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Becoming A Cullen Adult 4.5/5 35 4 No 4626
I know there are many stories that start off this way, but trust me it will be different. This is Bella's story of her wedding night and her tranformation. Please R&R! Rating R for the next chapter and the ones yet to come!
Going Crazy Teen 4.5/5 38 3 No 4394
All Human! Bella, Rose, and Alice all pregnant together. How will the guys handle it? Read and find out.
New Life Teen 4.5/5 55 5 No 6074
Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, and Jasper have been friend since they can remember. They all went to the same college, but how will the girls react when they meet their new roommate Bella Swan? All human! Better Summary inside. R&R! Please give it a chance.