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Alice and Jasper Everyone 4/5 24 1 Yes 1
just another pic. please review!
Because of Her Everyone 5/5 104 14 Yes 9434
Previously "The Girl" Bella and Edward have a fairly normal life now, but that can easily change. *UPDATE!* I finally posted the sequel!!! Be sure to read it! It's called "Changes". Thanks guys!
Bella and Edward Everyone 4/5 28 1 Yes 1
well the title gives it away. i'm sorry, these 2 were the hardest.
Changes Everyone 4.5/5 65 7 Yes 7219
Sequel to "Because of Her". Bella is about to be changed, but a few certain beings interrupt...
Glancing back Everyone 4.5/5 25 2 Yes 2
It's bella!!! yay! this is just a sketch, i may add color. I drew this to show how Bella is looking back on all the times with edward. More symbolic than anything else.
Jane and Alec Everyone 4.5/5 17 1 Yes 939
This is sort of what I imagined Jane and Alec's transformation was like. please review! :)
Rosalie and Emmett Everyone 3.5/5 25 1 Yes 1
this is my first drawing on here, so i hope u like it!! sorry, it's really simple.
Through the eyes of a vampire Everyone 4/5 13 1 Yes 1
What does the color of a vampire's eyes tell about them? A whole lot.
Twilight couples- Cartoon form!! Everyone 4.5/5 43 2 No 2
The title says it all. I was bored one day and I started to doodle some characters from twilight, trust me, this is not one of my finer works!
*Update! The Volturi!!