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The World Seen Through Indigo Eyes Everyone 0/5 1 1 No 2433
REVISED. REWRITEN. REPOSTED “Let me save you,” he pleaded this time. “Let me make you safe.” The boy, her boy, was on his knees begging her not to leave. Not to runaway like she had so many times before. Not to leave him. She felt her resolve slipping. She couldn’t leave him.; she couldn’t break his heart and her own. But she had to; it was the only way. “I can’t do this anymore. I have to leave.” Tears ran down her face. She bit her lip trying to stifle her sobs. “I’ll come with you then. We--,” she cut him off. She couldn’t let him say anymore. She had to end this now. It would be easier this way. “No, I have to leave you. I--we can’t be together anymore.” Her voice came out barely above a whisper. “Is this really what you want?” His voice was surprisingly calm. She nodded not trusting her voice any longer. “Bye, I’ll miss you.” “Bye. Be good,” and with that she took off running in the woods.