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A Different Eclipse Everyone 2.5/5 8 1 No 921
lets say Bella was not so sypathetic towards jacob the day he left to fight the newborns. that she said no to the kiss. what would happen.. would jacob give up hope and let his life be taken by the deadly vampires battlling his brothers or will Bella convince him ither wise.?
Bella and Edwards happily ever after.. Adult 4.5/5 22 2 No 2455
it is 50 years after bella's change. she cant believe how happy she is. Renesmee and Jacobs relationship is blossoming and is causing poor Edward to suffer with his little growing up. Everything is perfect untill they recieve a unexpected visit from Renee.. why didnt Alice see this coming..? Read to find out xxx
New Moon...New Bella Everyone 5/5 47 7 No 7213
Edward left. Bella took it worse than ever but discovers a way to release the pain. What happens when she meets Victoria in the woods? Bella comes to an agreement with Victoria on them both getting sweet revenge... but on who.??