightmare. And now I'm putting you through it. *Rated for some graphic violence* What the heck, why is no one reviewing? Is my story that bad?
Breathe, For Love Tomorrow Teen 0/5 2 3 No 4629
Alright, while my muse works on Hero of War and I wait for an update from my co-author, I thought I would throw this up. Original characters, but the main book canons are all here and they are all very in character, if I do say so myself. Read and Review for more - I need it more then you know! "Another set of passing feet – it happened often in a hospital – but this one too quick and smooth, not touching the ground enough between strides. A smell, a sweet and musky smell that made her lips twitch at the corners in a small smile. Then, a cool hand on the metal of the outside handle and the opening of the door. "
Bridging The Gap Teen 5/5 19 10 Yes 39058
The story of Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen is very well known. However, what about that of the heart and soul of the Cullen family?
The vague outline of Esme's human life, put forward by Stephanie Meyer, leaves a lot to the imagination.
What happens between each of these guidelines? What is the attraction between the eternally youthful pair, the glue that holds them together?

When Esme Platt jumped from the cliff in 1921, she thought she had nothing left to live for. As she goes through the fiery transformation, and comes out the other side she finds two men who will forever change her outlook on the life she lost.

When the worlds of the preternatural and humans collide what are the aftereffects? A continuing story of pain, love and learning to trust the world once again. Continues through the Pre-Twilight life of the Cullen "parents."
Canon, EsmexCarlisle,
Bring Me To Life Teen 0/5 5 2 No 1740
Renesmee had the perfect, happy life with her family and Jake until disaster strikes. With her closest ally gone, life has suddenly became hell. Forced to move to Chicago to escape impending danger, Renesmee has to find a way to live a new life.
Bring The Rain Teen 5/5 3 4 No 5385
Leah Clearwater: heartbroken, angry, and alone. Will she get her happy ending?
Broken Teen 3.5/5 2 2 No 4031
After Edward left, Bella was heartbroken. The only thing that helped her get through it was Jacob, her best friend. But Jacob wants to be more than just friends. But how can she give her heart to him when it's broken? And what happens when Edward and the rest of the Cullens come back?
Broken Teen 4.5/5 7 1 No 591
Bella was changed by a group of vampires after Edward left. They all were left broken just like Bella. They are each others family. What will happen when Bella's past comes back to haunt her?
Broken Forever? Teen 4.5/5 29 2 No 2051
Bella Swan has a secret, one that is breaking her inside. One that causes her pain to think about, and worry. One that she cannot reveal to anyone, and continues to break her heart each second. When she moves back to Forks to 'spend time with Charlie and Emmet' her family, and 'to see her old friends - Alice, Rosalie, Jasper and Edward'- she is still unhappy, still not revealing her secret. They can tell there is something different, something wrong, but what is it?ALL HUMAN.
Broken hearted Teen 4/5 38 7 Yes 3393
Victoria changed Bella. She now lives with a new coven 389 years later. She can tell if someone has a broken heart. She only truly has Taylor,from her coven, who can relate to her due to her heart being broken. What will happen if their past lovers came back? Ending changed!
Broken Hearts Teen 4/5 1 1 Yes 442
Sue tries to save Harry's life under the wolfish eyes of her newly phased children.
Broken Sculpture Teen 5/5 11 1 Yes 1036
Rosalie Hale takes her revenge on the man who took away from her what she wanted most. Too bad she forgot to pick up the pieces of her life.
Brother, my brother Teen 4.5/5 42 2 No 2646
Why Bella? Why did you come to our home tonight? He told me to I trusted him.
Brotherhood Teen 5/5 4 2 No 2392
Embry Call has grown up fast--from the initiation into a werewolf pack that only weeks before he didn't believe in, to finding who his father is and the secrets kept from him for sixteen years. Blood is thicker than water--but just how thick is it?
Brotherhood Teen 4.5/5 18 1 No 1733
The Cullen boys go hunting. Jasper can't stop quoting The Princess Bride, Emmett can't stop quoting Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Edward, rather put out, responds with Shakespeare. Hilarity ensues! Co-written with the awesome Blondie AKA Robin.
Brotherly Love Teen 5/5 17 1 Yes 1853
Bella discovers the joys of having older brothers. I popped my head over the edge of the bed as the bedside lamp was switched on, showing Emmett and Jasper sitting on the floor, clutching their sides while they laughed.
Burned Teen 5/5 3 1 Yes 6647
Burned Banner This is a one-shot about the day Alec and Jane were changed. What made them become so bitter? This is my version of what happened to them to make them who they are as vampires. It's a story about how one mistake changed everything for these twins.
Burning Teen 5/5 1 1 Yes 123
What Bella might feel when (if) she is bitten.
C'est La Vie Teen 5/5 10 2 No 941
An summary of a life. An explanation, if you will.
"Life's a bitch." -ch2 teen for mild language.
Called Beautiful Teen 4.5/5 15 3 Yes 1894
They cannot change- but she can. Will that alter her frozen perfection? What does it matter if she's called beautiful? Rosalie/Bella. One-sided. One-shot.
Called Upon Teen 5/5 7 3 No 4562
The La Push pack members have stopped phasing and its members have settled down. But something's happening just outside of La Push and its changing the packs children. Set more then 20 twenty years after Breaking Dawn.
Calming Sensations Teen 5/5 2 5 No 5810
Bella is a vampire and they are starting college at Dartmouth. Bella has to leave Renesmee in Forks and she has to live in the dorms. Once they start classes at Dartmouth, something doesnt seem right. What could it be? The story is from Bella's point of view.
Can Broken Hearts Heal? Teen 5/5 52 10 No 20105
Alice didn’t see it. Victoria did. 37 years later and Bella still can’t control the pain
Canzone di Anima Teen 4.5/5 9 3 No 624
AU. Bella has always known that vampires exist - how could she not, living in a place like Forks? - just as she's always known that they are monsters. But then the Cullens arrive, and Edward is determined to convince Bella that he's different.
Caramel: The Musings and Adventures of a Miss Charlotte Marigold And of a Dr. Carlisle Cullen Teen 4.5/5 38 17 Yes 40746
"There was something very, very strange about this Carlisle Cullen, and she was determined to figure it out by the end of the evening. It was not often that such a mystery crossed her path, and Charlotte was not about to allow Dr. Cullen to cross hers without so much as an inquiry." Dr. Carlisle Cullen has been a vampire for nearly 150 years. He's established himself as a neutral of the Volturi, a 'vegetarian' vampire, and as an unsuitable husband for any young woman of the upper British crust by 1778. But Charlotte Marigold seems to find herself fiercely attracted to him when all the other young women flee... Caramel Author's Note: Caramel is now finished! Thank you for your support, everyone!
Cat and Wolf chase. Teen 4.5/5 11 3 No 1693
When Hazel goes to live in Forks Posessing a strange knowledge of vampires and 'were-wolves' But Hazel is also on a mission.... A mission for her life.... Banner Made By ScarlettBlushRated TEEN!!! For Stuffz...xD
Catatonic Teen 5/5 20 4 No 14700
After Edward left in New Moon Bella couldn't recover. She refused to get out of bed and never became friends with Jacob. She continued to get worse until Charlie was forced to get her some professional help. What will happen when she wakes up? Will she go back to life as normal? Will she ever see the Cullens again? Read and find out! I know that there so many stories out there about what would happen if Edward never came back. This is my take, please give it a chance! Please rate and review!!!!!
Cerberus Teen 0/5 0 1 No 509
Part one; Aphelion. Picking up after the end of Eclipse, Bella and Edward try to begin their new life together. However, new issues with Jacob arise, unexpected enemies are made, and an ancient myth, one that even the most powerful creatures on earth fear, is unleashed...
Changed Teen 5/5 10 6 No 9516
Instead of edward leaving bella three days after the accident... she left istead All she wanted was to be perfect...she didn't want to stand beside him looking like a fool She tricked edward but she was tricked by fate instead (wait is that Bella engaged?) who is she engaged to? will they end up together in the end??? Don't know...
Changeling Teen 0/5 0 1 No 2427
A post-eclipse story of Bella's journey into the dark world of Vampirism, and the unexpected difficulties she encounters.
Changes Teen 4.5/5 38 5 Yes 7711
THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO MY STORY "TIME"!!! READ THAT FIRST!!!!!!!! It had been twenty years since Bella was changed. She adopted twins-boy and girl- with Edward and made them vampires at the age of fifteen. One day, she goes to visit Jacob, and he imprints.................on a very unexpected person. How will Bella cope? And how will Edward react??? PLEASE READ AND REVIEW!!!!!!!!!! CHAPTER 5 IS FINALLY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the last chapter plus it had an epilogue included. But stay tuned for my other stories I think you'll like!
Changing Tides Teen 5/5 18 11 Yes 26349
Changing Tides Banner Living a life of perpetual misery, Esme escapes from her abusive husband to find a life worth living. She has no idea that she'll find life in mortal death and love in the arms of an incredibly handsome doctor named Carlisle Cullen.
Charlie's Interference Teen 5/5 5 1 Yes 3447
Now that school is out for the summer, Edward and Bella would be more than happy to spend all their time together. Unfortunately, Charlie has other ideas.
Chasing the Storm Teen 5/5 139 14 No 45628
AU - What if Alice had seen Bella jump... but Bella answered the phone when Edward called? What if Alice saw a vision of Bella happy... but it wasn't with Edward? What if Edward returned to Forks, with every intention to check on Bella and leave... but when he sees her with someone else, his motives change? How do you choose between the person who was there to catch you when you fell… and the person who was there to make the jump with you in the first place? He let go of my arm, but kept staring at me, and I stared back up at him, eyes wide. "If you're going to let him go, then let him go." --Chapter 12 now posted!
Chasing You Teen 5/5 150 6 Yes 4128
This might be the sequel to Alone Again, depending on how it turns out... Maybe not. It doesn't have much in common with Alone Again, but it sort of just...fits. I don't know--you can tell me--when you REVIEW!!! Which you are going to do, right?? So yes Edward leaves again, and Bella finds herself alone. She tracks down another vampire and demands him to changer her. Now, as a vampire, Bella can chase Edward forever... FINALLY! THE LONG AWAITED LAST CHAPTER!! Sorry that this only took forever and a day, I just was busy, then I was updating my other stories, and then I almost forgot about this one. But never fear, it's up, and I'm also going to post an "outtake". It's just a cute clip of Edward being jealous. :D Enjoy!
Chat Room TWILIGHT!! Teen 5/5 12 1 No 563
Okay SO....This is very Random...I do not know if its funny I just made it up as I went along... Ehh Anything will happen...Tiz prettyyy weird soo Read it and Enjoy!! Lol R&R and ehhh hm...Thats all Lol. RATED TEEN FOR....STUFF! xD Em_BLING! = Emmet JAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ = Jasper Princess ME = Rosalie DAM! Itz_The Newborn Babee = Bella Penguin = Edward MissBirdyyLuverr45 = Alice Peacock Praiser = Jasper Poodle = Jacob Toot = Nessie CHINCHILLA HAMSTER! = Carlisle Bambi Sniper = Esme :P Enjoy !!
Cheating Death Teen 4.5/5 24 9 Yes 7663
Post-Eclipse (ignoring breaking dawn) Bella died 75 years ago on hers and Edwards wedding day. Now what happens when Alice and Jasper meet someone who just happens to be Bella? Did she really die or can true love bring people back from the dead? Rated T for Character death and depression Cheating Death Banner ~Check out the sequal Fighting for love!
Checkmate Teen 0/5 0 1 No 586
It's been years since the Volturi came to Forks, and Renesmee has nearly fully matured. She is dealing with who she is, what she can do, and the fate that has been brought upon her. Realizations have brought to her attention about Jacob; she is learning the happiness yet the consequences that come with imprinting. What will happen when the Volturi return? And what if an old acquaintance makes an appearance, ultimately threatening Jacob and Renesmee's relationship? What if Renesmee is able to resist that level of commitment and adoration...and chooses someone else?
Cheerleader's Love Teen 5/5 24 2 Yes 1448
Lucy, a preppy cheerleader and new girl in Shavain's High School tries to capture Emmett's attention. One-Shot. Please Review!
Chocolate Swirls and Grown Up Girls Teen 0/5 0 1 No 1539
It was never intended to happen...Just as Nez was never intended to happen. She always tried to be good. She tried to make everyone happy. Be a good daughter, be a good friend...But it was just meant for her to be something else...Something conflicting with all that perfect harmony the Cullens had had for so long. The good Nessie was gone and in her place was the brand spanking new Nez. Banner for Chocolate Swirls and Grown Up Girls Banner by me!
Choice Teen 5/5 585 15 Yes 21924
Edward and Bella have been married for two months now. Bella still hasn't reconciled with Jacob, and her transformation is only one week away. Then...Bella becomes pregnant. Choices will have to be made. Choices that could change Edward and Bella's lives forever. ^^ This beautiful banner was made by the talented Vatina!CHAPTER FIFTEEN: SHADOWS IS UP! (THE LAST ONE, GUYS!) :(BUT LOOK OUT FOR THE SEQUEL...SUNRISE!
Choice Of Destiny Teen 5/5 4 4 No 6450
Three months after Edward leaving... Bella is a zombie, Victoria attacks her but she is saved by a vampire named Lucas.Lucas gives Bella the options of dying,going to the hospital or being changed by him. 60 years later. Bella and her coven are starting high school in a small town in Alaska. But what happens when they meet with two familiar covens...? Will Bella and Edward reunite? Or maybe it is too late and it´s time to look for new love?
Choices Teen 5/5 14 3 No 4439
Being rewritten.
Choices Teen 5/5 191 36 Yes 76528
Choices Banner This story takes place in Eclipse when Riley goes to Bella’s room to gather her belongings for Victoria. This is what could have happened if Bella had arrived while he was still there, and the events following. Written pre-Breaking Dawn, so that book will be disregarded here. This will include my idea of how the series would have ended.
Cinderella Undercover Teen 5/5 64 5 Yes 6979
Makeup, Picnics, and Secret Spy Princesses? Emmett and Axelle get into quite a bit of mischief! The long awaited Emmett/Axelle one shots! Image Hosted by Banner by Iris!! :D
Clair De Lune Teen 4.5/5 162 17 Yes 13004
A story about bella being apart the family of the volturi. She is a daughter of Aro and a mysterious vamp woman. Bella meets edward at her 107th birthday. How will things turn out differently in this (one of my many) story.VOLTERRA!!!!

Clouded Night Teen 5/5 3 1 No 3687
After returning from Italy, Alice has a very clear vision. How does Edward feel about this?
Skipped and unskipped parts from New Moon.
College Teen 5/5 42 10 No 10903
Bella is the new girl in college and Edward is the playboy who has no limits to flirting with any pretty girl he sees. Among all the drama between the two and their friends, does Bella have what it takes to change this heartless player into a loving boyfriend? Or will she just get her heartbroken for the 3rd time in her life? All Human.
Comfort Teen 4/5 6 1 Yes 1240
Summary: Alice comforts Jasper after a hard day. Prompt: Nostalgia Characters and Pairings: Alice/Jasper Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Romance
Coming Back to You Teen 5/5 340 9 Yes 18482
Edward isn't able to stay away. He comes back after 6 1/2 months, before Bella jumped. But, when he comes into Bella's room in the night, someone else is already there! CHAPTER EIGHT - LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!CHAPTER NINE - EPILOGUE

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