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The Emo And The Pixie Teen 0/5 3 1 No 2347
“We can’t sleep,” I whispered, shocked at Alice.“I know we can’t. But seeing the future is like dreaming and I get so caught up in the future sometimes, it almost feels like I’m asleep.”“You must get bad déjà vu,” I chuckled and stroked her spiky hair.“I do,” she giggled. “Now, let me sleep, dear Jasper.” Jasper and Alice met two years ago and now they’re off to find the Cullens? What on earth can Alice get up to in a house full of vampires? And what will Edward say once he finds out all his stuff is in the garage? Ever wondered why Edward is such an emo? He had to get it from somewhere... Jasper was a lot different before he met Bella as well… All is revealed within…
The List... Teen 5/5 6 1 No 1005
Alice is no longer allowed to have any fun. The Cullens make a list of 105 rules and facts she must follow and understand. But Alice is planning her revenge... and boy will it be sweet...
Twilight the Kind-Of-Not-Really-A-Musical Teen 4/5 11 1 Yes 2103
A Musical... sort of... not really... Characters: Edward - The Stupid, Self Absorbed ONe Bella - The Person That Has Read The Twilight Series Alice - Obsessed With Bunnies Jasper - The panophobic one Emmett - The Dumb One Rosalie - The Depressed One James - The Erotic Bella & Edward fanfiction reading one Enjoy!
Twilight: The Kind-Of-Not-Really-A-Musical 2! Everyone 0/5 4 1 No 1130
You asked for more. You get more. Includes all your favourite characters. Terms and Conditions are not included thereby no one knows what they are. LOL. I'm gonna make a series out of these musicals. I swear, they are too much fun too write! Anyways! What kind of mischief can the Cullens get into this time?