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As If I Needed More Proof Adult 4.5/5 14 1 No 676
When Edward leaves Bella changes, but for the better, or worst?Now she goes by Izzy and she is the bad-ass of the town. Shes lead singer of a her new band with Jacob and Embry . What happens when she gets an invitation to Tanya and Edwards wedding? Will she go? Will she let Edward back into her life? Will he mess up again? Read to find out!! *Excerpt* I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was pissed. No. I was more than pissed. I was LIVID. He had the nerve, to send me this invitation after he promised to stay out of my life. I hear nothing, no matter how grateful for that I was, and then this! More than all of that, I was pissed at myself. For having this kind of reaction. For not tearing it up the second I saw it. For fucking CARING. Rated for swearing and dark themes. Co-Written by- Roberp_lover and Emmett_lover