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Diary of The Broken and Healed Everyone 4/5 8 2 No 1419
This is Edward's POV, and some Bella.

Edward was beaten and had a bad child hood. Then he comes to Forks thinking it is going to be the worst experiance of his life, but wait until he meets Bella. (He has these random journal entries to,to you get to read his diary eeee!)

Okay, that summary sucked! This story is pretty good.

(All human)

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First Day we Meet my Love Everyone 5/5 11 2 No 2117
Edward turns Bella in to a vampire right away. What will he do now? And will she love him the way he wants her to? Review please....
Happy Halloween Everyone 4.5/5 35 5 No 3158
It's Halloween and Edward proposes to Bella. Awww right!?! No! She gets very sick. What is going to happen? Death or life or vampirism? Life will change, and change hard!

Please, read. My summary sucks!!!
Last Heart Beat Everyone 3.6/5 7 1 No 515
It is really hard to explain, I mean, to me, it came out really good, and I want you t read it, but I don't know how to explain it. Okay here is how you read my description, as if it were 2times more intense...because the description I will tel you is going to be lame, but the story isn't...! Please review, I can't function without reviews, I want ateast 5-8 reviews.... Edward made it to Bella in New Moon before Bella and Jacob were even friends, he just couldn't stay away. Then Victoia comes when they are visiting there meadow with 4 other vampires, strong one. They hold Edward down and make him watch Victoria kill Bella. He has to listen to her last heart beats...
My Broken Heart: Poetry Everyone 4.5/5 5 2 No 416
I was at school and our teacher wanted us to do poetry, so I did one and I am going to put it here. This is placed when Edward left/ How bella felt.
Now that your Gone Everyone 4/5 16 6 No 3678
Edward died trying to save Bella from Victoria.She ran off and Carlise has to change Bella into a vampire.Will true love be enough to bring Edward back? Come guys! 1003(right now atleast) reads and only 12 it really that horrible-runs off to cry-
Sexy Revenge Adult 3.2/5 34 4 No 2646
Edward left Bella again, and she is determined to be changed and get Edward back with her new seductive way.
Sore Everyone 4/5 5 3 No 2281
All Human.

Edward and Bella are leading happy lives in the town of forks after highschool. Then Bella get's pregnant. Edward would be happy, until something horrible happens. He gets a disease...not the one you die from, I bet you were all worried there eh? Luckily the Cullens help her guide her threw her pregnancy and try to help Edward get back to his normal self. By the way, the thing he has is a mystery, but he does forget stuff and likes to be called a whole different person! HINT! HINT! C:UsersJordanPicturesBanner for Upset.jpg
Sweet Lemons (Series) Everyone 0/5 2 1 No 641
This is 12 years after Edward left Bella, she is 30 has two kids with jacob. But then Edward comes back and Bella has a hard time keeping her cool because she still very deeply loves him...who will she choose.

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Three Beats Ago Everyone 5/5 1 1 No 509
Edward just couldn't stay away from Bella when he left in New Moon, he came back within' a month. They were happy until voctoria came with 3 other vampires. They held edward and made him watch Victoria kill bella! Please review, oh and the summary is really crappy. The story is better! Thanks~!
Unwelcome Everyone 1.5/5 2 1 No 835
A new vampire the Cullen's haven't met yet come to them in need of help. But she shows Edward effectionn and Bella plays dirty. (Funny, romance, action) (Bella is already a vampire) Please review