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"And so..." Everyone 5/5 39 1 No 1
This is the poster/piece that I entered for the Barnes and Noble art contest, the one I mentioned I was working on in my comic book.
Bella and Edward in the Meadow Everyone 3.8/5 59 1 Yes 1
Self explanitory, done in watercolor. Extremely cute and romantic.
blood Stained Lips Everyone 5/5 7 3 Yes 3
A portrait of Victoria.
front cover for twilight comic book! Everyone 5/5 88 6 No 6
I have been wanting to draw a comic book based on the series so here is the cover page.
Love Child Everyone 4.5/5 14 1 Yes 1
Spoiler alert! If you haven't read Breaking Dawn, don't enter this page. And for those who have come on in!
zombie bella Everyone 5/5 18 1 No 1
This actually is a drawing way before the twilight series had come out. I was looking through my old sketchbook and when I flipped to this page, i couldn't help but think about the scene where bella was watching a zombie movie and then left because she felt they were a mirror reflection of her. Not really gruesome, but it does have a morose atmosphere to it.