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A Well Timed Enchantment Teen 4/5 38 2 No 1598
This story takes place where eclipse leaves off. The volturi get into some trouble with the wrong people and need the cullens help. Will they help them? Will bella and edward keep their realationship going till the end of time or will they go their seperate ways?
Depression Everyone 3.5/5 2 1 No 97
This is a colection of poems im starting that sgow you how some of the characters will handle bellas death. {If she dies} I am No More is the introduction use your imagination to show what happened until i update again. I need reviews people or i cant tell you what happened. I've had 58 readers and only 1 review!!!
Max's Story Adult 0/5 2 2 No 1244
A forbidden love, a hidden past and a destiny that wants to entwine four teens forever. Max is Bella's long lost twin sister and has spent her entire life looking for the family she never had. Alex is Max's best and only friend, and he's also her boyfriend. they embarc on a journey to find a family and maybe a place to belong. Rated for later chapters! BxE MxA AxJ RxE ExC **ALL HUMAN!!!!** CHAPTER 2 IS UP!!! <3