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Falling for You Everyone 5/5 12 1 Yes 779
After nine months I could finally hold you in my arms; what could possibly go wrong now? When Esme lost her child.
Living Without You Teen 4.5/5 14 1 Yes 1370
Edward left her but this time she could never get him back. When Bella finds the Cullen's after 50 years of solitude and thirst she finds her worst imagining when the number of Cullen's has changed drastically.
Puppy Love Everyone 4.5/5 29 8 No 9215
When Bella finds a stray dog it brings nothing but trouble for her relationship with Edward. It seems a protective husky and a disgruntal Edward just can't get along. Chapter 8 up Create your own banner at!

Romeo and Juliet Teen 5/5 25 22 Yes 21826
My name is Quil Ateara, and up untill recently there were three things I was sure about. First, I thought I was best friends with Jacob Black, and Embry Call. Second, I was sure I was human. And third, I believed that there was no real existance of mythical creatures. How could I have been so wrong? Once Jacob and Embry join the pack, Quil is left alone and confused. When he stumbles upon a lone vampire, he doesn't realize at first what she is, or what he is to become. And when their friendship becomes closer, the pack threatens to tare it apart. Chapter 22 now up!
Through the Eyes of Juliet Everyone 0/5 1 1 Yes 1844
For those reading Romeo and Juliet, this takes place during chapter nine when Quil and Terra are at the Newton's. This is what happened between Edward and Terra when they left to have a chat and when Terra went over to the Cullen's.