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"You Did This To Me" Bella and Edwards Argument Adult 3.5/5 41 2 Yes 2219
Instead of instantly forgiving Edward and the hole disapearing I felt that Edward should see what he had done to Bella when he left, the full effect. This is Edward finding out how much pain he caused Bella in the long months he was gone.
Edward Never Came Back-Alternate Future Ending Rated-R (Talk of Suicide) Adult 3.4/5 10 1 Yes 2614
Edward never came back so Jacob and Bella have fell in love and moved in Bella's child hood home n forks after charlie has died, they have been married for a long time and living together even longer. Bella decides to install a new floor in her old bedroom and finds Edwards things he never intented for her to find.
Loss, The Agony Of Seperation Everyone 4.5/5 13 1 Yes 1571
Edward is sat in a cafe in Washington, so he can be close to Bella in some small way. He sees her on her bike, and hides, as if I never existed he reminds himself. she is a totally changed person, he shocked at what she has become and even more shocked at her new boyfriend. Will all promises go unbroken?
The Institution Everyone 0/5 4 1 Yes 2913
Rosalie never phones Edward to tell him that Bella is dead, Alice has to leave Bella after coming to comfort Charlie after seing Bella die, Bella is more broken than ever, Alice knows what will happen and leaves Bella with a final promise.
The Runaway Adult 3/5 4 1 Yes 2190
Bella fakes her death so Charlie and Renne can let go, Charlie is in pieces. Bella's sister tells the story of how she got lost and ended up in the worst hands possible when she goes to pick up the pieces in Forks after running away and abadoning her family.