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A new begining Everyone 4.5/5 326 16 Yes 6008
Edward and Bella have a child and are faced with the regular chalenges of an everday parent, pouting, temper-tantrums, assasinatin attempts. See what Edward and Bella go through top remain a family with a little one. I changed the title and the summary...tell me if you like this beter or if you have better ideas. I am open for suggestions.
Born Anew Everyone 5/5 173 19 Yes 10587
THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO " A NEW BEGINNING" AND I WROTE ALOT SO READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW-my people who won the contest are posted and will appear in my story as a new group of vampires AwesomeAlice94-Ashley Twilightaholic-Maddie MyBrandOfHeroin-Shannon Vintage-Addie emmet_cullen-Mikala menti belle-Fisher (middle name...has a very common first name) ENJOY!
I hate you Everyone 3.3/5 59 1 Yes 96
my thoughts on Jacob
The weird adventures of the Cullen family and Friends! Everyone 4.5/5 33 1 Yes 692
Really stupid story me and my friend Sprinkles made up at school while doing a Flour Baby project...stupid, random...ENJOY