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Death Angel Everyone 0/5 6 1 Yes 128
this poem is about..... bella's vamp transformationthe pain of item abovecoming out of the painstarting her new lifehunting as a vamp
Mid Summers Night Scream Everyone 5/5 11 3 No 3336
Every morning the sun rises, and every night the sun sets. These things you are always sure of. What would happen if one of the other things that you were absoluteley sure of was stolen away. Your identity, you life, and your love.
Wolf Want Teen 5/5 22 3 No 2353
The day before Bella's wedding and Jacob is still missing. Also will include the day of the wedding and more. Jake ends up in Alaska and meets someone who will change his life forever. please review of the sparkle bunneis will eat your twilight books!!!!!!!!! readers dont let the first chapter discourage you... the second is wayyyyyyyy better. and please please please review i really want ti know what other people think of my story!!! Chapter three is finally here its not as long as the second one but at least it is here. story banner