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Broken Down Everyone 0/5 5 1 Yes 1062
Bella's truck breaks down one day. She tries to find a Gas Station or at least somewhere with a phone. After looking for hours she comes across a mysterious house. Will she ever come back?
Dreadlocks Teen 5/5 15 7 No 5259
Bella life is far from perfect. Her different apearence and personality makes her stand out from the usual crowd. One night a gang of ordinary school kids try to murder her. But, her 'prince charming' turns up and saves her. Happy endings? Far from it...
Taken Teen 4/5 19 13 Yes 19490
Bella gets taken away from her previous life, and is forced into an unknown world. But, its there, in an horrible and hurtful world, that she finds the greatest thing in her life. Love. But will that love stay with her forever?
Unexpected Love Everyone 0/5 6 1 Yes 1504
Bella dying and there's only one thing that could make her life better. Jacob. But, when she finally gets to him, she's already in great pain and could die at any second. Will Jacob save her or will she die instantly?
Who's He? Teen 3.5/5 46 16 Yes 30490
In this story Bella is torn between two guys, but will she pick the right one?