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Black Stars Adult 5/5 3 4 No 7296
Renesmee is living in bliss with her boyfriend, Jacob, and her family in Castle Rock. But when a mysterious man shows up, Renesmee finds herself caught under his spell. With her family deciding to move to Michigan, the new man fighting for her affection, and the secrets of her mother and Jacob's past coming undone, Renesmee has to choose: Jacob or new man, and Jacob or family? Rated Adult for lemons and profanity
Cold Blooded Adult 5/5 3 1 No 2872
"I've felt compelled to write this, for reasons not known to me. Maybe it was the shear will to share my story with more than a few people, or maybe it was the relief of finally having my memories down. But, either way, I have still written this. Don't feel sorry for me, because there is nothing to be sorry for. You are not the one who has brought this all upon me. I want you to understand what it was, is, like to be me. My name is Rosalie Cullen, and this is my story." Co-written with Oh_ Mike How will I go on
Solstice Adult 0/5 0 1 No 3164
Renesmee is living happily with her friends and family, and she's not even bothered too much by the fact that her and her family are moving to Castle Rock, Washington. She's not bothered because... her best friend Jacob is coming with her. Something she doesn't know? She has a stalker. With feelings for Jacob developing and a certain member of the Volturi stalking her, will she live through it... literally?