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Title Age Rating Reviews Chapters Complete Words
Another Route Everyone 0/5 2 1 Yes 6091
Bella doesn't dive off the cliff. She and Jake find some happiness. Her life can only go so far though.
Different Everyone 3.5/5 8 4 Yes 9388
Bella and Edward take a completely different path from the start. Bella's first day of school in Forks doesn't end at all well and things go downhill from there.
Isabella Everyone 0/5 1 1 Yes 1517
This is Charlie's view of things right before the Twilight story starts. It was written for the JUL-AUG 2009 Defining Twilight competition so it's a bit more polished than what I've posted here for personal enjoyment. I was amazed that it took 2nd place.
Sara and The Wolf Teen 3.5/5 14 10 Yes 29106
Sara meets Dan while searching for a friend who disappeared from Seattle the year before. They develop a relationship and face a challenge.