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Secret Stash Of Rubber Duckies: Jasper's Tale Adult 3.6/5 65 1 Yes 500
The Cullen's are having a movie night. Everyone is watching a cool new movie called Twilight. . . .except Jasper. Instead he's up to spending the night. . . .
When Emmett Eats Cheese Adult 3.5/5 31 1 Yes 354
Emmett does as the title says. What sort of weird thing does he halucinate about? Only reading will let you know!
Garden Terrors Everyone 4/5 25 1 Yes 366
Esme loves her garden. Esme loves her flowers. Esme even loves the purple flamingo that someone keeps putting beside her roses. But she does NOT love that pesky weed that will not go away.
Having fun! Everyone 4/5 8 1 Yes 505
Create your own banner at! Another oneshot but this is in Leahs point of view. she is supposed to be tidying her bedroom, but she is distracted by the song playing in her CD player. she is then joined by her closest friends. Lyrics of the song she starts with.
HeartBreak Adult 3.7/5 688 22 Yes 27224
banner by marauder_by_midnight Edward comes back after an unnexpected night. But what if Bella doesnt want him back in her life? Edward comes back after 13 years since his and Bella's last encounter, Bella has a new life and a family, will Edward endure the same rejection he faced? Thanks to Marauder by Midnight for the GORGEOUS banner!
I never knew you could dance like that. Adult 4/5 3 2 No 3732
Create your own banner at! This is a quick couple of chapters of Leah and Jacob. It is set in a club and in Leahs House, it is recommended to listen to the songs that are involved in the story so you can get the feel of the story. Seth is involved but not in a good way? Enjoy!
Random Subjects (#1) Adult 3.4/5 25 1 Yes 293
Alice kicks off Random Subjects with Carlisle. If we know her, she's gonna be outrageous. Yikes! Banner by the fabulous, Kit_Kat_Cullen_XOXO !!!!!!!! alice, carlisle, countdown
Random Subjects (#2) Everyone 5/5 8 1 Yes 534
Episode two! Alice has a good friend, Aro one. Chaos ensues! And weird dressup and wacky confessions!
When Worlds Collide Teen 4.5/5 59 7 No 5386
When a car crash happens and Bella and Edward come across the wreck and to their horror Angela was in the car, they are the first ones to reach the wreck and Edward has to face the choice wether change her or not.
"Forever Leah!" Teen 4/5 9 2 Yes 1580
RENESMEE DOES NOT EXIST! This story is about a date Jacob has with Leah. In Jacob's point of view... Create your own banner at!
"The Importance of Being Edward" and Other Drabbles Adult 0/5 5 1 No 828
A collection of drabbles I've written recently with various characters and pairings. I. The Importance of Being Edward Response to the prompt "Carlisle/Edward: Victorian morals." The ways of human society make it rather easy for two vampires to stay inconspicuous. II. The Garage Response to the prompt: "Jacob/Quil/Embry: remember when..." They're friends who live by the words "bros before hoes"...most of the time. III. Red Wedding For the prompt "Carlisle/Rosalie: interceptions." Carlisle sees Rosalie for possibly the last time on the night she goes to kill the men who raped her and destroyed her human life. IV. Fair Arrangement For the prompt "Jacob/Angela/Paul: they both imprint on her." It's only fair that they get to share.
"Till Death do we Part..." Teen 4.5/5 36 3 Yes 2097
Bella's POV
(Love)d Everyone 5/5 13 1 Yes 600
Short story about Edward leaving - and coming back. Will Bella accept him again? From Edward's Point of View. Companion story to Un(Broken) .
*Perish Song* Everyone 0/5 1 1 No 1676
Death is inevitable for most. Ashe knows. Her family and best friend, Gerald, died in accidents. Now, a year from his death, Gerald summons her to heaven. In an attempt to save her life, he sentences the two of them to Forks, to live with the vampires. However, the world isn't as it should be. Alice didn't see Bella jump. All of the other Cullens returned, but not Edward. A new family, the Sakurais, moved to Forks. Bella fell in love with Yuki, the middle Sakurai brother. Edward returned to find Bella in Yuki's arms. Since then, he has been hiding outside of Forks, always watching Bella. Ashe and Gerald entered this world. Gerald is the youngest Sakurai, Takumi, and Ashe took the name Sachiko Fujioka. Can they survive in this new world? Or will death overtake them before anything real can happen?
*Twiharritance* Adult 3.4/5 5 1 No 1322
11-year-old Isabella Marie Swan is being sent to Hogwarts (or sentenced, as she would put it). Edward, Jasper, Alice, and Kate have also been accepted at Hogwarts. Turns out, there are a lot more vampires there than they'd thought. When Edward and Harry team up and kill Voldemort (and Professor Quirrell), Alice and her new friend Slytha find a strange rock in the woods, which hatches into a brown dragon. A strange party arrives and Slytha ends up naming her dragon Miremel. And according to Edward, Draco Malfoy's changed his ways? How crazy can this life get?
-Baseball- Everyone 4.5/5 41 1 Yes 1754
Bella is clumsy in gym once more, but what will she do to herself this time?
1.78 Teen 4.5/5 10 1 Yes 572
1.78 1.78 deaths a second. Here it is, straight from the lips of the serpent. .: Maria :.
101 Things To Do At Walmart Teen 5/5 26 1 No 514
We all know Emmett has crazy ideas and does wacky things. But what happens when he gets the famous "101 Things To Do At Walmart" chain letter? Who gets sucked into his latest scheme with him? Told in Emmett's POV. Characters are vampires in this story just to make things interesting. **Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, just the plot of this story**
15 Things To Do at Walmart Cullen Style Teen 0/5 0 0 No 1384
Ever got those annoying, yet funny chain e-mails that say stuff like “15 Things To Do At Walmart”? This is what happens when Bella gets one and decides to enlist the Cullens to help her actually do them!
15 Things To Do at Walmart Cullen Style Teen 5/5 47 1 No 1384
Ever got those annoying, yet funny chain e-mails that say stuff like “15 Things To Do At Walmart”? This is what happens when Bella gets one and decides to enlist the Cullens to help her actually do them!
1915 Adult 0/5 2 1 No 391
A year of trials. A year of suffering. This is the year where Carlisle Cullen makes the most important decision of his four hundred years as a vampire. Does he dare drink human blood for the first time? What does the Volturi want as the mortal world throws itself into war? And what is so special about this young girl wanting to throw herself into that war? This is also a year of questions...
1918 Adult 3.9/5 85 11 No 54340
What if Bella lived in 1918? Would the story of Bella and Edward change or remain the same? "It was naïve of me to have thought that, even with their bodies racked with a horrible disease that was killing millions across the world, they would still somehow make it. Even with all of the pessimistic doubts I'd had before, I wasn't prepared for it when it really happened."
24 Hours Adult 3.9/5 10 2 No 2597
Bella Swan is told she only has 24 hours to live. How will she react and what will happen when she runs into a certain vampire? Based on the song 24 by Jem.
5 Times Bella Swan Did Not Kiss Jacob Black (And One Time She Did) Adult 3.8/5 9 2 Yes 4735
He will always remember how on the night she came back to him, he saw a shooting star. Five vignettes starting in the time of New Moon and ending as post-Eclipse AU.
A Fighting Chance Everyone 5/5 26 3 No 3284
Everybody has their take on Bella and Edward's different arguments about her being changed. Well this is my version and just so you know it might elevate into something bigger if you guys like it. So....please like it!!
A Brilliant Birthday Party for Bella ! Teen 5/5 19 1 No 960
Birthday partyBasically, your challenge (yes, you the reader!) is to discover what exactly has happened in the Cullen household. It isn't hard, but...well. I'm hoping that this will be interesting. WARNINGS: This is what happens when people's minds wander in odd places. Absolutely and totally fluffy. Unsuitable for non-OOC readers. Non-canon. Depending how you look at it. And if you work out all the ... things... And finally- I think you need warning for this - I may attempt humour in this Fanfiction.
A Broken Past Everyone 4.5/5 19 1 No 1365
What if Bella left Phoenix for a different reason? What if it wasn't because she wanted her mom to be happy? What if she was running away from something...or someone? What if Bella left her mom to be rid of Phil?
A Cure for a Tragedy Teen 0/5 0 3 No 6673
Everyone knew who he was, the Night's Guardian Jasper Hale, quiet and dangerous. No one knew who she was but Jasper wanted to know. In a world where vampires known are feared, the people rely on a protector but who will protect him?
A Dark Moon Adult 4.5/5 37 7 No 4207
So here I stand. In the arms of my mortal enemy. But I can't seem to move away. I hear my brother scream for me to leave, to run. Yet as he tilts his head towards me, I can't seem to want to move. And as his lips touch mine, I feel complete. Luna, adopted daughter of Edward and Bella Cullen, faces the battle inside herself which Bella had to when she was human.
a day in a life Everyone 0/5 0 1 No 1917
this is a story based loosely on jacob blacks character, who is refered to as "jack". this is more of a wolftale but vampires are included. the lead girl will remain nameless to make the story more personal to the reader. the plot of the story will follow the native american traditions ; imprinting, shape-shifting, love, lust, friendship, betrayel, life basically. how much of your life would yu be willing to surrender willingly? How much would you fight for independance, just for the sake of having it?- against traditions descended from nature, mother earth herself? how far would you go before you questioned the morals of your decisions?
A Different Setting Everyone 0/5 4 1 No 602
Renesmee is getting older. Bella and Edward are scared, and are hoping they won't have to go threw to much. Just read and find out. :)
A Dying Wish Everyone 5/5 65 1 Yes 5511
In the year 2084, Jared dies. The night he dies, he relfects on his life. He's lived through so much, almost too much. But when someone unexpected shows up in his hopsital room, someone deadly from his past, what does he do? Worst than all, does he survive from this lethal visit? Photobucket
A Family Event Everyone 5/5 14 3 No 2101
Bella has some fun when the Cullens decide to take her out to Thrill World, an amusement park.
A Ghostly Love Teen 5/5 3 1 No 844
Alice, Rose and Bella are sisters, who move to Forks, only to be haunted by three ghosts.
A Girl Once Named Leah Everyone 5/5 8 1 Yes 1093
Leah Clearwater's Point of View "Time passes. Even when it seems impossible. Even when each tick of the second hand aches like the pulse of blood behind a bruise. Even for me. It only takes my fives seconds to fully morph into my wolf form. Five seconds and my being is altered beyond recognition. That's all it takes. Time passes. No matter how little, or how much, time changes people." A Girl Once Named Leah Feedback would be appreciated ^_^
A Haunting Past Adult 3.9/5 320 16 No 32268
So Edward left Bella, and Victoria got to her first. Years later, they meet again, only the Cullens don't know it's Bella as she is going by the name "Princess" and Bella hates Edward. What will happen? I don't know! Read for yourself! Okay, I have 1 review for every 51.967741935483870967741935483871 reads. Aka: 1 review for every 52 reads. That is actuallly kind of depressing. I mean, is the story that horrid? Are all of you nice reviewers lying to me? Or do you just not want to take 5 seconds to tell me about my story. For serious, I don't care if you write a review telling me what colour socks you are wearing or what flavour cookie you are eating. Or if you perfer tacos to lemon squares. I just want reviews. Okay, we all know I'm bad with the updating. You want to know how bad? I have NO idea whats going on in my story right now. I know, that's sad. But all of my current efforts to re-focus go out to the peeps who are tryin to get me re-motivated. Thanks guys! I love you!I <3 My READERS!!!!!
A Haunting Past Adult 0/5 0 1 No 3640
Bella Swan is a homicide detective with a horrible past. A past almost no one knows about, not even her best friend, Alice. When Alice calls her one night in hysterics, talking about dead bodies in the house, it is the beginning of a terrible ordeal that will last months. Bella and everyone around her will be in horrible danger, and she might be the only one who can save the people she cares for.
A heart shaped chain Everyone 5/5 13 10 No 6241
sequel to prisoner! Kyna is locked away, dreading her sixteenth birthday. The day she will be presented with a heart on a chain and be a prisoner to an ancient vampire
A Hit of Jealousy Adult 3.7/5 9 1 Yes 1980
Lauren Mallory's life was carefully scripted, but Bella Swan refused to read along. So she took a hit of jealousy and got through the day.
A Huge Mistake Teen 5/5 2 4 No 3390
Has there ever been a creation of Carlise's that decided to go there own way. Yes there has. Her Name is Daisy Roberts. She didn't leave because she thought carlisle's way of life was odd, but for a whole different reason. 'I was walking along a street that seemed way too dangerous to walk on. Especially if you had a lot of money in your pocket. But it was the quickest way home.'A Huge Mistake Banner by me!
A Life Lived in Dreams Adult 0/5 0 1 No 3151
While Edward Masen is consumed by his own dreams, Bella Swan is haunted by those of others. Only together can they find a way out of their waking nightmare. AH, rated for dark themes & language.
A Litany at Dusk Adult 5/5 418 34 Yes 128398
Thanks to hellacullen for the awesome banner! Edward’s rebellious period wasn't just a few years; it lasted seventy. Having spent his years hunting on the edges of society, he rejoins his family in Forks ready to abstain when he runs acorss a young woman praying. Can a choice be made between one's desires, one's heart and one's soul? Will Edward be willing to fight for her instead of fighting against her? A/U a bit OOC, rated for lemons and adult content, some violence
A Loaded Gun Adult 5/5 13 1 Yes 3409
Pairing: Bella/Jacob. POV: Jacob Quil has a great sense of smell, and Jacob thinks a little box will be enough to win Bella over. Oneshot.
A Lone Wolf's Only Star Adult 4/5 5 2 No 1287
Jacob has isolated himself, away from the pack, away from everyone he knew. Without love in his life, how will Jacob go on? Could this lone wolf's luck finally change? (AU. The Cullens and Bella never came to Forks. What will happen to Jacob? Will he find love?) (This is actually written by BellaMasen. She is posting it on my account.)
A Million Raindrops Everyone 5/5 3 1 Yes 1303
This one-shot was inspired by the song "A Million raindrops" from Zoey 101. This is my version on how bella feels when Edward leaves her standing all alone in the forest heartbroken and empty. As Bella tries to sooth her broken heart, nature itself is the one thing that helps Bella as she lets out the sorrow she has inside herself. Please read i swear you wont regret it!!! Also please leave reviews i want to know if i did horrible, okay, or ect.
A Miracle in Volterra Teen 0/5 3 1 Yes 1022
Mary Alice Brandon is on holiday in Italy, and is tricked into a 'tour' that leads her to the Volturi with a group of other humans. Will she get out alive?
A New Beginning Teen 5/5 33 8 Yes 10677
Unknown to her new classmates Isolde Smith has a dark ominous past. Forks may have seemed the safest hiding place, but she had not calculated the Cullens into the equation. What is the real reason behind her escape from Ireland and could returning home possibly be as dangerous as staying in a town inhabited by a coven of vampires.
A New Chance At Life. Adult 0/5 0 1 No 281
Alison had become a member of the Cullen clan after narrowly escaping from her "family." The family she was living with before ran away, used her for their own selfish reasons. To drain her of her blood if anything else. She was the only human to live in a house full of blood thirsty vampires that never cared about her well-being. How will she adapt to the life she is about to get into? Read and find out. :)
A New Day Adult 0/5 0 17 Yes 27350
By Judith Leavell AKA JudyLee - Sequel to SUNSET by Maxi Brux Maxi Brux wrote an amazing story called 'Sunset'. Please read it first. This is an unauthorized sequel but it won't make a lot of sense if you don't read the other one first. In "Sunset" Edward didn't return for 12 years. Everything that happens after he left is completely different from Stephenie Meyer's stories. My story picks up on the last page of 'Sunset' and carries through to my conclusion. This story takes place 34 years after Edward left Bella in the forest in New Moon. If you want to stay with the original Twilight, but from Edward's point of view, please go to 'The Missing Pieces: Everything Through Edward's Eyes'. It's amazing.
A New Death Adult 3.7/5 122 14 Yes 15257
SECOND IN THE FATE'S COURSE SERIES! Three years later. . . Lizzie is now in high school. She's been living her new life for three years now. She's sixteen and just living each day, not looking towards the future, and what it holds; her death.
As she struggles to live out her last year as a human, she meets new friends and discovers new secrets.
I, EdwardBiteMePlz, am the narrarator to this girl's new life, and death. From thirteen to sixteen, Lizzie will finally choose her fate, but is it already chosen for her? By a vampire family far more powerful than the Cullens? They say she could take out the Volturi's guard single-handedly, and Aro knows it. He's not going to let the Cullens keep Lizzie without a fight. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
A New Life Everyone 4.5/5 105 16 Yes 17659
FIRST IN THE FATE'S COURSE SERIES! After a tragic car accident, a young girl is taken to Forks,Washington to spend some time with one her long-lost family members... but... who is it? Image and video hosting by TinyPic
A New Me Everyone 5/5 158 19 Yes 22823
A new death,
and then . . .
A new me. I couldn't remember anything except Jane was wonderful and I was a vampire.

Lizzie's memory is wiped, and Jane tells her she used to have a family, but they are now dead.
Something in Lizzie's mind tugs as she rediscovers her powers, causing her hair to flair white. Jane is hiding something from her, and whenever Cne is around, something happens to her...
As Lizzie tries to discover what they're hiding, and what more, who her old self is, she also uncovers the love for her now dead family, and how honest and caring Jane REALLY is. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
A New Start, Again Teen 4.4/5 5 1 No 690
Rosalie Alice Bella and Selina are 4 vampire sisters who meet 4 vampire brothers at a private school in london. Rosalie/Emmett, Alice/Jasper, Bella/Edward, Selina/Damen
A New Way Teen 4.5/5 31 10 Yes 12242
Edward never came back. Bella dies but meets new friends in heaven. WHAT WILL HAPPEN? I DON"T KNOW. READ TO FIND OUT!!A New Waybanner by the lovely cocoa-luvah. thanks so much
A Night To Remember Everyone 5/5 81 6 No 5281
Beautiful expressive art that IS NOT MINE (this pic belongs to BatDesignz) How will Alice and Jasper celebrate their 59th anniversary? Humor,Romance, Drama and a little fluff here and there... ***Ive been away for awhile,but im back! and updating frequently!enjoy!***
A normal Day for Sara Everyone 0/5 0 1 Yes 515
This just a normal day at home for Sara Cullen. The youngest cullen and edward's true little sister.
A Pirate's Life For Me Everyone 5/5 39 1 Yes 1292
Emmett celebrates his favorite holiday... International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Honorable mention in the Nov-Dec Novel Novice Twilight challenge.
A Rainy Afternoon Everyone 5/5 17 2 No 2300
Create your own banner at! After a fleeting 6 week long summer of happiness, Alice has a vision which sends her whole new world spiralling into chaos. Alone, scared and left trying to prevent a future which seems inevitable Alice Brandon learns that even being immortal can't save her fairytale relationship, and everything that she knows is about to come crashing down around her. SEQUEL TO THE SUNSHINE TRAIN, AND REEEAALLY WON'T MAKE SENSE WITHOUT IT.
A Rift in the Pattern Adult 3/5 1 1 No 2029
During an attempt to harness what is believed to be a better energy source, two scientists bore a hole through the fabric of reality. In a world of peace and prosperity, where war and poverty are things only known through stories of the distant past, how will its people battle the evil released upon the world?
a scream unheard Teen 3.3/5 8 1 No 556
a story of heart break and tears so if u like happy ending i advise you not to read this, and i personnaly have no idea what happens next i just let my charicters take where they please l0l. this is not a story of edward nd bella, as a matter of fact this dosen't really have any of the twilight charicters in it. BUT, it is about vampires the same 'brand' as the ones the great and all talented Mrs. Stephenie Meyer. 84 reads and 4 reveiws!! ugh!! now i see why people have to beg now-a-days l0l {[plz let me know wat you think good or bad so if you dont review dont open this story plz l0l}} getting chapter 1 beta read so yea. srry it took so long.
A Second Chance Everyone 5/5 2 1 Yes 1931
Once every year, one day in every three-hundred and sixty-five days, the same thought always came to mind. I should have died.
A simple story Everyone 5/5 5 1 Yes 1148
Well, this is my entry for the "It was a Dark and Stormy Night" contest. Hope you like it ;) 3rd Place Winner of "It Was a dark and Stormy Night" Challenge. Awesome banner made my awsomealice94
A Story Of "What If's" Teen 4.5/5 40 2 No 979
This is still in the produce of revision. And it might take awhile (Im always bussy) so Ill just put it up. One hint: Edward almost goes to far.
A Twilight Haiku by Judith Leavell (aka JudyLee) Everyone 0/5 0 1 Yes 13
A Haiku is a poem (it doesn't have to rhyme) that has 3 lines. The first line has 5 syllables, the second line has 7 syllables, and the third line has 5 syllables. This Haiku could apply to any character, but in my case I am telling the world that I am in love with Edward! Sigh!!
A Twist in a Love Story Everyone 0/5 4 1 Yes 617
its a one shot i wrote for my english exam. i had to extend it a bit for it to be here. it was base on the line " she held her son close by her side as she walked quickly along the narrow road." its something that you may never expect to read but please let me know.
A Twist of Fate Adult 5/5 767 17 Yes 22243
Jasper is kicked out of the house when the Cullens discover he has cheated on his "vegetarian" diet. What Jasper sees before he leaves is sure to change his and Bella's lives forever. A Jasper/Bella fic.
A Twisted Tale Teen 0/5 2 2 No 1045
due to the loss of the paper my story was on I am going to begin writing a new one. thank you for understanding.
A Wicked/Twilight Musical Number Everyone 4.5/5 17 1 Yes 378
This is a completely random idea that I thought about when I was auditioning for a musical the other day. I love the musical Wicked, as well as Twilight, so I thought I'd combine the two.
AA flight 11 Everyone 0/5 2 1 No 2593
Welcome aboard American Airlines flight 11 from Logan international airport to Los Angeles international airport at 07:56 on septemeber 11th, looks like we got clears sky ahead of us... AH.
Abstract Reality Adult 4.2/5 58 15 Yes 11367
17-year-old Ana Forrester has lost everything. Her parents, her place in this world, her story. After a near-fatal car crash, the Cullens take her in, where she meets Seth Clearwater. Soon, she realizes that her life may have a chance to turn itself around. But when the Volturi threaten Ana’s safety, she must make a choice between her new family, and the wrath of the Volturi. THIS STORY IS COMPLETE!!!!!!! THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO READ & REVIEWED!!!! HOPE TO SEE YOU AT ROUND 2!!!!*~Nymphadora_Cullen~*
Acorns Adult 3.8/5 5 1 Yes 1201
Tasha wants to play conkers.
Emmett wants to win.
Dodger wants to read.
Tolley wants more orange highlights. I want to say bye to Delia. Dedicated to Delia, cos I miss her now shes deaded... :(
Addiction Teen 4/5 13 1 Yes 1077
Banner by kaiwynn (Banner by Kaiwynn) Rosalie/Laurent.
Aesthete Teen 5/5 6 1 Yes 6173
The Great Historian was also the world’s greatest aesthete. He loved beauty, and the finest the world had to offer. Over the years, he had acquired many valuable treasures. He loved them all. They were exquisite, priceless, and irreplaceable.
Again Everyone 5/5 8 4 No 6385
My eyes traced over his features: the hard square of his jaw, he soft curve of his full lips- twisted into a smile now, the straight line of his nose, the sharp angle of his cheekbones, the smooth marble span of his forehead covered by his darkened bronze hair.
His eyes were wide, warm with a soft green, and framed by a thick fringe of black lashes. I dazed into them losing my train of thought...
Bella had lived in 1918 with her pig headed mother and her father who was never at home to love her. Her mother changed everything in her life when she had ordered her to start accepting the men who were courting her. The first one in line...Robert Fitzgerald also known as edward. HIs soul has a little secret...he had been reincarnating for two times. he wanted to find love and finnaly did when Bella arrived. Everything changed when Bella got sick and Robert went to war. What happened to their love??? Read to find out...
Age Before Beauty Adult 5/5 10 9 No 19163
Bella is eighteen years old and she is crushing on Edward, Alice's older brother. Edward's twenty-five and he's always noticed Bella Swan. Edward's the new doctor at the hospital, thanks to his father working there, and that only makes Bella become even more attracted to Alice's brother. Bella's kind of skittish about dating since she had a horrible breakup a year ago when she caught her ex in bed with another girl. Can Edward be the man that gives her life full of happiness and joy?
AIMing with Vampires Adult 3.4/5 298 5 No 3735
Uh....pretty much what the title says! Alice - Shop&See Bella- anima_Bella Carlisle- Smoothoperator Edward - Lion_King Emmett - Ihugbears Esme - Snow_White5 Jacob - Hot_DAWG Jasper - Emotional_Warfare1861 Rosalie - 4EverYoung
Alexis Swan Everyone 5/5 2 1 No 752
Alexis Swan is Bella's cousin. What will happen ehen she finds out about Bella's "death" and comes to live with Charlie?
Alice in Wonderland Teen 5/5 9 3 No 5798
"His eyes were red and he stared at me with hunger. I screamed as
loud as I could, begging for someone to find me. To help me. 'It's only you
and I now.' James whispered, licking his lips. I cringed as the pain began."
Alice's story from childhood to the moment she kissed Jasper. It's been a recurring story in my mind and I needed to get it down. Read and Enjoy. Banner is to come by next chapter.
Alice's Bunny Everyone 5/5 50 2 Yes 1451
Alice buys a bunny. It is spoiled ROTTEN. It even has clothes....
Alice's new guinea pig Teen 0/5 28 2 No 1228
When Alice finds someone else to torture, what will Bella think? Readers- I’m moving accounts. This was a shared account with someone who doesn’t really like me anymore. So I’ll post this to all the stories I wrote (I’ll only continue some) so that you can read them. I’m continuing: Complications, Goneandnevercomingback., Marionette, mynewLife, and SpilledMascara. If what you read wasn’t listed and you want me to continue, let know through the “contactauthors” button in the “elainamorrigan” account why I should continue it. -elle/Twizzler
Alice's Precious Cat Everyone 5/5 14 3 Yes 1979
Alice just HAS to have a pet, and so she convinces Edward to get a cat for her. But what happens when they realize that this cat is something...different?
Alice's Revenge Everyone 5/5 27 4 No 2624
Some guys pull a prank on Jasper, which infuriates Alice. She plans her revenge...
All Alone Everyone 5/5 74 5 No 6038
Charlie, Renee, any blood relations to Bella have died. However, Bella had a step mother - her name was Victoria. After Charlie dies, Victoria becomes abusive. She knows that one day, Victoria will kill her. But what will happen when the Cullens show up? They are vampires by the way, so is Victoria. But everyone had absolutely perfect self control and Edward is not affected by Bella's blood singing to him AllAlone.jpg picture by Weasleyboyfreak
All angels have a demon side Teen 5/5 25 1 Yes 1309
Her thoughts are hidden to him. And so are her intentions. Won't she tell him? EdwardxBella One-shot
All I Have Left Everyone 0/5 3 1 No 1594
It's been two years since the Cullen’s left Forks, and Charlie has yet to get his daughter back, to the girl full of life, she was before. After a fire leaves them homeless, they are forced to relocate to an old Swan residence that has been standing unused for years. Maybe this is just what she needs, to move forward. But where do those odd noises come from? Could the house be haunted? Or is there more than meets the eye? What kind of skeletons is hidden in the Swan closet?
All or Nothing Everyone 5/5 2 1 No 1052
Amelia is the new girl at the prestigious Forks Academy. She is moving back to her birth-place. Forks is home to some of the richest families in America. Welcome to a world of deceit, gossip and corrupt dealings. A world where you choose to be the predator or the prey. This story is All-Human.
All The Simplest Things Everyone 4.5/5 10 1 Yes 792
Edward's thoughts on what he's miss after Bella is changed.
All Things Fragile Adult 5/5 1 1 No 1453
Bella, a fragile and confused 21 year old is promised to marry James, a cruel man. All of this is something she has come to accept, fate has chosen to betray her heart. But in her sulking of her wedding that is quickly approaching, Bella has a collide with destiny, with a mysterious man named Edward. They say love conquers all! ...but even marriage? All Things Fragile eventually break!
All You Need is Love Teen 5/5 12 1 No 1671
Edward Masen and Bella Swan met in third grade, and they instantly hated each other. Everywhere they went, it was like they were competing. They simply could not get along. As they get older, their feelings change, and they start dating. But like many high-school relationships, they face unexpected challenges, obstacles, and heartbreak. Will their relationship survive despite the curveballs life throws at them?
Alone Teen 4.5/5 261 30 Yes 43390
ALL HUMAN. What if Edward Cullen isn't the good guy all the time? Bella is Pregnant and Edward refuses to accept it.
Alone Everyone 5/5 13 3 No 5457
Isabella is a witch , who's been alone for years . The Cullens are new to Forks . This is the first time they seen a witch . This is the first time she's seen a vampire . Can the two coexist ?
Along Came You: a song for Emily Everyone 5/5 7 1 Yes 656
Sam tells Emily how he feels and apologizes for what he's done to hurt her. A one-shot song-fic, based on the song of the same name by Gloria Estefan. Image Hosted by banner by the lovely iris!
Ambition Adult 4/5 4 1 Yes 3205
Ambition is the way to Hell. Jane knows this, has witnessed it first hand. After all, it was her ambition that led her to Volterra, her own personal Hell. A peek into Jane's existence, the not-so-good, the bad, and the ugly. Written for the Jane One-Shot Challenge.
Amnesia Teen 0/5 0 1 No 1576
What if Bella lost her memory? How would she react when she learns what Edward really is? Will everything be as easy as the first time? Or will the truth drive her away?
An Alternate Fate Teen 4/5 3 1 No 2276
A/U: This is an alternate reality that takes place during twilight. Bella never found out that Edward is a vampire. She is thrust into their world by James and his coven. This story mainly follows Bella's POV but will contain some of Edwards POV also. Although this story starts in twilight it will slowly encompass all four books in material, except new moon.
An Apology Everyone 3.5/5 6 1 Yes 682
This is out to my readers...if you normally do not read my work or think this is just fanfiction, skip on to the next story.
An Ocean Away Adult 5/5 366 24 Yes 33166
Twins Ansel and Allegra live very different lives. Ansel lives in Forks, eagerly anticipating the day he will become a werewolf. Allegra lives in Volterra, loving the life of a Volturi guard member. The problem is, they have no idea they're related. Part four in the Twist of Fate series.
An Unlikely Friend Everyone 5/5 1 1 Yes 3342
Create your own banner at! While sulking over the outcome of an argument with her family, Renesmee finds a friend in an unexpected creature. But perhaps this little friendship is exactly what the youngest Cullen needs. Nessie looks like a 5 or 6 year old in this story.
And so the lion fell in love with the lamb Everyone 5/5 8 1 Yes 1
The title says it all. I've had this idea in my head for months, but drawing cartoon sheep is harder then it sounds. Or lambs...whatever. Please review!
and though you long to feel her touch Teen 4.5/5 14 1 Yes 1165

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