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2nd Personal Sun Everyone 5/5 22 19 No 22768
Bella and Edward have decided to move away to Alaska. Jacob is still trying to cope from the pain of losing his true love, and is unintentionally tearing himself away from the pack. But, what if, Leah and Seth Clearwater had an optimistic little sister to begin with? Can she be the one to brighten Jacob's outlook and save a crumbling pack from falling forever? But, what if something happens to Jake that will effect her just as badly in the end? Can she make it through the scenario and still maintain her sense of trust? More importantly...can she make it out alive? new chapters added!
Efflorescence Adult 0/5 2 1 No 3222
Years after Breaking Dawn, a new family moves from Chicago to their old home in La Push, Washington. Even if it's unintentional, they cause more problems than the Cullens or the Quileutes bargained for. The Volturi are back in action, seeking Renesmee's growth process. A new member of the pack enters the picture, the epidemic of imprinting strikes again. Can the Cullens and Quileutes defeat earlier struggles a second time around? Jacob/Renesmee, Embry/Imprint Varying POVs