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Spilled Mascara Adult 5/5 45 6 No 7877
Bella's parents stay together until she's nine, then break up violently and full of hatered. It changed Bella. She hides her pain behind mascara...then she meets Edward.
Readers- I’m moving accounts. This was a shared account with someone who doesn’t really like me anymore. So I’ll post this to all the stories I wrote (I’ll only continue some) then you can read them. Continuing: Complications, Goneandnevercomingback., Marionette, mynewLife, and SpilledMascara. If what you read wasn’t listed and you want it continued, tell me through the “contactauthors” button on the “elainamorrigan” account why I should continue. -elle/Twizzler
Spilled Mascara Adult 5/5 21 6 No 7562
Bella's parents stay together until she's nine, then break up violently and full of hatred. It changed Bella. She hides her pain behind mascara...then she meets Edward.
WARNING:This story is as real life as possible... in other might not have a compleate happy ending.
Stained Glass Soul Adult 5/5 1 3 No 9864
png She falls from a tree. She falls from a cliff. She falls in love. The love story of restless newborn vampire Esme Anne Platt and the shamelessly saintly Doctor Carlisle Cullen. Romance, religion, and rebellion ensue. Pre-Twilight, Canon.
Stars Everyone 5/5 1 1 Yes 529
We stood there, completely in love, gazing at the stars. At the past. At the future.
Strained Emotions Teen 5/5 66 16 No 16114
This is Jasper's point of view of everything that happened it Forks. Bella's arrived and none of the Cullens know how to react. Jasper is by far one of the most intriguing characters to write in their POV. It's so much fun. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!!
Sundown Teen 5/5 8 1 Yes 679
The silence is the only thing that can be heard. It’s deafening, closing in on you, doesn’t let you escape.Right, love?
Sunset of Hearts Teen 3.5/5 207 20 Yes 31429
As the sun sets, it is the ending of a life. Sure, lives end every day, and new ones begin. But on this twilight, the sun was setting on the most important life in my world. But, it was also dawning on a new life as well. The only catch was, those two lives were both the same. What if Bella had come to Forks, and Edward and his family were human? What if they were like every other family? But, what if they were unfortunately pulled into a dark situation, that was to transform them into the thing of their nightmares, and inconsequentially, something darker than they had ever dreamed of? And what if Bella was the one to keep Edward going through all of this? Basically, what if Edward and his family were human in Forks? (Were being the key word.)
Tattoo Everyone 0/5 4 1 Yes 1052
What Renee was thinking about as she watched her daughter board the plane to live with her father. This Renee's story
Te Amo... Adult 0/5 0 1 Yes 5962
The wedding night of Carlisle Cullen and the new, Esme Anne Cullen. Complementary piece to "Bridging The Gap."
Third Person.
Rated Adult for Lemons.
That was a nice Story. I mean the ending was. Everyone 0/5 2 1 Yes 1254
Alice is a newborn vampire who remembers nothing about her previous life. Jasper is a depressed vampire who cannot stand feeling human pain. what happens when they meet? Set before twilight. This is my take on how alice and jasper meet. xx
That's why she didn't remember Everyone 5/5 7 1 Yes 1164
this is a quick overview of alice from the asylum to meeting Jasper
The Anger Behind the Beauty Everyone 5/5 5 6 Yes 9579
I love Rosalie and her anger. So here's my version of her revenge. Props and all credit to Stephenie Meyer.
The Before Bella Teen 4.5/5 28 3 No 2707
Before Vampires, Before Edward, Before Forks, Before anything crucial in Bella's life. Bella is living with her mom in Pheonix, Arizona, going to highschool with a seemingliy normal life. Until she gets a glipse of her life to come. Banner By Me! With lots of help and guidence from WolfGirl44!!
The Beggining of Pheon Teen 5/5 5 3 No 1732
In the beggining, there was the Volturri. And Pheon. A background not to be trifled with. She was wanted, chased for her power. This is her story, from beggining to end.
The Dark Light Stories Adult 5/5 41 8 No 17726
“You created me as your toy and now you’re forcing me to sleep with a ghost. Can you still tell yourself that you’re not selfish?”*** Warning: This story is Carlisle/Edward slash. There will be sexual scenes between these two characters. If that bothers you, as they should say in marriage: run now or forever hold your peace. These stories will follow Carlisle and Edward through ten life-changing events, from Edward's transformation to meeting Bella. They will explore the love that evolved between the two men and the betrayal that 87 years together can bring.
The Dead Rose Adult 3/5 1 2 No 3436
What if there was a different world to the one we were used to, one where being in love was frowned upon, one where everyone were forced under the authority of a dictator. Well this is what Isabella and her twin sister face when the fall in love with supernatural creatures. Will the love they share be strong enough to overthrow the dictator or will they die while fighting for love and acceptance? Create your own banner at!
Make your own banner at!
The Emo And The Pixie Teen 0/5 3 1 No 2347
“We can’t sleep,” I whispered, shocked at Alice.“I know we can’t. But seeing the future is like dreaming and I get so caught up in the future sometimes, it almost feels like I’m asleep.”“You must get bad déjà vu,” I chuckled and stroked her spiky hair.“I do,” she giggled. “Now, let me sleep, dear Jasper.” Jasper and Alice met two years ago and now they’re off to find the Cullens? What on earth can Alice get up to in a house full of vampires? And what will Edward say once he finds out all his stuff is in the garage? Ever wondered why Edward is such an emo? He had to get it from somewhere... Jasper was a lot different before he met Bella as well… All is revealed within…
The End Teen 0/5 1 1 Yes 383
"It was then, as all coherence left me and blessed nothingness drew near, I knew. Dreams filled with giggling curly-haired boys and handsome, kind-hearted men would never become a reality – at least not in this lifetime…."
The Falling Adult 5/5 684 81 Yes 38606
In the action itself, she is weightless and free. The flight is not to be feared, only the impact. A story on the life of Esme Cullen. Image Hosted by Banner By incredible Iris!
The Final Sunrise Teen 4.5/5 12 4 Yes 6017
This is my first fanfic so please be kind. Anyway this is the story of Alice's life from her childhood until she meets the Cullens. Please read and tell me what you think :-)
The Healing Everyone 5/5 8 1 No 1326
Renee is dead. Bella is blind. Charlie became abusive. Bella was taken away and then sent to live with the cullens. Can they heal the depressed, introverted girl that Bella has become? Can she learn to trust again? It's not the same. Seriously. Give it a shot? :]
The Life and Times of Chelsea Everyone 0/5 2 1 Yes 627
Chelsea of the Volturi's human life overveiw and how she beacme a vampire.
The Lonely Wolf Teen 4.5/5 46 44 No 14140
To phase the first time: disorienting. Horrible. Terrifying. Painful. To become a monster: sickening. Strange. Agonizing. Estranging. This we know from Jacob. Must it not have been so much worse to be Sam? He did it all... and he did it all alone. A story in the perspective of the first of our beloved werewolves, Sam Uley. From shortly before the time of his first phase to his marriage to Emily Young.
The Long Road Home: The Journey of Alice & Jasper Everyone 5/5 3 6 No 79764
This is the story of Alice and Jasper, before they met one another and after, up until they met the Cullens. It begins with Alice in the asylum. I have taken great pains to keep the story as in-canon as possible and remain true to the characters as they were created by Stephenie Meyer; I also have tried to be as historically accurate as I can. I hope you enjoy the story, and I welcome all feedback. Thank you for stopping by!
The Moonlight Chronicles Everyone 4.5/5 4 6 No 3830
My life is tainted. When i turned fifteen, i was bitten. by a creature. and since that time i've led two lives. the life of sunlight, and the life of moonlight. Human and Werewolf. Moonlight Chronicles This is part of the cross-breed series. HOWEVER! It is not part of the main bit. but you should read the first four stories before you read this. Otherwise, you'll have no idea who these people are.
The Newborn Teen 0/5 1 1 No 4098
The Newborn is a series of one-shots which will follow Edward through the early years of his life as a vampire.
The One No-One Knew, Thus Three Had Known Everyone 0/5 1 1 No 621
There is a new girl in Forks. She can do anything, even though she is clumsy. No-One in Forks has seen her before now except her father. What will happen if she falls in love? Will she let herself fall or rise? Will she let herself love him?
The Poet and The Pendulum Teen 5/5 3 1 Yes 1522
Songfic. May contain spoilers for Breaking Dawn, but if yodd..ven't read it by now, then there's something odd...unless you're just discovering the wonders of Twilight. Then it's fine XD Twilight characters through deaths they have suffered - whether emotional, mental, physical or psychological deaths. The lyrics used are from "The Pacific" - part of one of Nightwish's songs, "The Poet and The Pendulum."
The Ransom of Little Deer Teen 3.5/5 18 9 No 28008
Billy Black and his father were not the first Native Peoples that Carlisle had come in contact with since coming to America. That noble honor belonged to Little Deer, and he would never forget her . . . or her courage. Create your own banner at!
The Ribbon: Marcus's Tales Everyone 5/5 13 6 No 54822
Marcus is a young man in ancient Etruria, who is in love with his master's daughter, Didyme. When her older brother, Aro, disappears under mysterious and frightening circumstances, Marcus and Didyme are torn from the innocence of their young love and thrust into a new and very different world. This is the story of the Volturi, told by the one who was there from the beginning and saw it all. He has kept his mouth shut until now, but if you come close and listen, he will tell his tales: how Caius became so murderous and cold, how the wives came to join the family, the beginnings of Aro's machinations and plots, and even the beginning of the vampires. Everyone has a tale to tell...and his might surprise you.
The Road To Redemption Everyone 0/5 0 1 Yes 3459
Alice and Jasper join their new family, and even though Alice jumps right into it, Jasper slowly fits in as well. But not everything is well with him, there is still pain and suffering in his eyes, and Carlisle wonders why.
The Scarlet Rose Everyone 3.5/5 4 1 Yes 1637
Edward and Rosalie angst with a "I want you, but I can't have you" theme.
the secrets she couldn't help but keep. Everyone 5/5 1 1 Yes 731
billy black/sarah black
the smell of blood doesn't stand a chance. Teen 0/5 7 2 Yes 1519
The Souvenir Teen 5/5 3 1 Yes 1409
Edward revisits his hometown in 1929, having left Carlisle and Esme during his rebellious period. IN CANON... Written as a response to a challenge issued by sillybella on, but ended up to be much more...
The Spare Everyone 5/5 4 1 Yes 1417
Was Jane always the crowning gem of Aro's collection? Jane One-Shot Challenge
The Spirit Vampire Everyone 5/5 9 6 No 5168
Bella Swan has moved to the small town of Forks in Washington State when her mother gets remarried. Not only does she meet Edward Cullen, a seventeen year old with a mysterious secret, but she finds that there's another girl living with her father (Charlie) - 17 year old Ally Peterman, a blonde, witty booklover with a mysterious secret of her own...
The Story of Esme Teen 5/5 26 22 No 33900
How it began. How it happened. How it ended and how it was revived. A look into the life of Esme Cullen.
The Thing that Feels Teen 0/5 1 1 No 2541
The whispers travel swiftly throughout the city: vampyre, vampyre. There is a vampyre in our city. Carlisle has reluctantly been an unwiling spectator of his father's vengeance and obsession for years, watching countless innocents being hunted down and put to death. But no one is prepared for the hunts to reveal a horrifying truth, one that will change Carlisle's life forever and begin his descent into hell...
The Thorns of Life Everyone 5/5 6 1 No 552
rosalie, emmett, and royceAs soon go kindle fire with snow, as seek to quench the fire of love with words.
~William Shakespeare

Rosalie Lillian Hale, has made a decision she's desperately trying not to regret. The choice to leave her Mother and two brothers was easy, but its life in the small town of Forks is what's bothering her. Far away from "decent" shopping malls, and handsome, strong young men, Rosalie is finding it hard to adjust herself to the simple living as a resident of Forks,Washington with her Father. More complications arise when a strange, yet attractive boy in Drama automatically loathes her, and then there's the captain of the football team who is constantly trying to catch her attention. When secrets, very bad dates, and the cold hard truth hits Rosalie like a brick wall, will it knock out the snobbery in her, and give her a new chance at life? Or will her number be up all together?

When being a rose, is it worth all the thorns a long the way? Thanks JokesonJane for the AWESOME banner!! everyone give her a round of applause!
The Trigger Everyone 3.3/5 11 1 Yes 759
A single shot goes off, and, though she doesn't know it yet, her life is about to change for eternity. One-Shot.
The truth about Victoria Teen 4.5/5 4 1 No 621
This is the story of how and why Victoria was changed, how she met James, and why she is so evil.
The Vicar's Son Everyone 0/5 2 1 Yes 2008
This is a narrative by Carlisle in his early years after becoming a vampire but still living in London. He is telling the story to someone in the corner of a pub, someone who is likely too drunk to remember the story the next day. Carlisle's early days were marked by loneliness and this would be an attempt at companionship after coming to terms with what he had become. AN: The Characters are not mine, they belong to the lovely and brilliant Stephanie Meyers who inspired me to write this.
The Way Alice Saw It Teen 4/5 5 1 No 727
What happens when Alice is the first to notice Bella.
The Wild Child Teen 5/5 3 1 No 1687
“Momma. Momma, hold me,” I whimpered and forced my fingers to wrap around the front of her dress. I didn’t want to be alone. “Don’t go away,” Mary is differnt. She sees things no body should see. It's scary to hold that power and to be so young, but she knows how to keep a secret. Everything is fine until a week before her fifteenth birthday when a girl, who bares a striking resemblance to Mary, shows up. The strange, dirty girl tells her things, things that couldn't possably be true. Unexplainable events start after the girl shows up though. Mary sees things. Dangerous things. Things that could get her killed.
The Years That Were Erased Everyone 0/5 2 1 Yes 1087
One-shot It is the one year anniversary of the death of Sarah Black, Jacob's mother, and Billy goes to visit her with a heavy heart. Novel Novice Twilight Fanfiction Contest Winner May-June
these trails lead to places you don't expect Teen 5/5 3 1 Yes 533
They're Not Okay (I Promise) Everyone 5/5 7 1 Yes 1058
Okee, SO... This is basically My Chemical Romance's "I'm not Okay (I Promise)" music video written out and... Cullenified. XD I absolutely love the video, and I *highly* recommend watching it before you read this, or you aren't going to get it AT ALL.
Those Golden Eyes Everyone 5/5 6 2 Yes 4040
A sparsely mentioned human responsible for quite a bit of the happening of Twilight knows more than we thought she did. Excerpt:"He was gorgeous; blonde hair, pale skin, bright smile...golden eyes."
Thought I never see you again, my brother Adult 0/5 0 1 Yes 1065
What if Bella was a volturi princess and Carlisle is a brother to her? what if the Cullens will be living with the volturi for the first time? Will Edward fall for Bella?
To Be With Her Everyone 4.5/5 11 1 Yes 800
To Be With Her by Awsomealice94 He has been alone for over 90 years-just wondering when, or even if, the girl for him will come along. One Shot of Edward before he met Bella
To Kill Teen 5/5 6 1 Yes 573
Victoria and James are on a hunting spree. And the story begins . . . (Rated TEEN for graphic violence.) Create your own banner at!

To Kiss An Angel Everyone 5/5 5 1 Yes 1294
Inspired by Kissing An Angel. About Emmett's transformation.
Tomorrow's Forever Everyone 4.5/5 12 1 Yes 840
She's been waiting. So has he... Forever A one-shot, slightly angsty Alice/Jasper Image Hosted by LOVE iris. this is the banner she made me!
Hello everyone!! I I recently came to the idea to write my version of the Twilight books where Edward's great love is not Bela but Maya Cullen who because of her power and something else had to leave them all. I wanted to see what is your opinion on this! do not worry, Jacob and Bella will be there together, and a few little surprises along the way! my name is Mili I am from Srebia (For those who do not know it's in Europe). I AM A BIG BIG FAN!!! SM OWNS EVERYTHING TWILIGHT JUST NOT MAYA!!! :D please contact me on with your thoughts on this!!! love to everyone!!!
trust her with your life and your eternity Everyone 5/5 12 1 Yes 1159
Twilight - Daybreakers. Everyone 0/5 1 1 No 802
Edward and Bella are enjoying a perfect summer together when she finds an old locket with a different girl's face in it, and his initials on the outside. Was Bella really the first? Or just the last in a long line of girls?
Twilight and The Slayer Adult 0/5 0 9 No 48038
Went Seventeen year old bella move to forks she moves with her Little bother and sister Dawn and Max both 14 and older bother Justin who is 18 Max .Justin are wizards Dawn is a mortal and Bella is The Vampie Slayer But her bothers and sister called her Buffy what is her slayer name xxx
Twin Suns Everyone 0/5 4 2 No 2038
twinsunsbanner Jane is a lowly maid, living in the town of Volterra, Italy. After meeting two strange, pale, men in the market, she is whisked away in the middle of the night by Felix. Soon she discovers the amazing world of the vampires, but does she really want to be a part of it? (Originally written for the Jane One-Shot competition, before I realized the canon rule (and what the canon was. Where in the books did it say anything about being burned at stake?) You'll probably recognize some parts. The first chapter is the one-shot, and the rest is a continuation. And yes, I am overly proud of my banner :) Thanks to for helping me make the face.)
Two Sides of the Same Coin Everyone 4.5/5 3 2 No 2112
It did not seem like the beginning. It seemed like it had always been this way. When Jasper and Alice find each other, they find an extension of their being. The story, from the beginning.
Twofold Silence Adult 5/5 14 4 No 7662
This is the first few days of Alice and Jasper after they find each other in Philadelphia. It is told in the first person, from both their points of view. Some content is mature, but I think it is sweet and fluffy not smutty. This is my first fan fic, so I would appreciate constructive criticism. Thanks! :o)
Unhappy Ending, Unhappy Beginning Everyone 0/5 3 1 No 728
This wasn't how I had expected my engagement to end, as I met the gaze of a pair of ruby red eyes in the mirror. My own. I'll take you back to where this all began. Rosalie Hale had a perfect life. She was beautiful, and engaged to the perfect man.... or so she thought. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Unremembered Teen 5/5 2 1 No 1717
1917. Isabella Swan met the love of her life, Edward Masen, Jr. After a year, Chicago is on Spanish Influenza Outbreak, and he became ill. She was then told by Dr. Cullen that he's dead. Heartbroken, Isabella wanted to die. Someone gave it to her but in a different way. She became a vampire. After years of trying to move on and get over her Eddie, she moved back to Forks ,and a lot of surprises welcomed her. He was alive after all, or is he?
Veleno Everyone 5/5 9 1 Yes 3180
Alice has a secret fixation - and it concerns Jasper. She tries to hide it from the everyone else, ashamed. But how long can she keep the secret?
Vera Philosophia mortis est meditatio (True philosophy is the contemplation of death) Everyone 5/5 3 1 Yes 796
Edward is dying of the influenza and his parents are as well. As Edward lies in the dark, gloomy hospital rooms he thinks of death and what will happen to him afterwards.
Visions Adult 5/5 4 1 No 819
Alice's visions are subjective. They can change at the blink of an eye. Most people don't bet against her in fear of losing. But for the sake of a young girl, I pray to God that Alice is wrong. BxE. Vampward. A little OOC. Rated M for later chapters.
Visions of Mary Alice Everyone 5/5 8 4 Yes 2256
This is what happens before Alice was turned into a vampire.
Wake up Alone Everyone 1/5 3 1 No 503
When Bella asks Edward about his family he tells her that Alice is a mystery. No one knows what happened to her. This is my idea of how she found Jasper and how she coped with being a vampire.
What Are Best Friends For? Everyone 5/5 21 1 Yes 908
Billy Black and Charlie Swan have been best friends all their lives.
What could have been, never was Teen 0/5 1 1 No 765
The rest of the night was a painful blur. At last, they walked away, thinking I was dead. But I wasn’t. I lay there in the dark street on the cold April night, hating Royce and waiting to die.
When I Could Dream Everyone 5/5 16 3 No 2312
Edward's POV
When i'm bigger Everyone 5/5 8 1 Yes 710
Twilight. One overcast day in Biloxi, Mississippi, a little human girl darts out of the crowd towards Jasper Whitlock. Pretwilight, non-canon first meeting of Alice and Jasper.
When Tanya Strikes Everyone 5/5 10 1 Yes 2283
What does Edward really do when Tanya comes on to him? Disclaimer: I don’t own Twilight; I’m just a twisted completely obsessed fan, like you!
When Temptation Calls Adult 3.5/5 4 1 Yes 1254
Everyone falls off the wagon sometimes, right? Even Emmett? This is my version of the first time Emmett drank human blood.
Where I Need To Be Adult 5/5 1 1 No 1319
All relationships start somewhere. This is where it all begins for Sam. From the moment he met Leah, Sam was sure it was what he always ever wanted and needed. But life is full of unexpected know, like transforming into a werewolf and falling in love with your girlfriend's cousin. And then almost killing her. Sam's story, written in third and first person. Sexy, angsty, heartbreaking, and all the love in the world. All the things you want between the three confused lovers. So, how did it all start anyway? Rated R for language, violence, and sexual content. Don't worry, kiddies, nothing explicit.
White Wedding Everyone 5/5 5 1 Yes 1491
The church was lit with hundreds of candles; their flames casting moving shadows on the guests that were occupying the pews and waiting impatiently for the ceremony to begin.... (Emmett/Rosalie)
Who's He? Teen 3.5/5 46 16 Yes 30490
In this story Bella is torn between two guys, but will she pick the right one?
Why Edward Cullen Hates Holidays Everyone 5/5 26 1 Yes 2535
Edward hadn’t wanted another mind filling up the house with insubstantial clutter that he could hear but never sweep away. And he hadn’t wanted an easily-recognizable face added to the family, which had meant they’d have to move again, and above all, he hadn’t wanted a love interest.
Wildness Teen 4.5/5 6 2 Yes 2889
"I saw him. I couldn’t stop staring. His light brown hair, burgundy eyes, it was if he was an angel sent down from heaven." One day could change you for a life time and beyond. Bella knows that, and so does Victoria. One summer day when she was human, Victoria was out in the town when she sees someone that will change her forever, literally.

Wind Whispers, Virginia Whitlock's Story Everyone 0/5 1 2 No 11988
Virginia Whitlock (or Ginny, as she prefers) is a very special person. Born in pre-Civil War America, she is far too independent for her own good. Her older brother Jasper doesn't help matters, either. She's always known she was different from everyone else, her abilities frighten her sometimes, but it's not until Jasper sneaks off to join the Confederate Army that she realizes just how strong she is. SM said Jasper had a little sister he left behind: this is her story, complete with spirits, shapeshifter, vampires, and a lot of love.
Witch Teen 0/5 1 1 Yes 2768
What happened before Jane turned was turned into a vampire? Why does she have so much hatred? Jane's story begins in Europe during the 'Witch Hunts'. How is it that she and Alec met Aro? This is Jane's story of life before the Volturi. Written for the Jane One-Shot Challenge
With A Rebel Yell Teen 5/5 78 10 Yes 11063
AU. Chicago, 1928. Edward Cullen is living his life of rebellion, feeding only off criminals. Then, he stumbles across someone seemingly innocent who appeals to him in ways that could force him to reveal his secret and scare away the girl he's grown to love.
Wolf In Sheep's Clothing Adult 5/5 20 1 Yes 2176
She stalks. He runs. Faster, faster, now. Her white dress creates a figure of heaven, little do they really know. It's a full cycle, a complete circle of before. The night Royce King is brutally murdered by a figure in white, what does he think? Photobucket
yes, this means you're dead Everyone 5/5 9 1 Yes 822
you think you recognize all the warning signs Adult 4.5/5 7 1 Yes 474
you'll always be an outsider in this new world of lust Everyone 4/5 15 1 Yes 3824
your actions put the lie to every word you say Teen 5/5 15 1 Yes 941

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