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Chocolate Swirls and Grown Up Girls Teen 0/5 0 1 No 1539
It was never intended to happen...Just as Nez was never intended to happen. She always tried to be good. She tried to make everyone happy. Be a good daughter, be a good friend...But it was just meant for her to be something else...Something conflicting with all that perfect harmony the Cullens had had for so long. The good Nessie was gone and in her place was the brand spanking new Nez. Banner for Chocolate Swirls and Grown Up Girls Banner by me!
Extraordinary Teen 0/5 0 1 No 1167
banner for story Carlisle found a different person in the hospital that night in Chicago. . .A person who would warp the future completely.
Who Said Be Tame? Everyone 0/5 0 1 No 151
Hai! I'm back from the dead. I wrote this little fast-paced poem as a tribute to my dear Vicky, who tragically died in Eclipse. It's best sang to drum beats, by an open fire, but if you read it off of your laptop..that's fine too.