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Dress up with the Cullens Everyone 5/5 146 10 Yes 5088
DressUpWithTheCullensBannerIris.jpg picture by lolabri The new amazing banner is by Iris! She is awesome! The Cullens are going wacky playing dressup!(Yes the boys are playing!) You've got to see what Bella and Edward are! Emmett goes crazy! By the way, have you ever seen edward stuck in the mall with his family, also dressed up in silly costumes? You will in this crazy aventure with the cullens! PLAY FORMAT Check out the sequel Disneyland With The Cullens!!!
Dress Up With The Cullens Scrapbook Everyone 4/5 27 3 No 4
Do you love my story Dress up with the Cullens? Well, you love this! It's a scrapbook of the costumes! Yay!
Drive Me To Distraction Teen 5/5 25 1 Yes 3899
Edward invites Bella to watch a movie at his house, but drives her to the point of distraction - and takes great pleasure in doing so. After enlisting the aid of the rest of his siblings, Bella decides it's time to give Edward a taste of his own medicine.
Drowned Everyone 4/5 4 2 Yes 1980
Bella is swimming with edward and almost drowns
Drowning Everyone 0/5 1 1 No 339
This is my versoin, of where in New Moon Bella Jumps off the clif, in to the water. It starts off at were she is prepareing to jump. Please review, or at least put a dot so I know you read it! Thanks!! Enjoy!
Drowning in Cold Teen 5/5 2 1 Yes 542
Salvatorio Lafayette Swan is a seventeen-year old high school Junior. He is an honor's student with a 4.o GPA. Teachers describe him as being tremendously talented, organized and your ideal well rounded kid. Students describe him to be quiet-except when singing, chilvarous, unique, and a loner. His family considers him to be a perfect son. Not a troublemaker; he's kind, responsible and passionate. Salvatorio L. Swan is a seventeen-year old born hermaphrodite. Son of an abusive alcoholic and bipolar. Adopted son of his uncle; Forks Police Chief, and his ex-wife, a kindergarden teacher. Step-son of a Minor-League baseball player. Salvatorio L. Swan, lead singer of Lorelei's Soliloquy alt. rock band. Edward Cullen. Youngest member of the mysterious and immaculate Cullen/Hale family. Edward Cullen. Salvatorio's first real friend....
Drowning in Sorrow and Other Twilight Related Poems Teen 0/5 1 2 No 304
Poems about Twilight. Rated teen just to be safe.
Dusk Everyone 5/5 4 1 No 1150
{Warning: OC story. If you don't like OC's please do not read} Dusk Banner The United States has slipped into the second Great Depression. Marissa and Lindsay run away from their homes in hopes it will help their familes pay the bills. Now living on the streets, Marissa and Lindsay have nothing. What will happean when everyone's favorite vampire shows up? Can he help them? Can they help him?
Dusk Everyone 5/5 2 1 No 522
After the conflict with the Volturi, the Cullens are finally at peace. Bella is enjoying being a mother almost as much as being a wife. Endless nights with Edward and endless days with Renesmee and family-werewolves included. What more could she ask for?

But the peace doesn't last long. Bella discovers a new gift, and the Volturi get involved. Now, the Volturi are after the Cullens...again. But, this time, they're determined not to leave empty-handed. They want Bella and Renesmee, and they'll do anything to get them.
Dusk Adult 0/5 0 1 No 1720
Are you tired of the same boring activies day after day? So is Emery Nyx. Emery isn't your adverage type of girl. Oh no, she is a whole new breed of monster. Read and find out how her existence dramatically changes when she meets the Cullens.
Dusk Descending Teen 0/5 4 6 No 8815
New Moon from Edward's POV. So far I'm up to the end of Chapter 2 - Stitches.
Dusk til Dawn Everyone 0/5 0 3 No 1723
All Human: Edward and Bella meet at a party in college. Bella has a boyfriend Jacob and Edward has a girlfriend Tanya. Bella and Edward start having feelings towards eachother. They take things a little too far and run away from eachother. One year later they see each other again.
Duty Teen 5/5 4 1 Yes 903
"I really felt for kids like Embry, whose parents didn't know what they were..." Embry's mom screams. He stands there and takes it in silence. Three in the morning and his best friend's breaking through the bars on the window, all to remind him what his duty is.

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