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A Haunting Past Adult 3.9/5 320 16 No 32268
So Edward left Bella, and Victoria got to her first. Years later, they meet again, only the Cullens don't know it's Bella as she is going by the name "Princess" and Bella hates Edward. What will happen? I don't know! Read for yourself! Okay, I have 1 review for every 51.967741935483870967741935483871 reads. Aka: 1 review for every 52 reads. That is actuallly kind of depressing. I mean, is the story that horrid? Are all of you nice reviewers lying to me? Or do you just not want to take 5 seconds to tell me about my story. For serious, I don't care if you write a review telling me what colour socks you are wearing or what flavour cookie you are eating. Or if you perfer tacos to lemon squares. I just want reviews. Okay, we all know I'm bad with the updating. You want to know how bad? I have NO idea whats going on in my story right now. I know, that's sad. But all of my current efforts to re-focus go out to the peeps who are tryin to get me re-motivated. Thanks guys! I love you!I <3 My READERS!!!!!
Blood Lust Everyone 5/5 6 2 Yes 1178
Emmett and Rose meet.
El tatuaje?! Everyone 5/5 15 1 Yes 1494
El tatuaje means The tattoo in Spanish, I chose Spanish bcause I think it sounded pretty. Yes it is about tattoos. It is VERY OOC!!! :) I seem to really like writing OOC stories :) I KNOW vamps can't REALLY get tattoos!
Emmett and the Bears Everyone 4.5/5 17 1 Yes 578
Emmett has some fun with bears! My first story!!!! -Star P.S. The fantabulous Alice mad the banner your eyes are now looking upon!