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A Christmas Story Everyone 5/5 7 1 No 1298
This got deleted kind of confused...anyways... this is a christmas story with the cullens set right before christmas, Esme wants a good wait awsome christmas tree for the she sends Emmett to find it. LOVESSSS IT thanks guys enjoy
Cornered Teen 5/5 49 8 No 7661
Since the Cullens moved to Astoria they could tell its not like the other towns. Not the town, but the people in it. They need to be careful or else everything they have worked for could be revealed. Someone is coming to Astoria. She knows something is not right. She will stop at nothing to find out who or what they are. Someone dangerous is also coming, watching their every move. Its only a matter of time. banner made by the lovely eternitys_charm!
Edward and Bella go to the Zoo Teen 5/5 39 3 No 2126
We all know that a zoo is not the best place for a vegitarian vampire... Bella and Edward get tricked into going to the Zoo...what problems will occur? Teen for language! but not that bad basic comedic fluff banner by eternitys_charm! enjoy