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A Freaky Imprint Teen 5/5 44 13 No 9537
Jacob loses. Bella chooses Edward and runs away with the rest of the Cullens to whatever secluded, cloudy town they choose to move to. And they leave Jacob in La Push, trying as hard as he can to get over her. But then he realizes he's out of peanut butter. And so it all begins. The whole pack imprints on one girl. A girl who happens to be a vampire. Marie is running from something, and chooses Forks of all places to make her 'normal' life as a supermarket employee. But that idea is destroyed when the weird wolf guys come in and screws everything up. The pack is on the verge of falling apart over Marie. Only Sam seems to realize that she's not right at all. Can he possibly stop them from killing each other over something they are created to destroy? I'm sorry, I can't help but make it crack-ficish. Rated 'T' for language.
Book 1: Adventures at Wal-Mart Everyone 5/5 37 3 No 1717
This is book one in my new Emmett series! And, it takes place at Wal-Mart (well, no duh) because of Bella's milk issues. WARNING: random and pointless and very CRACK-FIC-ish. There, you have been warned.
Eric Gets Human and Nerdy Everyone 5/5 4 1 No 1103
I wrote this a while ago... It's a crackfic/songfic based on White and Nerdy by Weird Al.
In His Shoes: Eric Yorkie's Tale Everyone 5/5 2 1 No 1571
CRACK FIC (or attempted crackfic anyway). 2nd book in the 'In His Shoes' series. You don't have to read the first to get this one, though. Eric Yorkie is your average high school nerd. Get’s beaten up by the bigger guys in school *cough* Emmett Cullen *cough*, has a crush on the girl totally out of his league *cough* Bella Swan *cough*, and has the best grades out of his class. This is a look in the lives other than the better, more popular characters.
In His Shoes: Mike Newton's Tale Teen 5/5 21 1 Yes 1352
this is a close up on mike newton's life so far, his love for bella (gag), his stalking of bella *shudder*, his cullen-disses (how dare he!), his fat brother and 1/2 normal sister, and what he watches on tv (which i'm not telling u, u have 2 read it *cough* High School Musical *cough*) rated teen for acohol refrence and some subject matter that may not compute for little peoples (and, no, i do NOT mean ompa loompas)
Life With The Nomads Teen 5/5 4 1 No 764
Ever wonder what went on before Twilight with James, Victoria, and Laurent? Ever wonder why they ended up so evil? Ever wonder what kind of stuff they did before they ran into Bella and the Cullens?? Well, a brief summary is: James decided that his life-long ambission was to not kill the stupid kid that kept teasing him while he was human and 17, but to form a cheerleading squad. Laurent isn't from France and he isn't all that old. Actually, he was changed in the 70s where he lived with his hippie mother in a trailer park. Victoria was actually a people-person, until James came into her window and attacked her. And all was well until they ran into our favorite Olympic Coven, where all of them kinda...died over a three-book time period.
Loch Cullen Everyone 5/5 26 6 No 3797
The Cullens take Bella on a much needed vacation to Loch Ness. Hmmmm.......... Previously called 'Loch Ness With The Cullens'.
Valuable Reading Everyone 5/5 20 1 Yes 1222
What happens to Edward when Bella has a sick day? that's what i wondered before this story. This is at Edward's POV at lunch when Bella is sick! Enjoy!