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"Why am I here?" Everyone 3.4/5 21 3 No 2508
The girl walked into the small classroom completely unnoticed—the residents of Forks had long learned to ignore her. She didn’t look right; her long brown hair was straggly—not from going unwashed but from the rain outside. Her hood remained unused. Her glazed over eyes were sunken into her chalky looking face. The invisible girl was silently screaming for help. No emotion whatsoever on her whole form added to the effect.
A Month, a Day, and a Night Everyone 5/5 4 1 No 2418
Demetri is set up for a perfect eternity: he suddenly has a fiancé, good friends--if a bit annoying at times--and a secure, safe place. When he's sent out to the small city of Eboli for a month, nothing is supposed to change. He should return, get married, maybe roam the earth for his honeymoon. Because he is immortal; nothing can harm him; he is invincible.
I love you, my Angel Everyone 5/5 94 16 No 21220
The night Edward 'died' but he wasn't alone. There was someone beside him, begging him to stay the whole time, pleading with him not to leave her in the darkness of her world. AU.
The Hiddin Swing Everyone 4.5/5 6 3 No 4083
She never meant to, of course. It was an accident—an overwhelming, unstoppable, beautifully horrible accident. Their eyes meeting, their souls setting fire, the betrayal: none was ever planned or even wanted, in the end. Emmett/Rosalie/Dimitri
The Wild Child Teen 5/5 3 1 No 1687
“Momma. Momma, hold me,” I whimpered and forced my fingers to wrap around the front of her dress. I didn’t want to be alone. “Don’t go away,” Mary is differnt. She sees things no body should see. It's scary to hold that power and to be so young, but she knows how to keep a secret. Everything is fine until a week before her fifteenth birthday when a girl, who bares a striking resemblance to Mary, shows up. The strange, dirty girl tells her things, things that couldn't possably be true. Unexplainable events start after the girl shows up though. Mary sees things. Dangerous things. Things that could get her killed.