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First Kiss Teen 5/5 24 2 Yes 3863
It has been six and a half years and Nessie is sick of waiting for Jacob to make a move. The Cullens are away hunting and Nessie grabs her chance. What will happen? And how will a certain Edward Cullen go down with the news? Image Hosted by
first love Teen 5/5 3 2 No 970
Bella Uley has always lived with her older brother Sam.When Sam runs away shes worried sick.Sam comes back but hes different and Bellas worried about him.She asks him where he wents but he keeps ignoring her.What will happen when she meet a pale family and starts to hang out with them?
First Meetings Teen 0/5 4 3 No 2241
Bella’s POV of her first week of school and seeing the Cullen’s for the first time. I rated it Teen for now due to language for future chapters.
Five Becomes Four Teen 4/5 8 3 No 5498
What happens when Jacob finally imprints? My first try at fanfic so please don't laugh.
Five Times Edward Cullen Never Killed Bella Swan Teen 4.5/5 3 1 Yes 2569
"I could kill you quite easily Bella, simply by accident... You don't realise how incredibly breakable you are. I can never, never afford to lose any kind of control when I'm with you" (Twilight, pg 271)
five times rosalie hale settled for second-best Teen 0/5 1 1 Yes 558
Rosalie/Tanya. Rosalie/Leah. Rosalie/Bella. Rosalie/Alice. Rosalie/Esme.
five times something almost happened and one time it did Teen 5/5 13 1 Yes 934
Flightless Bird Teen 5/5 1 4 No 6464
"Have I found you, Flightless bird? Jealous, weeping." They meet, each no more than a shell filled with hate, pain, and misery. They fall in love, slowly opening up to each other and learning to trust again. They part, betrayed and hurt. The rest they cannot decide - first they must come to terms with their own past. Takes place mid-Twilight, for reasons I cannot divulge yet. Inspired by "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" by Iron & Wine from the Twilight Soundtrack - though this story began before I even bought it.
Florida Visist Teen 5/5 10 1 Yes 725
Stephenie Meyer doesn't tell about what goes on at Renee's house when Edward and Bella go visit in Eclipse so I decided to write something for it!!!
Fly Teen 5/5 17 1 No 1877
Fly by Marauder by Midnight Behind an unmarked door, a young woman rocks back and forth, back and forth. London bridge is falling down... Part six in the Afterlife series - Mary Alice Brandon.
Flying to the Sun Teen 4.5/5 27 3 No 2029
What if... What if Edward chose Rosalie? What if he grew to love her? And what will happen when Bella shows up.... Yah. It's a CF.
For Me, It's You Teen 5/5 6 3 No 4642
The Cullens, including Bella, return to Forks again. They start high school...again. Alternative title: You Can Always Go Home Again. Inspired by many Train songs.
For Those Who Have Fallen from High Places Teen 5/5 23 1 Yes 1449
The wedding. To her, I’m just Edward, and I’m seventeen, and it’s as if no time at all has passed since I became what I am, because she is here now to help me mark the time with her.
For you, My Love Teen 5/5 93 1 Yes 3237
Their love was clearly invincible. Nothing could ever come between them, not even death. So, what happens when one day, Edward learns that no matter what he does, he cannot save her. Edward's POV.
For you. Teen 5/5 1 1 Yes 864
Forbidden Teen 0/5 1 3 No 1783
Jaspers tired of all the side glances he gets from the family, the prying eyes watching him closely. When he finds a brown eyed human that calls for him in every way, blood and body; will he be able to control himself or will he give in to what everyone thinks he is.
Forbidden and Terrified Teen 0/5 3 1 Yes 1351
Forbidden to remember, terrified to forget. What a hard line to walk, and often did I fall off the line.......
Forbidden Love Teen 5/5 2 3 No 2010
Alice leaves Jasper for the damphir they found to save Nessie; Sean. Jasper is heartbroken, but everyone thinks he'll get over it. Zoe is a 16-year-old cheerful brunette who's best friend is her sister, Heather. She has a secret - doesn't everyone? With the stereotypical caring mother and a patriotic Scottish father, twin younger brothers and an inability to stay with one guy for any length of time, she thinks her life is pretty damn good. And then everything changes.
Forbidden loves rise Teen 5/5 13 6 No 7465
What would have happened if the Cullens had never moved to Forks? The Cullens are starting a new life in England where a pack of shapeshifters happen to live. The families hate each other, but what happens whenEdward starts to fall for one of them? Will love conquer all? Romeo and Juliet style.
Foreshadowing of Her Future Teen 5/5 17 4 No 3155
Alice opens a psychiatry practice to prevent her past from repeating for another child. Little does she know that she will get a chance to fulfill this purpose sooner than she thinks.
Forever Teen 4.5/5 55 5 No 6306
Edward has always been the picture of calm, always knows what to do, what to say, but there is one thing that unnerves him... His smile was more blinding than the glare. I smiled back, feeling lucky to be his, and only his. Forever.P.S. The banner picture is an actual picture of a place near Forks (Clallam Bay) where I pictured the setting
Forever Teen 4/5 12 1 No 514
Bella is ready to become a vampire. The Cullens are ready, too. But something always has to go wrong, doesn't it?
Forever Alone Teen 5/5 15 1 Yes 2552
The darkest hour of two lives. Is it harder to be the heartbreaker? Trust me, both are heartbroken. Edward/Bella Image Hosted by banner by the exceptional iris!
Forever and a Day Teen 4.5/5 36 4 Yes 4675
Told from Edward's POV: A year after Edward returns to Forks, Mike, Alice, Edward, and Bella are attending the local college. Situations arise that could change Edward's existence. Will a new comer threaten everything he holds dear, even his own life? DISCLAIMER: All characters are owned by Stephenie Meyer, not me
Forever and a Day Teen 0/5 3 1 No 716
This story takes place right afte Bella tells Edward that she's going to tell Charlie about her engagement. You will have to read the story to find out how Charlie handles the big news. This story also encluded the wedding and little bit after that.
Forever and Again Teen 5/5 4 4 No 3864
*chapter 3:Until Then is up!* Everything's planned. The wedding date is set, the move, the changing. Bella is ready to become part of Edward's world; Alice is trying not to go overboard on the wedding; and the Cullens are packing for the move. The only thing left for anyone to do was just wait. But then, just as soon as everything is perfect, Carlisle discovers a girl, already in the middle of changing into a vampire. This girl may be the key to everything, and she also helps the Cullens realize, not everything's what it seems...
Forever and Always: A Twilight Fanfiction Teen 0/5 3 1 Yes 754
Amelia Skye Jeffris is moving to a new town. Upon arriving at her new school, she notices a mysterious family and longs to know more.
Forever and For Always Teen 5/5 49 5 No 3077
This is a sequel to Everlasting Love. It is about Ava and Bella's transformation. CHAPTER 5 IS UP!!!!!!
Forever Changed Teen 0/5 2 1 No 937
Bella POV: (exerpt from chapter one) “I love you Bella.” He said, his other hand cupping my face. He pressed his lips against mine, crushing them into my teeth. I whimpered, struggling to get out. It didn’t help. He pressed me against the wall and kissed me. I hate my life.
Forever Dying Teen 0/5 1 1 No 73
Poem on how Bella feels when Edward says hedoesn't want to make her like him.
Forever May Not Be That Far Away Teen 4.5/5 26 3 No 3006
Bella and Edward have gotten married, they have "tried, " and the date is set for when Bella will be changed. However, not too soon before she is to be changed she finds out some shocking news. No she's not pregnant, and she nor anybody else, even thought this was posible. Chapter 3 is up!!!!!!!! and my chapters have names!!
Forever Time Teen 5/5 4 3 No 5543
forever time banner 5 years after their tangle with the Volturi, the Cullens have moved to a little island a few hours north of Forks, where they, along with Jacob, have enrolled in highschool. When Jacob's troubled cousin comes to live with Jacob and Billy, they have to deal with her emotional healing and troubled past. Will they be able to befriend and proctect Jolene, even from herself? And what do they do about a new student in school who suspects them of being something more than human? i'm working on getting my latest chapters (I have written a bunch) but I'm not sure how long that will take as my laptop just took a dump, and everything I had is on there. I have been assured that I won't loose any data, but we still have to see! hopefully I'll have an update on the way within a few days! <3 ~ Kitty
Forever Winter Teen 0/5 1 2 No 2361
One of the unknown female vampires working for the Volturi, Clare Fredwin challenges everything the Volturi stands for. When her past comes back to haunt her however, she must choose...
Forever, and What Happens After Teen 4.5/5 8 1 No 1540
ok... this is my first fic so please go easy!! lol. takes place after eclipse. Forever, and What Happens After is about Edward's condition on changing Bella. But what happens after everything is planned?
Forgiveness is Divine Teen 4/5 45 3 No 8084
This is much like those overly-written stories about Bella's vampire life and such. I just thought I'd do my interpretation of it, mainly because I was bored as anyting. One hundred years later, Bella is moving back to Forks with her own family. They go to Forks High School and run into some strangers (to the rest of her family) that Bella never thought she'd run into again (with one addition).
forgiveness, and the outcome Teen 4.5/5 4 3 No 2137
my first fic! yay! i know this has been done before but i just he=ad to send out my version, so here it is; edward leaves, bella gets turned by victoria. but then bella goes all hippy chic and hippy-ish. 100 years later, back in forks...i redid the ending toc hapter 3
Forgotten Darkness Teen 0/5 4 4 No 3654
Mary Alice Brandon has been through so much in her life... What happened to Mary that her human life had to end in such a horrible way? What happened to her in that asylum? Some things are better off being forgotten.
Forgotten Memories Teen 4.5/5 118 16 Yes 12685
What if in New Moon Jasper had gotten past Bella causing the transformation to start? The transformation causes her to go into cardiac arrest (heart attack) and die. Edward is broken. Jasper is distraught and in his hate for himself leaves Alice, leaving Carlisle and Esme with now 2 barely existing broken hearted children. Now we fast-forward ninety-eight years. Jasper goes to school where he meets someone who looks remarkably like Bella. Her name? Bella Swan, the catch she can't remember anything at all. Can Bella remember? Will she and Edward get back together? Can Alice forgive Jasper? Will Alice and Jasper get back together? Not a Bella/Jasper, Alice/Edward story I swear on Edward Cullen! Please Read! Forgotten Memories
Forgotten Memory Teen 4.5/5 131 6 No 7851
When Edward loses all memories of Bella, the two of them must work to regain their relationship, his memories, and figure out the mystery of how it all happened.

Forgotten Memory Teen 5/5 15 5 No 4418
After Bella's transformation something goes wrong. The Cullens - especially Edward - must deal with this new problem before Bella does something horrible. Please remember to review as it helps a lot!
Forgotten Past Teen 4/5 6 1 No 1921
Bella's getting ready for her wedding, she feels complete-almost complete- something's missing. She can't put her finger on it though. Alice has a vision, of three unknown vampires coming to Bella and Edward's wedding. One of them looks exactly like Bella. Alice shows this to Edward, and they choose not to tell Bella. What happens when these three turn up unexpectedly at the Cullen's? Will Bella finally be complete? Is Bella's last name even really Swan? And what happens, when Bella has to choose between her love, and her family? Read to find out!
Fork You Teen 4.5/5 47 6 No 8050
When one of Mike's relatives and her two friends come to town everyone realizes that three people really can change everything. CHAPTER 4 IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!CHAPTER 5 IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!CHAPTER 6 IN OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fork you
Forks County General Teen 0/5 0 1 No 872
Edward Cullen, M.D. works on a half dead girl brought to the ER.
Forks' Twins Teen 5/5 15 3 No 2527
Two twins move to Forks after meeting the Cullens' they learn about the secret world of vampires and werewolves. All thanks to Jacob Black.
Four Related One-Shots Teen 5/5 78 4 Yes 6276
1 of 4: Meeting Mom ~ Edward remembered, too late, that his eyes were blood red these days. Her scream reminded him. 2 of 4: Family ~ His arms reached for her slim waist without any input from his brain. Her cool fingers were in his hair. This time it was her thought process that broke him out of it. He has to love me. He just HAS to! 3 of 4: A New Addition ~“I think you’ll be alright, though. You look pretty tough.” Edward said this flippantly, and then wondered at the wisdom in choosing that tone of voice. Through his pain, the huge, bedridden man SMILED at him. “Wait’ll I’m out of this bed, and I’ll show you tough.” 4 of 4: An Overdue Apology ~ "How did you know it was me?" Edward asked, opening the door with a smile. It was a familiar question, but he never got an answer. He never had, in all these years.
Four the love of the Jacob Black Teen 0/5 0 0 No 0
Jacob Black is now the Alpha of the pack, as he was the fourth to phase after Embry as he is with his pack and Bella Swan.
Four Times Jacob Black Imprinted (and One Time He Didn't) Teen 5/5 4 1 Yes 1231
A "five times" fic featuring Jacob/Bella, Jacob/Angst, and even more Jacob. What more could you want?
Friendly Competition Teen 5/5 8 1 Yes 1911
Things go awry between Jacob and Alice while playing baseball in the rain. Alice/Jacob
Friendships Teen 5/5 165 14 No 23987
I could not understand why she liked it so much. The rain. When we were in her room packing for her to leave and she mournfully threw all her tank tops into a pile to give to me, she said that she hated Forks because of the rain. Now, on the phone when I called her in response to the wedding invitation, she sounded like the rain was the greatest thing since…well Edward Cullen, her fiancé. For being so against marriage at a young age, Aunt Rene and my mother sure were exited about this wedding. So much so, that we were flying in two weeks early in order to help out. Edward/Bella, Jacob/OC
From The Heart Teen 5/5 16 3 No 4826
Eight year old Bella Swan ignores her parents’ rules and goes exploring in the woods next to her house in Forks, Washington. Wandering too far into the forest, Bella comes across a homeless “dog”. Having always wanted a dog, Bella somehow manages to lure the “dog” out of the shadows of the forest to get a better look at him. Her new found pet is over six feet tall, and one and a half tons of predator. She names him, finds a way to convince her parents to keep him, and automatically makes him her best friend.
Nine years later, Bella meets Edward, and beings to learn some strange things about her pet “dog”, Rohan.

Full Moon Teen 5/5 2 1 No 1084
Bella's trip to La Push didn't go quite as planned? What are the consequences for what happened?
Full Moon Teen 5/5 29 9 No 7409
This story starts a month after Eclipse ends, and talks about what Bella will do with Jacob, because he is obviously having trouble letting go. Will she pull an Edward on him, (as if I never existed), or will Jacob get over it on his own, maybe imprinting along the way? Or maybe, just maybe, she'll run off with him and live her life as a 'wolf girl' instead of a 'vampire girl'. Or will the Volturi get her first?
Full Moon Teen 4.5/5 116 20 Yes 16517
Nessie leaves to go to a boarding school in England and leaves Jacob behind so she can have some space. But what happens when she realizes that she loves him? *Rated teen just in case!* **Thank you MRSBellaCullenBlack for this beautiful banner! You totally rock!** Jacob and Renesmee
Full Moon Teen 5/5 19 5 No 4477
I watched my stalker get closer. He attacked me and I was left to die. I slowly became unconscious.CHAPTER 5 IS UP! banner made by me
Fun and Games Teen 5/5 45 7 No 15823
It's just another day for the Cullen clan. What crazy ideas will they come up with? REVIEW CHAPTER FIVE IS UUPPP! Please review and tell me what you would like to happen in the next chapter. Give me your ideas on what dares you would like to see in the chapters to come!
Funny stories. Teen 4/5 17 3 No 2770
Well, in this selection of stories, you'll find stuff to make EVERYONE LAUGH. Enjoy! GYS THE PURPLE FLAMINGO IS GETTING IT;S OWN SOTRY....,BUT THATS A PREVEIW OF CHAP.1
Gemello Teen 5/5 1 1 Yes 1996
A crowd of angry villagers. A boy and a girl are led towards the stakes. Death is never easy to remember.
Generations Teen 5/5 10 2 No 1128
isaliegh and Abigail's story.
Ghost Teen 0/5 1 2 No 1954
We all know what happens to Bella when Edward leave her, but what happens to Edward? Ghost tells the story of New Moon through Edward's eyes, displaying his pain, and his search for salvation. Please read and review (: Disclaimer: As this story is basically New Moon through Edward's point of view, some situations and quotes may be used directly from the book. In these circumstances, content belongs to Stephenie Meyer, and no copyright infringement is intended.
Ghost Hunters! : And the case of 1909-2009. Teen 5/5 3 1 No 2516
When there’s something strange, going down in Forks, who you gunna call? Ghost Hunters!
Ghost of you Teen 3.3/5 6 1 Yes 2190
What if cliff diving to Bella meant something completely different. What if Bella was fed up of this world, and fed up of the pain that Edward had caused when he had left?
Gifts Teen 5/5 2 1 No 1580
Bella Swan has an extraordinary power. She is able to completely control the air around her. Bella can’t remember how she acquired this power, she has been able to do it for as long as she can remember. Bella keeps her power a secret, out of fear of being different. (Or god forbid getting dragged off by the government) She plans to keep it that way. That’s why Bella isn’t prepared when a strange group of people enter the small town of Forks. No one knows what they want, but one thing is for sure, they definetly aren’t there for sight seeing. Pairings: Bella x Edward, Alice x Jasper, Roselie x Emmett, Jessica x Mike, Angela x Ben, Slight Bella x Jacob. All human.
Girl Stuff Nearly Gets Bella Killed Teen 5/5 49 1 No 5705
Certain human (female human) issues plague Bella, humourous misunderstandings abound.
Giving Fate a Hand Teen 4.5/5 3 3 No 9170
Graduating from college and taking a year off, Edward went on a celebratory roadtrip around the country. Little does he know that he would meet a girl who changed his life and the way he lived it for the foreseeable future. ExB.
Glorious Destruction Teen 4.5/5 11 2 No 3336
Bella deals with the loss of her best friend Jacob, as she knows nothing will be the same as it once ones. Though things do not go as she hopes when she visits him.
Go Ask Alice Teen 5/5 11 1 Yes 1
Drawing of Alice chillin'.
Goddess or Freak? Teen 3/5 31 4 No 4832
Rembrance isn't sure if she is a goddess or freak. Her outstanding beauty and talent makes her special and interesting. But her other qualities such as purple shadow like bruises under her eyes and the pale skin makes her weird. Rembrance sets out on a quest to find out about her past and who her parents are. Now she will learn a little more about herself then she would ever wish to know. THe 5th chapter is on it's way! Mem won't be able to avoid danger for very long... Reviews are very much appreciated! GOOD OR BAD!
goddess worship doesn't make you a man, but it helps Teen 4.5/5 22 1 Yes 1203
Rosalie/Mike. Rosalie/Emmett.
Going Crazy Teen 4.5/5 38 3 No 4394
All Human! Bella, Rose, and Alice all pregnant together. How will the guys handle it? Read and find out.
Gold and Violet Teen 5/5 3 2 No 2043
When Taeliwren shows up in Forks, Washington, she is surprised to find that an old friend of hers still remembers her and that his family is willing to take her in until she finds a way back to her world but when an old relationship is rekindled, will she want to go back? R&R
Golden Sunset Teen 5/5 2 1 No 826
I was known as Jane Aylwin and looking back on it, my life was like a fairy tale until it ended, that is, I became a monster. Once upon a time, I was full of beauty and life, but now I am a disgrace. There is no beauty in my soul and I am dead inside, all that remains of me is this pale stone of a body. My name is Jane and this is my story of how I became what I am today and how my past has impacted the way I am.
Gone and goodbye Teen 4/5 19 3 No 2529
He promised to always be there for her. with Jacob gone, Bella has no one to live for anymore. what will she do and how will everyone react CHAPTER TWO HAS BEEN RE-WRITEN
Goodbye Teen 5/5 61 21 No 29446
Alternate ending to New Moon. As the months continue Bella continues to slowly heal. But tragedy strikes again, creating a domino affect with everything in her life. With Edward gone, who will save her? New chapters finally added!
Goodbye Bella Teen 0/5 0 1 Yes 299
This is my take on a letter that Edward writes to say goodbye to Bella, it is hidden with her pictures and gifts. No copyright infringement intended.
Gossip Girl Teen 5/5 2 2 No 3987
The Cullens move to the Upper East Side to start over. What will S and B have to say about this? XOXO Gossip Girl
Gravity Moves Teen 0/5 2 1 Yes 1801
In hindsight, I probably should've seen this coming, but when running in my wolf form, I tend not to anticipate ridiculous situations like this. Oneshot. Jacob/Original Character
Gray Skies Forever Teen 5/5 68 13 Yes 19458
Edward leaves Bella again. Victoria attacks her and she becomes a vampire. After eighteen years Bella and her new family move back to Forks. The Cullens are back also. What will happen with Edward's and Bella's relationship? ON THE NEXT CH. PLEASE READ THE AUTHOR'S NOTE AND CHAPTER NOTES! I HAVE IMPORTANT THINGS TO ASK! PLEASE READ! CH 12- THE ANSWER/ NEW STORY! THANKS!

Great News Teen 5/5 17 1 Yes 1312
What if... never mind read to find out. By the way this is from Edward's point of view.
Greek Gods Teen 4/5 9 1 Yes 821
What if the cullens really were Greek gods? Bella has a dream... or maybe a nightmare.
Grocery Store Klutziness Teen 5/5 79 12 No 25274
Have you ever thought that maybe klutziness could be a good thing? That maybe, going to the grocery store could change your life? Well, neither did Bella. She thought it would just be another normal day, but look where she has ended up.. ALL HUMAN
Growing Up With You Teen 5/5 4 2 No 1414
Quil watches as Claire grows from a toddler to a teenager.
Guardian Angel Teen 4.5/5 41 4 No 2016
Bella died in a drive by after edward leaves again. but is she really dead? and whoever heard of a drive-by in Forks? is there more to this? A/N: there is going to be alot of editing, so make sure you check previous chapters for updates, because if you dont, you might miss something. okay, now. i have written and submitted 6, 7,& 8, but htye wont SHOW UP!!! i dont know what the heck is going on! if you know what is happening, please leave a review to tell me what the hell is going on!!! (if somebody can help me... uh, you get your name mentioned in the next chapter!!) T for safety
Guardian Angel Teen 5/5 11 1 Yes 2160
Guardian Angel by odyssey We write the year 1911. Chicago is hit by an unexpected heat wave and Dr. Carlisle Cullen meets Edward Masen for the first time. Unfortunately, this does not happen under the best of circumstances.

Guarding Bella Teen 5/5 32 15 No 18858
Bella told her side of the story in Maybe...Just Maybe, but now it's Beck's turn. Things are a lot more interesting from and angel's point of view! This starts out when Beck is first assigned to Bella to protect her. REVIEW!!!!! Next chapter's up!
Guilt Teen 5/5 3 1 Yes 833
Jared's meeting with Jacob's pack from Jared's POV Breaking Dawn pages 262-263. Companion piece to Where.
Guitar Freak Teen 4.5/5 19 1 Yes 655
Emmett can't beat a song on Guitar Hero 3. It sounds dumb and it is. One-shot
Gym Class Woes Teen 4.5/5 77 5 No 7805
Bella and Edward are in gym together when they get some grim news, Bella is going to be armed. But with what?
Hallelujah Teen 4.5/5 75 15 No 12611
When Edward left Bella was broken. Then she was changed, and slowly she's recovering with her new family, her ten brothers and sisters. The Volturi are after Alice and Edward again. Carlisle finds a coven that has been hiding from them for years. Now its either join forces...or die. Major Changes! Read Pervious chapters to understand!Also I must again point out that the pictures in this story and all my other stories, do not belong to me. I have no claim on them I want no claim. Please don't sue me.colorful-12.gif image by Erka_03 AND I NEED A NEW BANNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hallucinations Teen 0/5 5 2 No 2832
“Essentially, I was still Bella, just with a few modifications. But it wasn’t Bella that he wanted; he more or less said so.” Bella Swan suffers a broken heart, possible catatonia, depressing hallucinations and a life as one of the eternally damned. Her heart is silent, yet it still longs for that which it cannot have. Or can it?
Can Edward save her before she gets caught up in a life of murder and blood? Does he even know?
Happily Ever Never? Teen 4.5/5 207 11 Yes 11795
Bella never jumped off the cliff. Edward and the Cullens never came back until 100 years later, but the Cullen's are not the only vampires in Forks. What happens when they meet the one person they knew they would never see again? Will Edward finally get his happily ever after?
I'm putting this here so I don't get another review that says, " Is there going to be a sequal?"yes there is, I don't know when, but yes, probally two more tories like this.
happiness is not a concrete thing Teen 5/5 12 1 Yes 1765
My entry for the February challenge - One shot about Jane. She was only a young girl. That's really all she ever was.wooo winner!
1st place in the Jane One-shot challenge =]
Happy Teen 4.5/5 57 5 No 8357

"I remeber when Jordan, Melanie and I started our new life in Boston. Little did I know that it held a big part of the past."

Edward never came back, Bella decides it's time to move on with her life. She is married and has a daughter, she is very happy with her life. But when her husband, a doctor, gets a new job working with someone from Bella's past what will happen?

Read to find out....

Story takes place 7 years after New Moon.
Happy Birthday Valentine Teen 4/5 15 1 Yes 2314
Quil/Claire Quil really hated Valentine's day. Quil/Claire
Happy Ending Teen 5/5 24 5 Yes 5383
i'd like to say that this isn't your typical "Jacob finally imprints" story, except that it is. The teen rating is a safety net. Just in case something later in the story requires it. Jacob/OC ok. I'm really, really sorry. This story is just not working out. so unless I have some huge story epiphany, this story is cancelled.again, I'm really really sorry.
Happy Ending? Teen 5/5 38 3 No 3293
Edward doesn't come back, and Sam doesn't find Bella. What happens when they meet again? Will Bella finally get her happy ending?
Happy Ever After? Teen 5/5 10 3 No 6396
Edward and Bella have been in some tough times. When someone recognizes the Cullens don't age, what happens? Go along their journey of their life after Breaking Dawn.
Harry Potter and the Random Crossover Slash Pairings of Doom Teen 5/5 56 1 Yes 1188
or Harry Potter and the Astronomically Titled Series or Harry Potter and the Improbably Lengthy Title or Harry Potter and the High Fangirls Crack!Fic one-shot. Angela/Bella, Harry!Ben/Edward coauthored by abby, who's too freakin' lazy to get an account. Enjoy.
Harvest Moon Teen 5/5 23 14 No 17997
It seems that danger is as constant as the clouds of Forks, hanging over the Cullens, just waiting to rain. It always seems to come when times seem the happiest. With it now pouring down upon them with full force, driving a wedge in the tight-knit family, will the Cullens be able to maintain their bonds and triumph once again? Renesmee's P.o.V. REVIEWS are greatly appreciated!! =]
Hate and Fate. Teen 5/5 21 2 No 1462
I was originally going to start this story later after I finished When Dead Hearts Beat, but it stuck in my head. Sorry! Edward and Alice are dead and the leave the Cullen coven to deal with their loses. Jasper and Bella especially. Jasper makes it quite clear of his distain for Bella, Bella is the same with her hate for Jasper. But when tensions are high, and change is coming, can they deal with their mates' deaths? Or will they continue to push each other away, in hopes that the problem will just go away? Jasper/Bella fic for all you Jaspella fans.
Hate Me Teen 0/5 2 1 Yes 1040
It's the day of Isabella's wedding--and Jacob Black can't stop thinking about her. Every part of him, every fiber of his being longs to be with her...but how will this feeling change knowing that Bella is marrying his enemy? Songfic based on song Hate Me by Blue October.

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