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Bella Black Adult 5/5 182 17 Yes 18954
What if Bella was really Jake's sister? What would happen when Bella left Renee to go live with her father, Billy Black. Would Bella and Edward still have their Happily ever after? Chapter 16 is the original depressing ending Chapter 17 is the rewritten happily ever after version
Embry Everyone 5/5 13 3 Yes 3204
a series of short one shots from different points in Embry's life.
Falling Everyone 5/5 5 1 Yes 708
It is sometimes during our hardest times that we find who or what we wanted in the first place. The emotions and conflicts that start the domino affect that will change Angela's life. An Angela/Pack boy fan fic
Pack Boys Adult 3.6/5 396 26 Yes 58894
Everything started so innocently, a simple bonfire upon the beach, but then things got complicated. Lives were changed and hearts were shocked... (A La Push gang Fan fiction) Image Hosted by ImageShack.usChapter 25 is out!!!
That's why she didn't remember Everyone 5/5 7 1 Yes 1164
this is a quick overview of alice from the asylum to meeting Jasper
The Holiday Season Everyone 5/5 23 1 Yes 807
Fluff about The holidays
Thicker than Blood Everyone 5/5 81 11 Yes 10485
AU. Best friends are forever, but when Elizabeth's best friend disappears, the entire world will never be the same, and forever takes on a whole new meaning. Bella Swan
born in 1881
Died 1899
body never recovered How will the story change??