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Bella's Second Chance Everyone 5/5 146 18 Yes 18306
There are many big decisions when it comes to planning a wedding. Maid of honor, Best man, who comes, who doesn't, what happens whens certain people show up,all things that this time you get to decide. In the end it'll be your story, not mine. I NEED YOUR VOTE!!! YOU VOTE COULD BE THE ONE THAT CHANGES MY STORY!!!!!! MY FATE IS IN YOUR HANDS!!HELP!!!!!!!! I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!
Carlisle and Esme's Story Everyone 5/5 12 6 Yes 5233
This is what my version of Carilsle and Esme is. This is how I pictured them meeting and being together. This is what I think happened when Esme found out, and this is what happened when Esme wanted in.
Jacob and... Amanda? Everyone 4.5/5 21 6 No 3976
Jacob comes back (from wherever he was) and it turns out he fell in love. She becomes insanely jealous and eventually tells Jacob this. Edward overhears in Jacob's thoughts and gets very mad. He runs away and Bella need to find to him. Will she find him? Will she end up with Jacob? Or will Jacob end up with Amanda? What will Bella's love triangle come to? READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What if... Everyone 5/5 21 4 No 3508
Will Bella finally get her wish of becoming a vampire??? FIND OUT!!! READ!!! REVIEW!!!!