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A Work of Acrostic Poems-Twilight Style Everyone 0/5 0 0 Yes 21
Goes with my series...oh,and everything but the Twilight series belongs to me and everyone else...*tear*
A Work of Acrostic Poems-Twilight Style Everyone 3.5/5 7 1 No 10
This is a part of my OPEN series of ACROSTIC POEMS. So,if you have an ACROSTIC poem, please feel free to put it on in the series! But in your reviews or when you contact me, please tell me which character you are doing it on. I don't want the same characters done the whole time. (Ex: Edward) ~Topaz~ DISCLAIMER:NONE OF THE CHARACTERS BELONG TO ANY OF US-THEY BELONG TO THE WONDERFUL STEPHENIE MEYER.
I Hate You Jacob Black! Teen 4/5 14 1 Yes 64
This is my first fanpoem,so it may not be good.This is a poem for all you Jacob haters made by me and my friend! Note:Jacob Black does not belong to me,or my friend.He belongs to the wonderful Stephenie Meyer.We just love to mess around with the characters!! ~Topaz Eyes In Forks~,topaz_brown303