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Dark Moon Teen 0/5 0 3 No 14425
Twilight from Edward's point of view.
Darkest Before the Dawn Teen 5/5 138 29 Yes 169193
The door opened behind me, with a cold gust of wind suddenly sweeping through the room, rustling the papers on the desk and carrying that scent! I froze. Not again!...I sensed nothing...The fragrance was maddening. I slowly turned my head, following the scent, and there she was. Standing, back pressed against the back wall, waiting. She was haunting me. A reimagining of Twilight from Edward's perspective, starting from the very beginning...The First Time - and continuing on beyond where Midnight Sun ends. NOMINATED: 2009 Bellie's category Canon that's Better than Canon NOMINATED: 2009 Indie's Top 10 Best Canon Disclaimer: All characters, settings, and a great majority of the dialogue are the property of Stephanie Meyer.
Dead Inside Adult 3.7/5 79 4 No 2664
Charlie absolutely hates Edward and Bella. He's become abusive. Bella has had to break up with Edward or else Charlie will kill her and her mom. Now, none of the Cullens will speak to her or even look except to give her glares. Edward never glares, but he never looks either. Both or their lives are terrible, both are missing their soul mate, their other half, but Bella can't tell anyone about Charlie. So what will happen?
Death, Love, and Rebels Adult 2/5 1 1 No 356
Bella lives a reckless and rebelious lifestyle in Phoenix and is forced to move to Forks to live with her father. There Bella finds a friend in Alice Cullen and love in Alice's brother Edward and Bella's twin brother Emmett finds love in Rosalie Hale. BTW: Alice, Edward, Jasper, Carlisle, and Esme are Vampires while as Bella and Emmett are twin humans! ALSO Edward is dating Tanya! But does he truly love her I guess you'll have to read to find out!!! Please read and review!!! Thanks! :)
Demons Adult 0/5 0 1 No 1030
Seventeen year old Kree is forced to move to Forks with her mom after her parent's divorce, which she hates alot. After being forced to go to school after being homeschooled for three years, she meets the mystrious Edward Cullen who she thinks hates her. After slowly figuring out what his problem is, they find themselves not being able to stay away from each other, despite her best friend's rejections. Kree soon finds herself falling deeper then she ever imagined.
Denali Everyone 5/5 13 1 Yes 1136
When Edward goes to Denali, and how Bella's lullaby was born. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Different Everyone 3.5/5 8 4 Yes 9388
Bella and Edward take a completely different path from the start. Bella's first day of school in Forks doesn't end at all well and things go downhill from there.
Dirty Pretty Sounds Teen 5/5 7 3 No 7124
Bella saw Edward's mind the first moment he smelled her blood. She felt his hate, the bloodlust, and the kill. How does Bella manage to fall in love with the mysterious Edward Cullen when all she knows is that he wants to kill her? Can he resist? AU BxE Thank you to the amazing Oh Mike, how will I go on for the awesome banner! Go read her stories :)
Do You Remember, James? Everyone 4.5/5 2 1 Yes 1349
Companion story to My Life Once. This time, it is Victoria's reflections on how she met James.
Doctor Love Teen 5/5 4 2 No 4452
Set in 1918, Bella Swan the new nurse has been assigned to take care of the Masens. Now she must do what she can to take care of them and of her heart too.
Don't Bet Against Me Everyone 5/5 3 1 Yes 828
First and some of other chapters in ALICE'S point of view. Help with Youandmebelong. This is last minute......hahaha.
Don't let me go Adult 0/5 1 1 No 2171
Trying to escape from her unfulfilled life, Renesmee seeks some "me time" in the sleepy town of Forks, Washington. What she didn't expect was to meet the one man that would set her soul on fire and have her begging him not to let her go. AU/AH
Don't Look, Just Jump Teen 5/5 18 4 No 3284
Sometimes, you can't look, you just have to jump. A new girl moves into town, a strange girl, an outsider from LA. She's not happy with her new hippie mom and step-dad. She wants to be home in LA with her friends and dad, who desperately needs help. By default, she fits in with the bad asses of Forks, causing trouble and grief. She meets and befriends our Bella, whom we know so well and it begins her downard spiral into the world of mythical creatures. And nothing can stop it. .
Drive Me To Distraction Teen 5/5 25 1 Yes 3899
Edward invites Bella to watch a movie at his house, but drives her to the point of distraction - and takes great pleasure in doing so. After enlisting the aid of the rest of his siblings, Bella decides it's time to give Edward a taste of his own medicine.
Eavesdropper Everyone 4.5/5 26 1 No 977
What happens when Mike becomes a little too obsessive? What if he overhears a conversation he, or anyone else for that matter wasn't supposed to hear? Will Mike find out the truth about the always mysterious Cullens? And what will be the fate of the Cullens, or Bella, if he does?
Eclipse of the Heart Everyone 0/5 0 1 No 517
Continues on from Twilight, ignoring New Moon. Edward leaves Bella for her own good. Will they ever see each other again?
Edward Everyone 5/5 0 1 Yes 102
A confusing little poem about Edward lol.
Edward and Bella go sledding Everyone 4.5/5 17 1 Yes 477
Just a funny cute little oneshot about Bella's balance problems in combination with a sled. Oh, and lots of dialouge.
Edward Cullen, Love of my Life :) Everyone 0/5 0 1 No 959
This is my take on the often done story of Edward and Bella's first meeting. I wanted to make it realistic, so the readers at home may relate to Bella more easily. Hopefully you like it ! :)
Edward this is Wrong Everyone 5/5 10 1 Yes 511
A short one shot based on the line in the trailer, "Edward this is wrong. She's not one of us." Funny, funny, funny line!
Edward Will Not Be Alone For Long Everyone 0/5 0 1 No 717
This is a twilight story based on Alice's point of view. I love Alice and think she would have so much to offer as far as humor and insight goes. Hope you enjoy.
Edward's Confidence Adult 0/5 0 1 No 972
Edward is a vampire who has been without a mate for centuries, his adoptive family all has mates. How ever, when a new girl Isabella Swan moves to Forks and she joins the Cullens at Forks High school, things change from there. She soon learns their secret and she and Edward soon start dating. How ever, Edward soon learns not only do the guys at school want to date bella, so does her family friend Jacob Black who is a wolf. Soon Edward becomes very controlling and possessive of Bella. Will he be able to keep certain suitors away?
Edward's Rose Everyone 3.5/5 23 1 No 1
The title is a bit self-explanatory. It's basically a drawing I made to put in my binder. But it's pretty cool, so I thought you'd wanna see it.
Edward's Twilight Everyone 4.5/5 213 10 No 14368
 The world is on it's axis...and reversed? What if: Edward was the vulnerable human? Bella was the powerful vampire? La Tua Cantante was not a problem with strong Bella? What if...there were other problems? Hey, you, yeah, you with the eyes. Come click on this story. It's worth it. Lol. Chapter 10 is up fool!
Edward, my boyfriend? Everyone 0/5 3 1 No 1088
Bella and Edward have been friends ever since they were six years old. What happens when Edward needs a fake girlfriend and Bella is his only choice? Will Bella find feelings she never had for Edward or will there relationship fall apart? [OOC]
Edwards Control Everyone 4.5/5 26 1 Yes 1418
Ok throughout the twilight books Edward says that he can’t control himself when he and Bella are more intimate. So this is a short EPOV for when he gets “tempted by Bella” fluff alert
Electricity Everyone 4.5/5 9 1 Yes 1037
In chapter 12 of Midnight Sun, Edward was so careful with Bella, not allowing himself to touch her in anyway, and when he did stroke her cheek at the doors of the gym, he'd regretted it. What if he wasn't so careful, allowing himself to let go and justify holding her hand in the dark biology room? This is what I think would've happened. (Warning: Midnight Sun spoilers)
Entrapment-- From the Mind of Bella Swan Everyone 0/5 3 1 Yes 260
What an entry of Bella's journal might look like, if she had one.
Ephemeral Everyone 5/5 8 1 Yes 1783
What if edward could dream? What kind of things would he dream about? Takes place during Midnight Sun, before they go to the meadow. One-shot.
Equilibrium Adult 3.5/5 4 1 Yes 1752
"They were my fucking down fall." A portrayal of a different Mike's thoughts. One-shot. OOC. AU.
Equinox Adult 0/5 0 3 No 6008
June Elliott leaves her life in Manhattan for a simpler one with her aunt and uncle in Forks, Washington. However, after encountering William Cullen, a new member of the infamous Cullen clan, June begins to wonder what is in their minds, since they are the only people that she seems to feel connected to. After developing a relationship with the kind hearted Renesmee, his so-called "sister", June grows with the family. One encounter changes her entire view when she realizes what they truly are. With painstaking recovery comes revenge, heartache, and terror as June is hunted and lusted over. Her small town, rural life becomes exciting as she unites with wolves and vampires in an entirely new world.
Eric Yorkie, The Van Helsing of Forks Teen 5/5 34 13 Yes 39930
Vampires have come to Forks, and only one person can possibly stop them. That would be me. I am Eric Yorkie, the Van Helsing of Forks. The True Adventures of a Vampire Hunter. A Twilight AU JokesonJane made this awesome banner
Excitment Everyone 4.5/5 13 1 Yes 702
Sure, Emmet wasn't there when Bella first visited the Cullen house. But he still expirienced it. [My entry for the Cullen's perspective of when Edward brought Bella home]
Failure Teen 4.5/5 9 2 No 5562
What if Edward hadn't been able to control his bloodlust for Bella on that first day of school? What would the Cullens have thought about the new addition to their life? Follow Edward on a journey of self-discovery and love.
Family Arguments Teen 4.5/5 7 1 Yes 2967
After returning home from saving Bella in Port Angeles, Edward must confront his family and their feelings about his involvement with a human.
Family Ties Adult 5/5 1 5 No 19047
Rose didn't stay with the Cullen's after Emmett's first year; she wasn't his mate and left him there. But what if Carlisle and Esme's past isn't how everyone thinks either? Is there something more to Alice and Edward than they show to people? This is my first attempt at doing fan fiction, I hope you enjoy it! Rated M for future possible violence, language and adult situations..
Fascination Everyone 0/5 3 4 Yes 8373
My shorter version of Twilight, I kept some details of the book and changed some things as well.
Feelings That Don't Need To Be Said Everyone 0/5 0 1 No 1439
Cara Wells moves to Forks with her sister Sarah, and there they meet Jasper and Edward while falling into a world of romance, wonder and danger. -- Alice and Bella don't exist here.
Fenomeno Teen 4.5/5 29 2 Yes 1863
What if Edward wasn't there to save Bella in chapter 3: Phenomenon. What would happen??( Fenonmeno means phenomenon in Italian).
Finally Coming Home Adult 5/5 1 1 No 1296
Bella and her daughter where kicked out of their house when phil moved in what will happen when she meets Edward will he accept her. what happens when the dad of Kelli moves to forks. bad at summaries please read and review AH B/E
Fire and Ice Teen 5/5 2 1 No 817
We all know and love the Twilight book, But what do you think would happen if Alice was the Human who fell in love with Jasper, the vampire? Bella's Jasper's sister, How would Alice think of the Cullens?
First Day we Meet my Love Everyone 5/5 11 2 No 2117
Edward turns Bella in to a vampire right away. What will he do now? And will she love him the way he wants her to? Review please....
first impressions Everyone 0/5 1 1 Yes 525
Oneshot Cullen Challenge Alice writes about how she feels about Edward and Bella's first visit. Honorable Mention
First Meetings Teen 0/5 4 3 No 2241
Bella’s POV of her first week of school and seeing the Cullen’s for the first time. I rated it Teen for now due to language for future chapters.
First night Everyone 0/5 0 1 Yes 180
this is a poem about when edward first heard bella say his name, and his exultation. enjoy!
First Summer Everyone 3/5 11 3 No 3977
This takes place between Twilight and New Moon, in the summer. It details how Edward and Bella's relationship grew during those months.
Five Times Edward Cullen Never Killed Bella Swan Teen 4.5/5 3 1 Yes 2569
"I could kill you quite easily Bella, simply by accident... You don't realise how incredibly breakable you are. I can never, never afford to lose any kind of control when I'm with you" (Twilight, pg 271)
Flaws Everyone 5/5 3 1 Yes 197
this is a poem about how bella doesn't understand why Edward loves her and want to be with her
Flightless Bird Teen 5/5 1 4 No 6464
"Have I found you, Flightless bird? Jealous, weeping." They meet, each no more than a shell filled with hate, pain, and misery. They fall in love, slowly opening up to each other and learning to trust again. They part, betrayed and hurt. The rest they cannot decide - first they must come to terms with their own past. Takes place mid-Twilight, for reasons I cannot divulge yet. Inspired by "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" by Iron & Wine from the Twilight Soundtrack - though this story began before I even bought it.
Forbidden Teen 0/5 1 3 No 1783
Jaspers tired of all the side glances he gets from the family, the prying eyes watching him closely. When he finds a brown eyed human that calls for him in every way, blood and body; will he be able to control himself or will he give in to what everyone thinks he is.
Forget Me Adult 0/5 0 1 No 67120
This is a all human twilight fan fiction , I have spent allot of time writing this and would love any feed back. Its based on the childhood love of Bell and Edward. They are raised together and love each other to bits , but everything changes when Bell's father is killed in a car accident her and Edward luckily survive. They are torn apart and the struggle to stay together becomes dangerous the more Edward believes Bell is in danger and knowing how he can not help her drives him slowly insane. This story deals with all types of mental and physical abuse , drug abuse and suicide. please give it a read and let me know what you think. I have put allot of work into it and hold it close to my heart. thank you
Four Related One-Shots Teen 5/5 78 4 Yes 6276
1 of 4: Meeting Mom ~ Edward remembered, too late, that his eyes were blood red these days. Her scream reminded him. 2 of 4: Family ~ His arms reached for her slim waist without any input from his brain. Her cool fingers were in his hair. This time it was her thought process that broke him out of it. He has to love me. He just HAS to! 3 of 4: A New Addition ~“I think you’ll be alright, though. You look pretty tough.” Edward said this flippantly, and then wondered at the wisdom in choosing that tone of voice. Through his pain, the huge, bedridden man SMILED at him. “Wait’ll I’m out of this bed, and I’ll show you tough.” 4 of 4: An Overdue Apology ~ "How did you know it was me?" Edward asked, opening the door with a smile. It was a familiar question, but he never got an answer. He never had, in all these years.
Fourteen-year-old Bella Adult 3.9/5 116 13 No 7681
Bella comes to Forks right before the Cullens. Edward and Bella might never have met. So, what happens to the story? I can't pick which one I like better. Please vote on your review!
Fusion Everyone 4.5/5 15 1 Yes 2966
A section of the meadow scene -- from Edward's point of view. One-shot.
Gaining a Daughter Everyone 4.5/5 9 1 No 1983
What goes through Esme's head when she first meets Bella? Hear directly from Esme as she welcomes her newest daughter into the Cullen mansion. Entry for the Cullen Challenge.
Galaxy of the Lost Adult 0/5 1 1 Yes 6300
An orphan for 8 years, mature and responsible for 9 years, homeless and an alcoholic for a year. That pretty much describe what Isabella Swan had been for 17 years of her life. But, not for long as she would collide with a silver Volvo on an unexpected time and place. Rated NC-17 for cherry popping and underage drinking.
Gatorade and Ice Pops Everyone 4.5/5 14 1 Yes 1853
Bella gets sick, and Edward gets the chance to take care of her.
Gifts Teen 5/5 2 1 No 1580
Bella Swan has an extraordinary power. She is able to completely control the air around her. Bella can’t remember how she acquired this power, she has been able to do it for as long as she can remember. Bella keeps her power a secret, out of fear of being different. (Or god forbid getting dragged off by the government) She plans to keep it that way. That’s why Bella isn’t prepared when a strange group of people enter the small town of Forks. No one knows what they want, but one thing is for sure, they definetly aren’t there for sight seeing. Pairings: Bella x Edward, Alice x Jasper, Roselie x Emmett, Jessica x Mike, Angela x Ben, Slight Bella x Jacob. All human.
Girl Stuff Nearly Gets Bella Killed Teen 5/5 49 1 No 5705
Certain human (female human) issues plague Bella, humourous misunderstandings abound.
Greeting My Daughter Everyone 5/5 9 1 Yes 2198
Esme and Carlisle wait for Edward to come home and tell them about his day with Bella. Takes place prior to 'The Cullens' "I am happy, and there are so many things to tell you," Edward pulled back, sitting cross-legged at my feet. "Why don't I bring her to meet you later today, so you can see for yourself the girl that has stolen my heart."
Gym Class Woes Teen 4.5/5 77 5 No 7805
Bella and Edward are in gym together when they get some grim news, Bella is going to be armed. But with what?
Happy At Last Everyone 5/5 4 1 Yes 1704
One-shot Cullen Challenge. Esme's feelings on meeting Bella and the events that took place beforehand.
Hate Me, Angel Teen 4/5 21 2 No 997
We all know that Rosalie hates Bella. But how far is she willing to go to get rid of her? Is she really prepared to break Edwards’s heart for the sake of jealously? Obviously! This IS Rosalie we’re talking about.
Heroin Dealer Everyone 5/5 3 1 Yes 569
An anonymous person contacted the Seattle Police Department informing them of Edwards "Drug Abuse." What will happen to him?
Hidden Feelings Everyone 5/5 76 17 Yes 10296
What if Edward wasn't the only one who loved Bella? What if someone hid their feelings for her. What if they stopped her jumping? What if they were taken?
His Love Everyone 5/5 7 1 Yes 1303
ONESHOT CULLEN CHALLENGE How did Esme feel when her future daughter-in-law was introduced to her? How did she feel about what the others said? And what conversations were going on when they left Bella and Edward to play the piano? So many questions. And they're all answered here.
Homework Everyone 5/5 4 1 Yes 650
It's impossible to do homework with a vampire in the room.
Hot Harleys and Cool Vampires Adult 0/5 0 4 No 13708
After Edward leaves Bella is sent to live with her Mom. Phil signed on to another baseball team and they end up in Charming, Ca. Bella learns that it's not only vampires that are danegerious when she meets Jackson Teller, Sons of Anarchy, SAMCRO. Jaxs teaches her a lot about real life. The Cullens want back in her life, but Jaxs is a part of that now and things get complicated. They will be in their true forms of bikers and vampires.
How Edward Feels Everyone 0/5 1 1 Yes 541
A song fic! About how Edward feels when he realizes he loves Bella!
How to Save a Life Adult 4.5/5 21 1 No 2512
Bella and her mother move from Volterra to Forks after a horrible thing happens to Bella.
Human Again Teen 4.5/5 9 6 Yes 14690
Bella and Edward try to find a way to make Edward human again.
Human Ready Adult 0/5 0 2 No 2287
What if Carlisle changed Bella First,- - - my vampires are cannon with a slight twist on some things.
Hunger Teen 5/5 3 1 Yes 2460
James, the tracker, is consumed with thoughts of a human he met long ago... Beware: Slightly disturbing because of violence. Short oneshot.
I am the Predator Everyone 5/5 3 1 Yes 70
A piece on Edward's thoughts in Bella's room after hearing her say his name for the very first time. "I have to leave her
I cannot stay:
I am the predator
She the prey."

[an extract] Please rate & review! :)
I don't want to meet that THING! Teen 0/5 1 1 No 318
When Bella meets the Cullens. In Rosalie's POV- I know scary lol Hope you like it!
I Need Your Tongue Adult 0/5 0 4 No 3326
Life is positively blissful with the absence of immoral vampire royalty and homicidal nomads. When the sum total of Bella's problems is getting her stubborn vampire boyfriend's cool sublime tongue inside her mouth. Fatal venom-coated teeth be damned! Set in the summer after Twilight. (The Edward in my head would never leave his love.)
I'll Put a Spell on You Everyone 5/5 8 1 No 337
Someone is trying to steal Bella from Edward! Who could the fiend be?!? Read to find out!!! Songfic- "Strange and Beautiful (I'll Put a Spell on You)-Aqualung" Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Duh.
I'm Gone Teen 5/5 21 7 No 7020
Image Hosted by
80 years ago, a young girl was raped and murdered on the shores of a beach in Forks. She becomes a ghost, which only the animals can see and hear. Now, she haunts that shore, whispering poetry into peoples minds and swimming with the fish. But, when she finds that only different people can see her, to what extent will she go to to get one of them to find her body and let her rest in peace?
You never know, she might get side tracked along the way...

A wee bit of lemons, but in a sweet, fluffy way.
I'm Sorry. Teen 5/5 98 11 No 13562
Bella has just come to Forks after a breakup with her boyfriend from Phoenix. But how long will she actually last? Warning: I have the ending in mind, and it is a MAJOR twist. Muahaha. * not done, and i don't use deadlines. i write when i am in the mood. :] *
If Edward Never Saved Bella Everyone 4.5/5 7 2 No 1599
What if Edward came to the Studio to late to save Bella?
If I should die... Teen 5/5 65 11 No 27543
How would twilight be different if Bella had a disease and was dying before she came to Forks? Would it shake Edwards resolve to change her if he knew that they would only have a short time together.
If I were Bella ... Everyone 0/5 1 1 Yes 2910
This is a story about what it would be like if I were Bella. And just for the sake of the story, pretend that Edward isn't longing for my blood, and that Renee is sort of mean-ish. And yes, this is my personality in the whole. My room is like a art shop exploded, sometimes i NEED to draw someone (imagine a crazy haired massive eyed girl folowing around a popular guy asking him for me to draw him). Read and Review!! {the goddess almighty Stephanie Meyer owns the fabulas world of twilight!} comon people, lets get somereviews!!!
If music be the food of love.. Adult 0/5 0 3 No 9344
Scarlett Hunter was in the midst of her dreams. At sixteen she was already making a name for herself in the world of classical music, a violin virtuoso discovered when she was five. Everything was brutally torn away from her as a result of a horrific accident and was forced to relocate and start over, leaving the life she loved behind. But who knew she would be ending up in a place that had the characters of a book she once read, and also live day to day life with them? (sorry about the shitty summary) AU, some lemons. No Bella, Location in Britain. Some cannon pairing. Scarlett x Edward pairing, bonding over music.
If you get there before I do Teen 4.5/5 17 3 No 5834
Bella you had your turn. Now move over cause this is my story.

Disclaimer: i do not own anything except for the characters not mentioned in the twilight series. everything else belongs to the wonderful Stephenie Meyer.
Impossible Teen 4.5/5 2 1 Yes 3751
Edward is planning to take Bella into hiding to escape James, but there is a horrifying surprise waiting for him when he arrives in Phoenix. Now he has to make a choice to save Bella’s life. (ie Part of Twilight written from Edward’s perspective) Impossible Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.
In his head Everyone 5/5 22 3 No 4054
We all know that Edward has a gift of being able to read anyone's mind except Bella's. What if Bella, still a human coming to Forks, had the same ability? Switches from BPOV to EPOV
In the Arms of an Angel... Teen 5/5 18 4 No 4749
CH: 1 Bella POV: The beating was brutal. But so was every other one. Charlie hated me to a point of abuse. Rated Teen for violence and maybe a little swearing and romance scenes in later chapters... ;) CHAPTER FOUR IN VALIDATION!!!!!!! :)
In Your Time Everyone 5/5 5 1 Yes 599
Edward and Bella spend a sweet moment imagining what it would have been like if Bella had lived with Edward in 1918. *One-Shot*
Instant. Everyone 5/5 7 1 Yes 981
Edwards POV when he visits Bella's room for the first time and hears her say his name in her sleep.
Isabella Everyone 0/5 1 1 Yes 1517
This is Charlie's view of things right before the Twilight story starts. It was written for the JUL-AUG 2009 Defining Twilight competition so it's a bit more polished than what I've posted here for personal enjoyment. I was amazed that it took 2nd place.
Isabella and I Everyone 5/5 20 10 No 5649
Isabella is cool and confident
Bella is shy and hardworking
Isabella is a cheerleader
Bella is a friendmaker.
Bella and Isabella are total opposites.
Problem is, they're the same person
It Doesn't Matter Teen 4.5/5 7 2 No 1183
Twilight AU: After almost eighty years, Edward has finally returned to Carlisle and is welcomed into his new family. Edward's hunting habits are hard to break, though. Then he meets Isabella Swan and maybe, just maybe, she can be the one to change him permanently.
It takes 3 to Tango Adult 0/5 0 1 No 2422
Summary: Bella knew all about the legends of the Quileute tribe. Her mother told her the truth about who her father was and that Charlie Swan was indeed actually her older brother and her father was no one other than Billy Black. So after her sixteenth birthday and Renee’s marriage to Phil Dwyer, she decided to high tail it to Washington Forks. What happens when she runs into the already growing pack of La Push and eventually claims the heart of two of the most contradictory wolves in the pack? How will her transformation affect the pack bond?
It Wasn't Him In Biology Everyone 5/5 48 5 No 6968
That's right. It never was Edward in her Biology class. Someone funnier, bigger, and certaintly louder.
It's about Fang, Magic and , Anger Everyone 0/5 0 2 No 707
Wizard meet the real magical creature and stuck in life with them, what happen when she fall for one of them ?
It's Kind OF A Funny Story Teen 4.5/5 32 7 No 26612
Edward: a socially inept boy probably destined to become a hermet, even if he is really cute. Bella: a bad ass who just got kicked out of her sketchy life in arizona to her useless father's clumsy hands. now thet're both attending an upscale boarding school along with the rest of the Cullen/Hale crew. all human. rated teen for mature subject matter, viewer discretion is, no for now it's just swearing and minior drug refernce, enjoy.
Jasper & Bella Everyone 4.5/5 32 5 No 3456
What if Bella fell for Jasper and not Edward? What if it was Jasper that wanted to kill Bella but ended up falling in love with her? A twist to Twilight. I've had over 100 peole read this and only 4 have reviewed. Please review!
Jasper's Girl Adult 3.2/5 6 1 No 1882
What if Jasper was finally getting the means to control his thirst? What if Alice and him, never got together? What if Jasper had a human girlfriend? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jasper had just introduced the Cullen family to his next girl, and most of the house is taking it well....exept Bella. See what happens when Jasper takes his chances at a mortal love.
Just a Crush Everyone 2.5/5 7 1 Yes 555
"He’ll probably just end up killing her. If he doesn’t, well, it won’t last long. He’ll get over her."


Rosalie's thoughts on watching Edward and Bella in the Forks High cafeteria.
Kill Me, And I'll Save You Everyone 5/5 10 3 No 4593
Bella, a baby abandoned at a hospital only hours after birth, is taken home to a family of vampires. A story of Bella’s struggle as a human living with 6 vampires, Falling for another who still drinks from humans and finding her birth parents.

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