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A Fighting Chance Everyone 5/5 26 3 No 3284
Everybody has their take on Bella and Edward's different arguments about her being changed. Well this is my version and just so you know it might elevate into something bigger if you guys like it. So....please like it!!
A Different Twilight Teen 5/5 8 8 No 16678
It's the same as Twilight but it's me instead of Bella....and Edward isn't the single one. Rated teen for mild language.
A Thousand Miles Everyone 5/5 5 1 No 1887
So before Bella jumps off the cliff Charlie wants Bella to spend time with other friends. She goes karaoke-ing with friends what happens when some unexpected guests show up? There's a small twist.
Fluffiness(Alice and Jasper) Everyone 0/5 10 1 No 952
Basically just a fluffy scene between Alice and Jasper. It's really cute and will bring smiles I hope.
Fluffiness(Rosalie and Emmett) Everyone 0/5 2 1 No 1530
While Alice and Jasper have their fluffy time at home, what are all the others doing you ask? Well this is what happens between Rosalie and Emmett. More romantic fluff than cute fluff but it will surely bring out a smile and and "Awww..." or two.
It Was A Dark And Stormy Night...(Twilight Archives Contest One-shot) Everyone 5/5 2 1 No 641
ONe-Shot for the Twilight Archives "It was a dark and Stormy Night" Contest. May turn into a two-shot depending how I feel about it. Basically about the pain that Bella feels when Edward leaves. Very twisty. Wrote sort of in third and first person at the same time. Very depressing (I think). No happy ending. Took me (not trying to brag) 20-30 minutes. No fire/flaming or haters please.
The Impossible Teen 5/5 28 8 No 7487
50 years in the future Bella and Edward are happily married and Bella is a vampire, but then Bella finds out she's pregnant. Now what will happen?
Your Memory Everyone 0/5 2 1 No 117
This is how I think Bella felt in New Moon when Edward left. It is sad so....if you don't like sad, don't read it.