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Title Age Rating Reviews Chapters Complete Words
Artist of the Keys Everyone 5/5 7 1 Yes 3638
Oneshot Late one night, Edward decides to draw a beautiful picture. Little does he know where this slight impulse will lead him.
Distractions Teen 5/5 10 1 Yes 2510
ONESHOT While Edward is off on a hunting trip, Bella attempts to distract herself with some fun and interesting home videos on the Internet. And thus her journey on Youtube begins.
Just One Request Teen 0/5 0 1 Yes 3456
One-shot: Crossover with Inkheart: Elinor knows Meggie is in need of another tale to take her mind off things, and what better novel than the one that's been grasping thousands of young women in its storyline? Novel Novice Twilight Challenge Sept.-Oct Winner Banner First place in Novel Novice Twilight's September-October 2009 Crossover Fanfiction Challenge.
Lies Like Mountains Teen 0/5 2 1 Yes 1208
ONESHOT Emily has a few announcements to tell Leah. Some of which aren't the easiest thing to say. Written for the It was a dark and stormy night contest.
Mice on a SUV Everyone 0/5 2 1 Yes 2749
One-shot Mike is preparing to go to Bella's graduation party. He has a lot to think about and a lot do, such as pick up the lovely Jessica.
Nowhere to Run Teen 0/5 2 1 Yes 3755
Jane wasn't wanted; Alec was. One night can change everything, as the innocence of a child is lost forever. Jane One-shot Challenge
The Years That Were Erased Everyone 0/5 2 1 Yes 1087
One-shot It is the one year anniversary of the death of Sarah Black, Jacob's mother, and Billy goes to visit her with a heavy heart. Novel Novice Twilight Fanfiction Contest Winner May-June