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Beaten Adult 5/5 5 1 No 803
Sisters Amelia and Sophie have far from a perfect life. they are beaten, abused, and raped. All by one man, their own father. After the final escape from the clutches from their evil father all goes well, until the death of Sophie by a vampire that has come to be known as Jasper... Jasper Hale. Create your own banner at! this is a story by two sisters...
Knowing Teen 5/5 7 6 No 5422
Life was far from great in the lives of the Cullens, but when one of there own "cheats on there diet" they are exposed... suddenly the whole world knows about Vampires! ANd needless to say the volturi Are far from happy... So the battle between worlds begins, but no matter the outcome, one of them will die. Who will it be? Vampires or humans? Only time will tell.... Create your own banner at!SEQUEL TO "WHEN THE WORLD CAME CRUSHING DOWN"!!!!
Stop and Think Everyone 0/5 1 1 Yes 1115
Millions of thoughts were rushing through my head all at once. The most important was telling me, “Don’t do it Jasper! Think of the family!” but there was a part of me that was thinking of the warm liquid sensation of her blood slithering down my eagerly awaiting throat, and hearing her shrill scream drown out all other sound as I bit into her neck… It was very tempting. Create your own banner at!
truth from my heart Everyone 0/5 2 3 Yes 253
a collection of poems on peoples thoughts and feelings through out all of twilight. Create your own banner at!
when the world came crushing down Teen 5/5 28 10 Yes 11991
edward gets killed by the volturi in order to protect alice. but the question is: what will bella do? i think we all have a pretty good idea.... but would she take it that far? Create your own banner at!

yes... yes she would. thanks to my beta alice_1901