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Title Age Rating Reviews Chapters Complete Words
Hell Hath No Fury Teen 5/5 3 1 Yes 753
Another one shot, again from a character who spends a lot of time in the background.
Nothing Compares Everyone 4/5 3 1 No 1345
Interesting view points from characters who, I think, don't have their say.
Short Road To Ruin Teen 4/5 4 1 Yes 674
Where did Edward go the day he left Bella? That heart breaking moment when his world crashed, but his decision was made...
Stranger Inside Everyone 4/5 3 1 Yes 850
The days in which Jacob took sick and was away from Bella, were lonely ones, spent in the forests miles from Forks and people. Thats when the stranger really came alive...
The Heart Never Lies Teen 5/5 20 4 No 6245
It has been two months since Edward's proposal to Bella and her acceptance. Wedding day has dawned but who are the uninvited guests, and where is Jacob? More importantly, will Edward and Bella finally become husband and wife amidst the chaos? Chapter 4 is finally finished!