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Burn Adult 5/5 2 1 Yes 4725
After years of war and unrequited love, an Infantryman returns from the front, reuniting with the only girl he ever wanted. RATED M. AU/AH. E/B. Entry for the Officer and a Gentleman Contest.
Edward's Eclipse Teen 5/5 39 10 No 62880
For True Edward Fans. An in-depth, accurate portrayal of the heart,
mind, and soul of the beloved Edward Cullen as he deals with the complex
themes and events taking place during Eclipse. Canon. Rated T for intimacy. Eddie's and Bellie's Twilight Fiction Award winner for "Canon that's better than Canon", TwiFic Indie Award Nominee for "Best Indie Story by and Established Author We Know and Love".
Isle Esme Adult 5/5 8 2 Yes 13805
For True Edward Fans. A look at the first night on Isle Esme through Edward's eyes. RATED M FOR ELOQUENT, EDWARDIAN LEMONS. CANON. EPOV. Nominated for Best Novella at the Eddie's and Bellie's Twilight Fiction Awards. Featured as an example of excellence on The Movie Fanatic's guide to the Twilight Fiction Community.
The Beauty and the Geek Adult 5/5 10 3 No 19031
Edward Cullen is a painfully shy intellectual desperately in love with his quiet, beautiful classmate Bella Swan. Slight Twilight Parody. Originally written for The Sexy Edward Contest. Expanded from one-shot to novella. RATED M. AU/AH/OOC. EPOV/BPOV. Chapters 1-8 are available at