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Snowball fight connection (EPOV) Everyone 4.5/5 6 1 No 991
Bella is stuck in the gym while Mike has his snowball fight... But she isn't alone. Set in twilight, the day Edward comes back. It never rained and Mike got his battle of the blizzard. Edwards point of view of Snowball fight connection.
Solstice Adult 0/5 0 3 No 16724
it starts around one hundred and fifty years before Twilight. Maya is a vampire that physically she is at the lowest end of the scale regarding speed and strength, but she has a very unique ability, to learned and mimic other vampires ability up to a certain extent. Aro saw the possibility he had with Maya and started teaching other vampires ability to her, but it always came with a price. She stopped learning and Aro thought she needed to be punished, so he exiled her, remove her hands which is the source of how her ability works and appointed a soldier to guard her. William is the soldier from the Volturi that Aro ordered to guard Maya during her exile. Opposite to Maya he is very strong (as Emmet) and fast (as Edward) which would compensate Maya´s lack of skills and would be able to protect her considering how incapacitated she would be without any ability to use or even any hands to protect herself. Aro considered him one of his best choice since William likes to follow orders and believes in what the Volturi are doing, but just as an extra safety measure he got Chelsea to create a bond so strong that distance and time would not dissolve, the only thing that Aro did not considered is William falling in love for Maya. This is just a small explanation of the main characters of the story, but the story moves first as how the relationship between Maya and William develops during those 150 years (which is not very long), afterwards how Aro tries to bring Maya up to action once again, after those pesky Cullens start to get on the way and acquiring to much power and after how the Cullens together with the shape shifter, Denalis, William and Maya start working against Aro´s newest plan.
Someone Else's Baby Adult 0/5 0 1 Yes 5200
After 18 years the past sneaks up on Isabella Swan and her family. Can they walk away without secrets being revealed? Or will her best kept secret be revealed to the pretty boy and his persistent sister?
Songs of Feeling Everyone 5/5 1 1 No 1860
A random songfic I wanted to write, because I felt like it. Hopefully it's worth reading. I tried to make it different from most of the songfics because I don't generally like them. To "When I'm Gone," by 3 doors down.
soul stealing kiss Everyone 5/5 23 5 No 7134
What if when Bella met Edward she wasn't human? What if she was older than him but he didn't know? What if they could never kiss or one would die? What if Bella knew everything before the first day was over? Bella makes everything complicated.
Spilled Mascara Adult 5/5 45 6 No 7877
Bella's parents stay together until she's nine, then break up violently and full of hatered. It changed Bella. She hides her pain behind mascara...then she meets Edward.
Readers- I’m moving accounts. This was a shared account with someone who doesn’t really like me anymore. So I’ll post this to all the stories I wrote (I’ll only continue some) then you can read them. Continuing: Complications, Goneandnevercomingback., Marionette, mynewLife, and SpilledMascara. If what you read wasn’t listed and you want it continued, tell me through the “contactauthors” button on the “elainamorrigan” account why I should continue. -elle/Twizzler
Split Personality Teen 5/5 10 3 No 5680
Bella's life is a misery, she gets abused by her father and her mother died when she was young, she is a complete Emo and hates herself, and all her life she has beein suffering from her Split Personality. Her twin sister who died before she was born has now came back as her Split Personality, but what twists and turns will happen when she meets the cullens? What will happen when all of Bella's secrets are revealed...what will happen when they find out the Truth? Split PersonalityBanner Made by Kit Kat Cullen!!Rated Teen R&R Please!!! :)
Spring Fling Everyone 5/5 8 1 Yes 1985
It was her night, and it was perfect. Story of the Spring Fling Dance, Junior Year.
Starting Over Adult 0/5 0 1 No 559
We all know the true story, but what if Bella was from a different background? No reviews no more chapters!!!
Stephanie Meyer's Twilight - restaraunt scene Everyone 5/5 9 2 No 2
I just wanted to try and practice my storytelling with this scene from the book. I liked the movie a lot. But I'd still like to see a scene that is adapted 100% - word for word. So, here it is, so far....hope you enjoy. Feel free to review.
Stitches Teen 4.5/5 5 5 No 12783
Shes putting you back together, Edward. We can all see it happening right in front of us. Shes like the stitches closing up your wounds.”-Esme Bella isn't the first girl to fall head-over-heels for Edward, nor is she the first to believe that Edward loves her too. Dillon Saunders once believed that she and Edward would be together forever, but he broke her heart. Now all she has to get her through is the theater and a series of self destructive relationships. Both she and Edward need recovery, and that is exactly what they find, in the places that they least expected it. stitches banner
Strained Emotions Teen 5/5 66 16 No 16114
This is Jasper's point of view of everything that happened it Forks. Bella's arrived and none of the Cullens know how to react. Jasper is by far one of the most intriguing characters to write in their POV. It's so much fun. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!!
Stranger in the Window Everyone 4.5/5 19 2 No 1573

“Oh my gosh! Bella wake up! I think someone’s breaking into our house!”“Shut up! I’m not going to hurt you!” What if Bella had siblings? What if they moved to forks with her? How would our beloved “Twilight” change? Banner by Moonlight Hunter :3
Summer Love Everyone 5/5 6 1 Yes 2275
SummerLoveBanner Everyone is going away for college in September. They decide to make the most out of their summer and go camping. Bella ends up meeting a special someone there... AH I will be expanding this story once I get ahead on my story 'I Belong To You.'
Sunny Days are Here to Stay Teen 0/5 4 1 No 3921
An unprecedented event occurs in Forks, Washington: five consecutive days of sun. Characters: Jasper Hale, Alice Cullen, the Cullen family
Swapping Sides Everyone 5/5 3 1 No 1401
Sorry!!! I was half asleep and posted 'Charlies first look' my other story, as the first chapter for swapping sides! i have fixed it now so it should work... my apologies Alice_is-my_idol
Swapsies Everyone 3.5/5 7 1 No 630
First, Bella was a vampire,Second, there was a part of her-and I didn't know how dominant that part may be-that thirsted for my blood.And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with her. When the Cullens move to Forks, how will they deal with the Swan family? Rated Adult for possible....Yeah, you know what I mean, don't you?
Sway Sway Baby Everyone 5/5 16 2 No 2399
Isabella Isn't you average girl For her it's not about make up, mini skirts, and guys. Her passions aren't common for teenage girls. Skate boarding Baseball Converse and Skinny Jeans All Human First FanFic
Taken Teen 4/5 19 13 Yes 19490
Bella gets taken away from her previous life, and is forced into an unknown world. But, its there, in an horrible and hurtful world, that she finds the greatest thing in her life. Love. But will that love stay with her forever?
Tattoo Everyone 0/5 4 1 Yes 1052
What Renee was thinking about as she watched her daughter board the plane to live with her father. This Renee's story
Temptation Adult 3.8/5 25 1 Yes 1081
The night when Edward hears Bella say his name in her sleep. The night where he realizes he can't stay away any more.
Temptation and Trust Everyone 4.5/5 7 1 Yes 1670
A one-shot- much of chapter 15 of Twilight in Edward's POV. The monster has been defeated- he just doesn't know it yet. The man surfaces, unsure, and tries to find himself in this strange new existence, an existence where he has something to live for.
Tempting Fate Teen 5/5 6 1 Yes 3745
In a blur of pain and light, Bella’s life as a mortal is over.
The Biggest Mistake Everyone 0/5 0 1 No 1150
Bella has been attacked by James, and time is running out for her. Edward doesn't get told, and it's up to Alice and Jasper to try to save his true love.
The Chase Everyone 4.5/5 22 6 Yes 6318
What happened with the Cullens when Bella ran away in the airport, going to James, to save her mother? What really happened during the big fight while Bella was unconscious? Bonus Chapter added: how Alice fabricated the evidence of falling down the stairs and out a window.
The Coven That Knew too Little Everyone 5/5 1 1 No 1864
When an odd new coven that has weird conditions shows up in Forks that's on the run from a group that makes the Volturi look like pushovers, anything can happen.
The Cullens Everyone 0/5 0 1 Yes 806
When Edward brings Bella home to meet his family, Alice takes a liking to her. Oneshot Cullen Challenge
The Day I Met My Daughter's Boyfriend Everyone 5/5 33 5 Yes 4979
This is Charlie's view of the books in journal format. I previously posted this on before Breaking Dawn came out, but now I've edited and added to it.
The Dead Rose Adult 3/5 1 2 No 3436
What if there was a different world to the one we were used to, one where being in love was frowned upon, one where everyone were forced under the authority of a dictator. Well this is what Isabella and her twin sister face when the fall in love with supernatural creatures. Will the love they share be strong enough to overthrow the dictator or will they die while fighting for love and acceptance? Create your own banner at!
Make your own banner at!
The Edward Cullen Diaries Everyone 0/5 2 1 No 1390
I woke just an hour later due to burning thirst. I rushed to the kitchen and filled a cup with cold ice water and chugged it. It didn't help. I turned around and screamed. "Hello Kami." Oh my god. He sounded like an angel. "Who are you!? Why are yo-..." Was my (off sounding) reaction. My own train of thought interrupted me: Is this? But? And he? "E... Edward?" "Yes?"
The Elusive Edward Cullen Everyone 5/5 4 1 Yes 524
Edward's first visit to Bella in Twilight. This is her dream.
The Emmett Chronicles Adult 0/5 0 6 No 16245
AU-Twilight- Emmett has been stuck in a coven of mated vampires for seven decades, alone and longing for his own mate. Moving to Forks, Washington was only another step in the monotonous farce in his family's quest to appear human. Little did Emmett know that in this dark and dreary town that he will find his mate-only she's human. M-Lemons & Language
The end...or is it? Teen 4.5/5 8 1 Yes 648
What really happened at the end of Twilight? Why didn't Edward bite Bella?
The Fight We Only Heard About Everyone 5/5 2 1 Yes 587
In Twilight, Edward tells Bella that he fought with his family over her. This is the story we never got to see.
The Forbidden Fruit- Undeniable Everyone 0/5 1 1 Yes 115
You're an undeniable thirst. We're meant to be. So come to me. E x B
The Ghost Adult 0/5 0 5 No 3252
Why did I do something so stupid?? My life was finaly looking up and then I had to fuck it up, so now am on the run..trying to save my pathetic stupid good for nothing life!!! So am going somewere I KNOW they won't push...little did I know my whole life was going to turn upside down and make me question everything I ever knew....
The Heart of Everything Everyone 4/5 1 1 Yes 1192
Jasper Hale is the newest "vegetarian" vampire to the Cullen Clan--he is also the one with the least self control. What happens when Edward brings his human girlfriend Bella home to meet his vampire family? ****One-shot Cullen Challenge*****
The Hunter Adult 0/5 2 1 No 1001
I was just moving back to Forks, but it was only temporary. I didn't plan on staying, I had only lived here for a few months when I was a baby, and had visited my father only a few times since. I was here on a job, nothing more, kill the vampires, and then I would be on the move again. This was my first job without a chaperone, and I intended to prove myself. A different Twilight, one where Bella isn't quite so innocent, naïve, and gullible. If the summary interests you, but you are not 18 or prefer not to read NC-17 stories. I have a T rated version on my Fanfiction account.
The Light Everyone 5/5 9 1 Yes 1909
Written for THE FIRST MEETING challenge. One-Shot. Edwards thoughts when Bella first meets his family. YAY THIRD PLACE!
The Little Vampire Everyone 4/5 47 4 No 1658
Who wants to be part of that world?...vampires that is! Bella Swan! Who's the man to deal with poor unfortunate souls?...and the murderers that are involved! Aro! And who wants to kiss the girl?...or eat her! Edward Cullen! Yes folks, it's Twilight.... Little Mermaid Style!
The Most Precious Gift Everyone 5/5 11 2 No 2800
Edward and Bella can't help but notice each other. Bella sees this gorgeous boy who, at first, seems to hate her, and then his gaze softens into a wondering expression. His gaze holds something she can't seem to read. Edward sees a girl who's mind he can't read and who's blood sings to him like the sweetest song. He's intrigued. Edward has been given so many amazing and cherished gifts in his existence. But could this strange girl be the most precious gift of all? Create your own banner at!
The New Girl, My Mate Adult 0/5 0 2 No 2047
When Bella changes schools it cements her destiny what will Edward do when she becomes miss popular
the phone call ( restlessness ) Everyone 4/5 24 3 Yes 3197
this is between chapter 23 and chapter 24 ( the angel and an impasse ), how Edward tells Charlie what happened to Bella and that she is at the hospital
The Ripple Effect Teen 4.5/5 16 25 No 128255
What if Bella’s parents never divorced & she was a normal girl. Best friends with Jacob Black for all her life & suddenly the Cullen’s moved to Forks. Everything is Alternate Universe, Romance, drama and friendships galore.
The Root of All Evil Adult 4/5 4 2 No 5129
When Bella Swan goes to plead with mobster businessman Edward Masen for an extension to her sick father’s loan she asks to work off the debt by waitressing in one of his restaurants. Edward has an altogether more sordid proposal. After all, money is the root of all evil. A, M for language, violence, drugs and sex.
The Secret UNderground World of Vampires Teen 0/5 1 2 No 3274
okay, so i know every1 knows edward should be gay, so yeah he is now. and my character is an awesome freaky hybrid witch and they fall in love and love conquers all.
The Silver Bullet Everyone 0/5 2 1 No 3347
Retelling of Twilight. "Fear. Unparalleled, indefinable fear...God help me! It was here again...It could feel that I was close. It was inbreed in it to feel it's marked prey..." Bella was "marked". How will she survive? This is a Bella/Edward fic, but it is Jacob friendly.
The Singer Connection Adult 4.5/5 4 5 No 20356
singer connectionWhat if a Vampire Singer was not about blood lust instead its involuntary, unpreventable and irrevesable form of true love. What would you do if you waited a century to find it? What would you do to keep it? ANYTHING!
The Spirit Vampire Everyone 5/5 9 6 No 5168
Bella Swan has moved to the small town of Forks in Washington State when her mother gets remarried. Not only does she meet Edward Cullen, a seventeen year old with a mysterious secret, but she finds that there's another girl living with her father (Charlie) - 17 year old Ally Peterman, a blonde, witty booklover with a mysterious secret of her own...
The Sunshine Train: Alice's Pink Volkswagon, and Edward's Pep Talk Everyone 0/5 0 1 Yes 1630
This is a one-shot fanfiction of a fanifiction! The brilliant author of "The Sunshine Train" gave me permission to write these little stories! In this fanfiction I've turned around the point of view in one of the chapters in the original!
THE SWAN SISTERS SAGA Adult 3.7/5 18 7 No 13703
A Vampire, A She Wolf and A Nosferatus. Bella, Angel and Ivy are three sisters with different natures, three lives intersected throughout the centuries to create a new generation of supernatural beings. One Origin. The Swan
The Thirst For Midnight Sun Everyone 5/5 25 3 No 5876
Did Stephenie Meyer’s partial draft leave you as unsatisfied as me? If so, feel free to check out my version of Midnight Sun, starting at Chapter 13.
The Time Being Everyone 4.5/5 5 1 Yes 826
"I give you the images I know.
Lie still with me and watch" -Anne Sexton While Edward and Bella share their first lunchtime, Alice takes a peek at their future.
The Vampire Cullen Series Everyone 0/5 0 2 Yes 1354
A story following the Cullen Clan and there family and friends and enemy.
Things Aren't Set In Stone Everyone 5/5 5 1 Yes 6094
One shot cullen challenge.

Why does a relationship feel like it involves more than two people?

Because there is always the family.
***** "So did Alice see me coming?"

I tensed. "Something like that." I turned away, hoping my face wouldn't give it all away. That would not be her fate. I would not let her heart stop beating, especially if I was the cause. Things aren't set in stone.
Thought I never see you again, my brother Adult 0/5 0 1 Yes 1065
What if Bella was a volturi princess and Carlisle is a brother to her? what if the Cullens will be living with the volturi for the first time? Will Edward fall for Bella?
through my eyes Teen 5/5 38 15 No 8289
twilight was written in bella's POV... some people have done it in Edwards... but this is twilight in Alice's POV. EnJoY ! alice cullen
Through The Open Door Teen 5/5 37 9 No 15939
Characters/Pairing: Cullens - canon pairings
Rating: PG-13
Category: Drama, AU
Spoilers:Includes content from all 4 books + Midnight Sun
Summary: It was just a normal, stressful day. That is, until this Twilight fan walked through a door and ended up in the Twilight-verse. What would you do, if you ended up in Bella's life - if everyone in Forks thought you were Chief Swan's daughter - if nobody, not even the Cullens, knew the difference? How do you live someone else's life when you know what's going to happen - or, at least, what should happen?
Till Death to Us Part Everyone 5/5 1 2 No 777
Three friends, one town and a hundred years of least for one of them. When Carlee Rye came home form a short summer's break with her grandmother in California she never expected to find that her whole world would be turned on it's head. Love, pain, friendship and hardship follows her up until the day everyone dies; and beyond. Banner, Till Death do Us Part
To Hear You Speak My Name Everyone 5/5 8 1 Yes 1082
Edward sneaks into Bella's room for the first time.
to sin, and salvation Teen 5/5 6 1 Yes 1534
He takes another breath of the air he does not need, and prepares to spend yet another twilight alone. Edward Cullen and the challenges of solitary life. Edward, Edward/Bella
to Touch Everyone 4.5/5 7 2 No 3090
to Touch is an alternative upon Stephenie Meyer's first installment of the Twilight series. In my adaption, Bella has a unique gift that has become active even in her human years. The Cullen family learns of her gift when Edward tries to drain her on her first day of school. to all who enjoys this story: to Touch will be continued on my website-which is under development. i will release a date to you all when finished. in the mean time, i have posted the prologue of another story that will be on my website. the name of it is, Drowning in Cold. Thank you.
To Understand What Is To Come, Book One Teen 5/5 1 1 No 1443
The Cullens and Bella read New Moon a few weeks after the incident with James.
Tom Clancy's Twilight: Red Storm Rising Teen 5/5 3 2 No 3337
What if Tom Clancy had written Twilight? All the drama of Bella and Edward plus a Russian Invasion.
Too Far Teen 5/5 56 8 No 10849
The events during that summer between Twilight and New Moon... basically a Jacob-free version of Bella and Edward romance, and the problems that ensue without the help of werewolves, vendetta-ridden vampires, or the Volturi. No danger or action, for the most part, just their relationship.
Tragedies and Sins Adult 5/5 52 9 No 20985
In an alternate universe, the Cullens are human. The beautiful boy that sits next to Bella in Biology is cold, hard, and not exactly friendly. He doesn't speak to her; she doesn't speak to him. These two human beings resort to minimum interaction with each other. And yet, she finds herself falling for the man that she knew never had a clue. Slighty OOC.
Tremor Everyone 4.5/5 48 4 No 9961
My take on the classic "What if Edward hadn't kept his thirst in check the day he met Bella" story.
Hello everyone!! I I recently came to the idea to write my version of the Twilight books where Edward's great love is not Bela but Maya Cullen who because of her power and something else had to leave them all. I wanted to see what is your opinion on this! do not worry, Jacob and Bella will be there together, and a few little surprises along the way! my name is Mili I am from Srebia (For those who do not know it's in Europe). I AM A BIG BIG FAN!!! SM OWNS EVERYTHING TWILIGHT JUST NOT MAYA!!! :D please contact me on with your thoughts on this!!! love to everyone!!!
True Monster Teen 0/5 1 1 Yes 106
What Edward is thinking when Bella runs off to meet James
Twilght: Edward's Story Everyone 0/5 0 5 No 5085
Twilight from EPOV. Starts with first day of Biology. Please review :)
Twilight Adult 0/5 0 11 No 53047
the original. will post as finished typing up.
Twilight Redux Adult 4/5 3 1 No 2471
A reimagining of the Twilight story updated for a more adult audience.
Twilight Remix Teen 4.5/5 8 1 No 1706
Twilight Remix Teen 4.5/5 10 4 No 4447
What if in this story Bella was the hybrid, what if bella has a relationship with the wolves, what if bella and edward come together a diffrent way, what if bellas past come back to hunt her, of twilight remix theres more than just happy endings you have to read in order to find out. People PLEASE Reviewit helps me alotpleaseR&R
Twilight with a twist Everyone 4.5/5 2 2 No 683
Bella swan is a 17 year old girl, who's been deaf since birth. She moves to forks and falls in love with Edward Cullen. No one knows she's deaf because she has learned to read lips perfectly (even fast moving ones) and is able to speak perfectly. full summery inside normal pairings :) xxx
Twilight: Another Road... Adult 0/5 0 1 Yes 2119
An Alternate version of the original classic, with the Point of divergence being the original sparkle scene. Can Bella survive this time, or will she find herself without a savior? *One Shot*
Twilight: My Version Everyone 5/5 3 1 Yes 736
All her life, middle-aged teen Bella Swan has dreamed about a beautiful, bronze-haired, gold-eyed boy named Edward ever since she was 8. 9 years later, how will she react when she meets him face-to-face? Will Edward recognize her?
Twisted Adult 0/5 0 3 No 4173
Issa Marie is from a different world where vampires are slowly taking over and wiping out the human race. The vampire police type coven was killed, and the vampire world is in chaos with no one to keep the peace. Everyone knows about vampires, werewolves, and shape-shifters. The few humans left have figured out how to insert vampire genetic information to make a breed of hybrids who can kill vampires. And the race does have one weakness- after tapping into vampire power and strength for an extended period of time, the turn into a permanent form of newborn vampires that are called “Drinkers”. Esme Cullen is a vegetarian vampire, with a mate, large coven, and a good life. Then Issa Marie moves to town, and one of Esme Cullen’s adoptive sons fall in love with her. Chaos ensues. Pairings: Esme/Carlisle; Rosalie/Emmett; Alice/Edward; Jasper/Issa Marie; Note: Seeing as Edward was already mated to Alice (No, this is not one of those Eddie/Alice hater stories- that’s a different one that is still in progress), he didn’t fall in love with Bella, and James killed her and Charlie. Sorry people, but it had to happen for the plot to work.
Twisted Reality Everyone 5/5 36 3 No 6002
What would you do if you suddenly stepped into a world that wasn't your own? What if reality itself became--twisted?
Twitchy Girl and Mir... whatever her name is Everyone 5/5 5 1 No 1471
So two random girls appear out of nowhere in Forks, Washington. One's a little to hyper and twitchy earning the nickname Twitchy Girl and the other, Mir... whatever her name is is obsessed with shiny stuff. And so the fun begins.
Two Too Shy Adult 3.9/5 12 5 No 11340
[banner removed by admin - please keep banners within 300px by 150px] What if you were too shy for your own good? How would you meet the love of your life is you barely spoke to anyone including your family? What if your soulmate had the same problem? This is a story about finding love when your definitely not looking for it. AU Edward and Bella Story!
Undeniable Everyone 5/5 20 1 Yes 1404
The things that runs through Edwards mind while he watches Bella sleep.
Unexpected Love Everyone 0/5 6 1 Yes 1504
Bella dying and there's only one thing that could make her life better. Jacob. But, when she finally gets to him, she's already in great pain and could die at any second. Will Jacob save her or will she die instantly?
Upstairs Everyone 5/5 7 1 Yes 1247
When Edward decides to bring Bella to meet the family, two people fail to show up. What exactly was going on with Rosalie? And what was Emmett doing up there with her? A Oneshot Cullen Challenge submission
Valuable Reading Everyone 5/5 20 1 Yes 1222
What happens to Edward when Bella has a sick day? that's what i wondered before this story. This is at Edward's POV at lunch when Bella is sick! Enjoy!
Victoria Teen 0/5 5 2 No 2098
This is victorias point of view to when they get to the baseball game. Update WOW I kinda just left this story hanging but I gcouldnt think of anything new to add. But then the other night I had a dream. So I twicked it a little and ta-da the new chapter I am starting back at the begining of Victoria hopfully spreding a new light on the vampire everyone seems to hate.
Visions of Betrayal Everyone 4.5/5 4 1 Yes 1312
My entry for the Cullen oneshot challenge. When Alice chooses to ignore her visions, you know something's up. She knows Bella is coming over to meet the family. She knows Edward will be on gaurd... But she can't help the visions that betray Jasper... Even the best vampires fall off the wagon once in a while... Is Jasper any different?
Wait and Bleed Everyone 4.5/5 4 1 Yes 689
What was Edward thinking when he saw into the minds off the men stalking Bella in Seattle? This is what i think. A songfic to 'Wait and Bleed' by Slipknot.
Waning Crescent. Teen 5/5 1 1 No 516
Multi-POV story, which is currently in swift progress, I hope you enjoy.
Wanna Bet? Everyone 4.5/5 10 1 No 560
most people write a story on Edward's and Bella's POV ...but mine is on Alice's POV
Watching. Teen 0/5 1 1 No 1493
Laurel, Edwards former mate, who was destroyed by a pack of werewolves after violating the treaty, watches down on Edward from her new world. She soon discovers that his 'life' will eventually drift away from his and her past, and onto a new future... with another female.
She watches in horror as his thoughts eventually drift from her to this new woman, more and more, until eventually, he rarely ever think of her.
water and a white sundress Teen 4.5/5 23 1 Yes 1892
Welcome to Camp Cullen Everyone 5/5 69 13 No 20149
Bella takes a vacation with the Cullen's during the perfect summer after her junior year. new chapters are up, and more on the way. Thanks for reading. ")
What am I ? Everyone 4/5 17 2 No 4908
For as long as I could remember ... I've been sick . The doctors have no clue what disease I have . Neither do my adoptive parents . I came to Forks after my mom heard about this doctor . It was there that I learned things that would change my life , forever .
What If..... Teen 0/5 0 1 No 96
What if Bella would have never moved to Forks but instead moved to Flordia? Imagine Bella Swan as a regular freshmen, with a regular crush. Just normal Bella Swan, could you I did!
What Never Happened Teen 4.5/5 20 3 No 2881
Bella falls, never fell for Eddie. Totally different couple here. Haven't read one of these yet..
What She Saw In Me Everyone 5/5 5 1 Yes 283
This is a poem about what Edward is thinking when he meets Bella and when he has to leave Bella for her safety.
What they thought Everyone 0/5 0 1 Yes 3048
OneShot Cullen Challenge. This is basically what happens in Edward's mind when he's gone on the plan and before the plan when he makes phone calls to allof his famly members and they all give him a little imput on what they think about Bella. Twilight (c) Stephenie Meyer
What Was He Thinking? Everyone 5/5 4 1 No 740
What happened when Edward told the Cullen family that he was going to bring Bella to meet them.
What's left of Mimi's Everyone 5/5 10 1 Yes 674
Back at that old ballet studio ...

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