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An Accident Everyone 5/5 18 3 Yes 3000
Dean had never heard of vampires. Sure, there was the occasional horror flick that invloved them, but they werent real, right? Wrong. During the year Edward was away from Carlisle, Edward accidentally bites Dean during a moment of weakness....this is his story.
Apathy Teen 5/5 17 3 No 1932
Edward changes Bella on their wedding day. When Bella awakens to her new way of life, things take a turn for the...less than considerate.
Dreams Everyone 0/5 3 1 Yes 841
Can Jacob's and Bella's friendship last? Bella goes to visit Jake to talk about everything. One-shot
Forever and a Day Teen 4.5/5 36 4 Yes 4675
Told from Edward's POV: A year after Edward returns to Forks, Mike, Alice, Edward, and Bella are attending the local college. Situations arise that could change Edward's existence. Will a new comer threaten everything he holds dear, even his own life? DISCLAIMER: All characters are owned by Stephenie Meyer, not me
Torn Teen 5/5 22 5 Yes 6005
This picks up/re ends new moon. Edward and Bella go to meet Jacob and it turns into Bella's worst nightmare.