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Forgotten Love Everyone 4/5 43 8 No 5186
Edward and Bella are finally recovering from what happened with Victoria. There both taking a drive through the town, they get into a car accident. But Edward thrusts himself onto Bella and protects her. Bella has barely scratch. But something hit the only thing keeping Edward alive in his body. His brain. But he survived. He loses memory. Carlisle doesn't know if Edward will ever be back to normal. How will the Cullens and Bella react? But more importantly, will Edward remember his love for Bella. c'mon people! 20 reads, but not any reviews, i dont care what you review just say something!
If Only... Everyone 5/5 5 1 No 881
Bella and Edward are seperated. Edward left Bella for someone new. Edward regrets it. But Victoria changes Bella and finds someone knew. Carson. He's a vampire also, and he is incredibly perfect. They start a new clan. But what happens when there clans come across each other? Edited once look over it again!!