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Alice Cullen Everyone 4/5 37 2 No 84
*UPDATED* fixed the hair and some stuff like that. um my colored version is being please please please PLEASE review!!! Alice is still unfinished...but I think I need some help/feedback. o_o
Bella Swan Everyone 4.5/5 13 1 No 13
Yup! It's Edward's Brand of Heroin... And my Brand of Heroine! Please Review!!
Eclipse Cover Everyone 4/5 25 1 No 114
This is my Eclipse Cover...I drew it before the actual one came out but I haven't had time to post it until now. O and apparently, I started a "trend" in coverart. -feels special- ^_^
Edward Cullen Everyone 4.5/5 47 1 No 1
PLEASE REVIEW!!! i'm getting stuck at 15 reviews!!!! COME ON PLEASE??? yea i know i sound despirate...i'm only kinda...despirate. PLEASE? i'll throw in a complementary hug! Here was my version of Edward Cullen. he is hot. i am master of the obvious!! lol. please review!
Midnight Sun Cover Everyone 4.5/5 55 1 Yes 177
This is what my idea of the Midnight Sun cover would sort of look like...:] Thank you KirroroKitty for the idea!
New Moon Cover Everyone 4/5 21 2 Yes 45
*UPDATED* be sure to check out the updated version under the "Next" link for "Chapter 2"
Rendering of the New Moon cover Time: about 25 minutes...a lot faster than usual for some reason. Media: Pencil Description: New Moon.
Twlight Cover Everyone 4/5 34 2 Yes 8
*UPDATED* Make sure you check out the new "Next" like you would on a "chapter 2" fic! ust a rendering of the Twilight Cover. Time: 1-2 hours Media: Pencil Description: Added the words because it felt slightly empty. :]