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Airports, Emotios, and Anger Everyone 5/5 42 2 No 4380
"Do you mind?" The question was quite and hesitant. I looked down to see wide brown eyes staring up at me and I realized she was gesturing towards the lady's room. "I'll only be a moment" Jasper's POV when Bella escapes in Phoenix. From before she asks to use the bathroom till after Edward arrives.
Fighting Heaven Everyone 5/5 2 1 Yes 2214
Edward's POV during Bella's transformation in Breaking Dawn
Letting Go Everyone 5/5 14 2 No 8981
I pulled her closer and cupped the back of her head, pressing her into my shoulder. ‘Let it out’ I thought desperately ‘Please, just let it go.’ Once that happened, once I gave in, there would be no going back….there would be no more fighting it. I had to keep fighting. Giving up was too terrifying….the uncertainty of what would come after had me frozen in fear. Charlie and Bella's POV at the end of that first week in New Moon after Edward leaves.
Rosalie Hale Everyone 4.5/5 5 1 No 1
Titlt says it all. My first posted Twilight fanart....Let me know what you think ;)
The Inevitable Everyone 5/5 219 27 No 135570
-Eclipse in Edward's Point if View- ~*~"It's more Inevitable than the sun rising in the East." -Alice Cullen Midnight Sun~*~