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Elissa Uley Adult 0/5 0 5 No 6084
20 years ago, Joshua Uley left La Push. Now, Elissa and her brother have returned to find Sam Uley. What do they have in common that could change the pack forever? JacobXOOC, LeahxOOC, T for violence, No Nessie! This isn't JacobxLeah compatible
Elizabeth Reaser(Esme Cullen) Everyone 4.5/5 7 1 Yes 1
Drawing of Elizabeth reaser, the actress playing Esme in the New twilight movie!
Elizabeth's Face Everyone 4.5/5 12 1 Yes 650
A father-daughter moment between Edward and Renesmee when she asks about his birth mother. One shot.
Ellipsis Adult 4.5/5 10 3 Yes 4719
Ellipsis: A punctuation mark used to indicate that something has been left out. This is my suggestion for what was left out in Breaking Dawn.
Elsewhere Adult 3.3/5 104 11 Yes 11482
Dear Edward, I can't help but wish that you will miss me now that I am gone. After all, we had a lot of great times together. Though I hope you won't feel guilty and go and try to kill yourself, as I know you will try. It's not your fault that I am dead. It's mine. I didn't even attempt to move out of the way when the car came. Okay? But I do hope you let everyone know that I will miss them. Even if they hate me as much as you do, just let them know that. I hope you lead a normal life now, one with a normal vampire girlfriend, one where you are happy. Forever yours, Isabella Marie Swan
Embarassment Everyone 5/5 1 1 Yes 25
This is a poem about what Charlie is feeling when he has to give Bella the.......Sex Talk!!
Embarrassment Everyone 5/5 25 1 Yes 1417
I tried not to sigh in exasperation. Being a werewolf was a serious business. So why did it feel like I was constantly being mocked for it?
Embrace Everyone 5/5 49 1 Yes 1
Edward and a dazzled Bella in their meadow. A fluffy picture.
you know you love fluff!
Embracing Humanity Everyone 4.5/5 3 1 No 657
This is about Bella wanting to embrace Renesmee's human side. It also shows a typical, happy morning in the cottage with Bella, Edward, and Renesmee.
Embry Everyone 5/5 13 3 Yes 3204
a series of short one shots from different points in Embry's life.
Embry's Crazy Imprint Adult 0/5 0 1 No 2155
Embry Call never thought he would Imprint. Neither did he want to, but that all changed with Joanna Uley was born. The daughter of his alpha Sam Uley. Now Embry has an imprint, but is it all that easy. He has to wait for her grow, watch her go though all the hard times of life, and he has to watch her be around another boys that she could fall in love with. Read how imprinting made this carefree wolf become a loving big brother, a protecter, a friend, and maybe a lover.
Emergency Teen 5/5 40 8 No 5080
What if Edward was too late this time when Bella is in danger? What will happen? Will he do what she asks of him or go to the Volturi? Create your own banner at!
Preview: Chapter Two: I started to walk across the streetthat lead to my small old truck that i adored so much. Even though I was supposed to look before i crossed the street. I didn't. I felt that there was no need to. I was in the middle of the road when a massive truck came speeding down the road. I turned to face the enormous truck. I stood there helplessly and closed my eyes. Tears pouring down my cheeks. Goodbye Edward...i love you. Then the truck hit me. And pain washed over me. I smiled in relief. I could finally escape the horrid pain. Something moved in the bushes. I didn't care. I was getting what I wanted. Death
Emett and Edward Everyone 5/5 4 1 Yes 16
This poem is about how go of a team Emett and Edward. It could be them defiting the bad gy in the movie.Chang the story for one min. The dad was helping bella wall ever thing happed and the teenagers we getting ride of the bad gy. So you are going to have to read the poem to get the rest.
Emily Everyone 0/5 4 1 Yes 1
Drawing of Emily, obv.
Emily's Scars Everyone 4.5/5 25 1 Yes 1
Sketch of Emily =] Yup.
Emmet, You Idiot! Teen 5/5 48 2 No 991
What would happen if Emmett's pranks went a little too far?
Emmett Teen 5/5 15 1 Yes 5
This is a short little poem about Emmett!!!!
Emmett & Jasper vs a 7 year old & 15 year old Everyone 4/5 1 1 Yes 1241
Emmett and Jasper get Super Mario Bros Wii and fail at it badly. What happens when Bella's cousins from New York come to visit? Read to find out! One-Shot!
Emmett and Rosalie Teen 3/5 8 1 Yes 1349
My take on how Emmett and Rosalie became Emmett and Rosalie!!!! Rated Teen for profanity!!!
Emmett and Rosalie on vodka Everyone 5/5 11 1 No 423
WARNING: completely and utterly impossible and insane. This is what we think should happen if vampires could get drunk.
Emmett and Rosalie's Wedding Everyone 0/5 9 1 Yes 673
Basically this is just a fanfic I wrote about Emmett and Rosalie's wedding. All the characters obviously belong to Stephenie Meyer. Hope you like it, I will be writing more!
Emmett and the Aston Martin Teen 5/5 14 2 No 1345
What would happen if Emmett accidently crashed Edwards Aston Martin?
Emmett and the Bear Everyone 5/5 16 1 Yes 727
Photobucket Emmett was being mauled by a bear when Rosalie found him. Why you ask, well here's what we think.
Emmett and the Bears Everyone 4.5/5 17 1 Yes 578
Emmett has some fun with bears! My first story!!!! -Star P.S. The fantabulous Alice mad the banner your eyes are now looking upon!
Emmett and the Giant Beach Ball Everyone 5/5 11 1 Yes 834
Vampires can be very VERY easily distracted. A sequel to Emmett and the Giant Bug Zapper. (Yet it's not necessary to read it first.)
Emmett and the Giant Bug Zapper Everyone 5/5 16 1 Yes 476
Emmett can be rather reckless at times. You'd think that signs saying "DO NOT TOUCH" would deter him. Just a funny little fic I came up with with some friends. Would someone like to make a banner for this one? XD
Emmett and the TV: oneshot Teen 4.5/5 11 1 Yes 1110
Emmett annoys Edward. Because, thats what siblings do, right. Or maybe because, It has something to do wit the 60 inch plasma Edward crashed in New Moon! Emmett misses his TV! (remeber Edward crashed something after the vote in new moon. Stephanie said it was a Tv.) This is POST-New moon a couple of days after the events that happened in New Moon. Please Review. I don't know if its funny or not. You decide. Please Read and review.
Emmett Cullen Everyone 4.5/5 38 1 Yes 1
A drawing of Mr. Emmett Cullen, in all his youthful, vampire-y, adorable glory. Time: 2 hours Medium: Pencil, 4h-6b
Emmett Cullen Everyone 0/5 4 1 Yes 1
Emmett is so huge, but you just gotta love him! Pic of the brutha.
Emmett Takes Band Everyone 5/5 26 4 No 6256
Emmett Cullen decides that he must drop shop, his most loved class, in order to take... dum dum dum.... band. Will he succeed? Will Miss Viner make it? What instrument will he play? Read and find out!
Emmett Vs. Barney Everyone 4.5/5 3 1 Yes 1033
Emmett and Alice get stuck in having to take Nessie to see a barney show. Emmett hates barney and can't stand the show. Alice has a vision of Emmett going crazy. When Nessie has to go to the bathroom Alice chews Emmett out.... or does she side with him?
Emmett's Advice Adult 3.6/5 13 1 Yes 5863
This is in Eclipse roundabouts and pretty much Bella is sick and tired of Edward's abstinence and will do anything to persuade him to go on and just have sex with her already. Even resorting to Emmett or Jasper if needs be.
Emmett's Day Off Adult 3.7/5 15 1 Yes 1320
What happens when a vampire gets bored. A one shot about a little vacation Emmett has from high school.
Emmett's Pet Everyone 5/5 11 1 Yes 739
Weeeell... This is what I think were to happen if Emmett and Rosalie went pet searching. Enjoy. Review. Please?
Emmett's Prank Everyone 4.5/5 1 1 Yes 619
Emmett decides t pull a prank on Bella while Edward and the family is away.
Emmett, Bella, and the Arm Wrestling Contest Everyone 5/5 44 3 Yes 3047
After Bella is turned into a vampire, what is the first thing she does? Challenge Emmett to an arm wrestling contest, of course.
Emmetts Idea Everyone 5/5 1 2 Yes 2011
Emmett and Amber are getting Revenge on an old friend of Ambers. so when he goes out of town for the weekend, that gives them a chance for payback. this is mainly a funny story, and has only a very few serious parts
Emmetts new love Teen 4.5/5 2 3 No 2086
Rosealie was destroyed by the Voltouri. Poor Emmett has suffered day and night. one day Alice 'see's' something and sends him to a concert where he'll meet some one new. Some one, Diffrent..
Emmetts Other Love Everyone 0/5 10 5 No 7437
Rosalie is hurt Broken from the pain that emmett has caused her, 35 years later can she still forgive him? Will his unfaithfulness scar her forever or will she find someone to help her through it, could she possibly turn to the most unlikely member of her family to cry on? Renesmee cannot bear to be with the one who imprinted on her. so who will she be with? Will Jacob be strong enough to live through renesmee's rejection or will her turn into a shell of his true self?
Emo Boy Love Teen 5/5 5 2 No 1056
Ok so Bella is a tomboy and Edward is emo and they are complete opposites. Or that was what they thought...
Emotional Future Everyone 4.5/5 14 1 Yes 1
a pic of alice and jasper. who can resist the fluff of twilight? not my best, but i tried! and they're smiling for you!
Empathy Teen 5/5 8 1 Yes 7189
When you're a vampire struggling with the "vegetarian" diet so much more than the rest of your adoptive family, sharing a house with a bloodthirsty newborn probably isn't the best way to cope. Jasper's POV. ExB & AxJ.
empty Everyone 0/5 0 1 Yes 60
i hurt myself because your gone and in this night i cant see dawn, the pain is proof that you were here your love has left you"ve disapeared. theres this hole inside of me it pins me down, i cant get free you were the moon that filled my sky but now its empty so i want to die
Empty Teen 5/5 3 1 Yes 1422
In this story, Bella and Edward are both human in 1918. They are already deeply in love, but this love is threatened when the Spanish Influenza takes hold of Chicago.
empty house Teen 0/5 2 1 Yes 584
Alice POV: The night the Cullens go hunting and Edward and Bella are alone in the house, Alice has a vision of Bella's plan for the evening.
Empty Night Teen 5/5 4 3 No 3321
Empty Night Edward's POV of New Moon. "Time meant nothing to me, for I never slept, never hunted, never left my room. Each second was agony, always bringing up memories, her face in my mind. I was thirsty, painfully thirsty, but the other pain was so much more overwhelming that I hardly noticed."
Enchanting Serenade Adult 4.5/5 20 2 No 1973
Forks is now holds more than two secrets.
Encounter Adult 0/5 0 1 Yes 2389
New Moon. An encounter not covered in canon, but one that could have happened... maybe. I don't own either "Twilight" or "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer." They are both replete with wonderful characters though. (Thank you, Stephenie Meyer and Joss Whedon.) Playing with them is irresistible.
Ending Dawn Teen 5/5 72 16 No 46317
I was engaged! It sounded like a swear word to me, but I couldn’t complain about the results that were to follow. I loved Edward more than life itself, and he knew it. I would die for him. I would be immortal as a vampire, as his wife. I wanted to spend the rest of eternity with the most perfect boy on the face of the earth. But of course, he had his own list of things to do before he would change me into a vampire. We had to get married. Edward wanted me to himself, no one else. CHAPTER 16 Will be up soon! Sorry for the delay...I just graduated from High School!  Banner by ME! Let me know if you would like me to make you a banner! send me an e-mail at!
Ending This New Moon Everyone 4/5 9 1 Yes 3521
One-shot about Bella's stubborn, unreasonable tendencies that lead to... well, you'll have to read to find that out!!!
Endless Destiny Everyone 5/5 2 1 Yes 237
This is what I think Jacob would feel if he had imprinted on Bella and she still left with Edward.
Endless Wonder Adult 5/5 1 1 No 12464
After saving the life of the President, two Secret Service agents find themselves abruptly transferred to a massive, top-secret storage facility in South Dakota that houses every strange artifact, mysterious relic, fantastical object, and supernatural souvenir ever collected. The warehouse's custodian, Carlisle Cullen, charges Edward and Bella with chasing down reports of supernatural and paranormal activity in search of new objects to cache at the warehouse, as well as helping him to control the warehouse itself.
Endlessly Teen 5/5 37 6 No 9208
This is the rewrite of Impossibly Yours. Bella was born Jacob's sister, like she had wished in New Moon. But what happens when she meets Edward? Chapter Five is up now!
Enduring Love Adult 4.1/5 12 7 No 41261
Story Banner Edward leaves more then just Bella behind during New Moon. Unbeknownst to Edward, he leaves Bella pregnant and in more danger then he could have ever dreamed possible. Now three years later a reunion is possible, will they finally be a family or will a new danger stop that from ever happening. Story Banner by Pixiefanpire
Enemies Everyone 4.5/5 15 1 No 958
What if Bella was a vampire before she came to Forks, and was a carnivore at that? Could her and Edward still be together?? Read to find out! ^_^
enemies in love Adult 0/5 0 4 No 3061
Ensuing Eclipse Everyone 4/5 8 3 No 4606
It's basically my own version of Breaking Dawn. Bella and Edward telling Charlie through her being turned into a vampire. This is my first attempt at writing Twilight fanfiction, but hopefully, it'll be okay.
Entranced Teen 0/5 2 1 No 5002
Bella Swan is different than any other woman you'll meet. She's intelligent, beautiful, clumsy, and a natural born witch. Her quiet life in Forks is shaken when a mysterious family of vampires moves into town, and one in particular may change her life forever.
Entranced. Adult 1/5 2 6 No 3681
Jacob imprints on Edward. Set around the time New Moon would be taking place, although this doesn't really even follow that timeframe, really. Although, Edward does leave Bella, as in New Moon. Jacob and Bella become friends. But Jake has no romantic inclinations towards her. Bella has slowly-but surely-moved on. She'll have someone farther down the story. I'm not sure who yet. This story is simply about Jacob and Edward's relationship.
Entrapment-- From the Mind of Bella Swan Everyone 0/5 3 1 Yes 260
What an entry of Bella's journal might look like, if she had one.
Ephemeral Everyone 5/5 8 1 Yes 1783
What if edward could dream? What kind of things would he dream about? Takes place during Midnight Sun, before they go to the meadow. One-shot.
Epiphany Everyone 4.2/5 6 1 Yes 504
Mike reflects on himself and Bella, and realizes that the reason he hasn't moved on is because he hasn't wanted to. One-Shot
Equally Talented Everyone 4.5/5 39 1 Yes 2116
...not as bad, notasbad, not as bad.... The phrase had begun repeating in Edward's head six hours or so ago, and it had taken him twenty minutes to figure out where it was coming from.
Equilibrium Adult 3.5/5 4 1 Yes 1752
"They were my fucking down fall." A portrayal of a different Mike's thoughts. One-shot. OOC. AU.
Equinox Everyone 3/5 7 1 No 1475
*IN THE PROCESS OF BEING REWRITTEN* Her eyes dashed between all of them, her mind desperately trying to decide who she'd spend eternity with. Her family for the last two months, or the Volturi, who'd offered her so much... "Come on, little one," Aro said kindly. "We want you to come with us." Alice put all her faith in her new sister and called out. "Come on, Sel, stay with us! We're gonna go shopping tomorrow!" Edward shook his head. "Selena, I thought you were family..." The Cullens are living in Juneau, and life is finally normal for them. At least, as normal as life for a vampire can get. Then, everyone is struck with deja vu when Edward discovers that the new girl, Selena Tanner, is also a shield. When she reveals herself as Bree Tanner's sister, and the fact that she knows about vampires, the Cullens realize they have to hide her from the Volturi. When they send a scout, and the Volturi realize about her, Selena is forced to choose between her family and the Volturi, who offer her more than she could ever ask for.
Equinox Adult 0/5 0 3 No 6008
June Elliott leaves her life in Manhattan for a simpler one with her aunt and uncle in Forks, Washington. However, after encountering William Cullen, a new member of the infamous Cullen clan, June begins to wonder what is in their minds, since they are the only people that she seems to feel connected to. After developing a relationship with the kind hearted Renesmee, his so-called "sister", June grows with the family. One encounter changes her entire view when she realizes what they truly are. With painstaking recovery comes revenge, heartache, and terror as June is hunted and lusted over. Her small town, rural life becomes exciting as she unites with wolves and vampires in an entirely new world.
Erased Teen 0/5 0 1 No 1783
When Bella was left in the forest she lost all will to live. And yet she continued for six months as a shadow among the livings. Unable to bear it anylonger, Bella takes matters into her own hands determined to make her love return to her.
Eric Gets Human and Nerdy Everyone 5/5 4 1 No 1103
I wrote this a while ago... It's a crackfic/songfic based on White and Nerdy by Weird Al.
Eric Yorkie, The Van Helsing of Forks Teen 5/5 34 13 Yes 39930
Vampires have come to Forks, and only one person can possibly stop them. That would be me. I am Eric Yorkie, the Van Helsing of Forks. The True Adventures of a Vampire Hunter. A Twilight AU JokesonJane made this awesome banner
Escape Teen 0/5 0 1 Yes 5888
Jasper breaks up with Maria to free himself from the bondage of an arranged marriage his father has planned. Instead of freedom, he finds himself running away to save his life with his true love. Would he be able to live the way he wanted? OOC. APOV.
Escape Everyone 5/5 3 1 Yes 1637
Escape by Awsomealice94 Carmen and Eleazar just wanted a normal life away from painful memories, but things can get complicated when you are on the run. my October challenge story (thanks Marta for the banner)
Escape Into You Adult 5/5 3 1 No 3844
Two teens with dark secrets and hidden pasts find each other in the small town of Forks, Washington and try to unravel the mysteries in each other, each one searching for peace and a reason to be whole again.
esme Everyone 4.5/5 23 1 Yes 1
a sketch of esme that i drew
Esme and Carlisles Story Everyone 0/5 2 1 No 531
Young and rebellious Esme has fallen in love with doctor Carlisle. What will happen when Esme is forced into marrige and discovers Carlisle is not really all human.
Esme Cullen Everyone 4.5/5 37 1 Yes 1
This is the second in my Cullen series - Rosalie was updated about a week ago. :-)
Esme Cullen Everyone 0/5 4 1 Yes 1
Picture of Esme! Finally! This si the only character of he Cullens I haven't drawn. Well, here you go!
Esme Cullen Everyone 5/5 6 1 Yes 1
Rough sketch of my own Esme Cullen.
Esme's Diary Entry Everyone 0/5 0 1 Yes 1386
A Diary Entry from Esme, two nights after she has been turned into a vampire. What does she feel about her baby? Carlisle? Her new life? A one shot excerpt. I rated it anything - just a lot of hurt. Pairing: E&C, E&V [Vincent, her baby]
Esme's Eternity Adult 5/5 13 1 Yes 959
THE MOST FLUFFIEST RANDOM, SPASTICATED, PIECE OF...WRITING EVER! We have: Vampires, cat/bird hybrids, aliens, Doctor Who and ALOT of fluff. *** Adult Content*** Written by two crazy eccentrics YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED...
Esme's Important Decision Everyone 0/5 4 1 Yes 1
Esme A challenge from a friend (the challenge being to draw Esme). Sort of manga/anime-ish Esme has a most important decision to make! Can she make the right choice?!
Esme's Transformation Everyone 5/5 4 1 Yes 125
A poem about what happened to Esme.
Esme's Wedding Day Everyone 3.5/5 11 2 Yes 2
This is a pencil drawing of beautiful Esme dancing on her wedding day. It is supposed to represent her wedding with Carlisle (happiness), not her wedding with Charles (dread and sadness.) Please clicky on the title, check it out, and drop me a review! I LOVE constructive critism! :)
Esme, The Mother Figure Everyone 3/5 1 1 Yes 20
A Poem About Esme, Every ones Mother!!
Estrella Teen 4.5/5 46 13 Yes 31320
ELizabeth Cullen, daughter of Edward and Bella, moves back to Forks with her vampire family. What happens when her best friend, and werewolf, Alec Black and her father decide to agree on one thing; Elizabeth's safety with a warlock, Lucas, and some of the evil creatures that just happen to be after him? Next story in series is called: Luna
Eternal Ball Everyone 1/5 2 1 No 537
Post Breaking Dawn
Eternal Darkness Everyone 5/5 3 1 Yes 2292
AliceWhat happened to Alice as a human? Who changed her? Why? Alice's story by the man who knew her best while she was human - Dr. Harold Moreaux.
Eternal Darkness Teen 4.5/5 18 4 No 4437
Edward Cullen never returned to Carlisle after he left in rebellion against the strict animal diet. So, what would happen if he stumbled across the Cullens eighty years later? Will fate still bring our two star crossed lovers together again? Would they still fall in love or will his desire to drink her blood be too overpowering this time round?
Eternal Horizon Adult 4/5 1 11 No 121478
It has been 17 years since Isabella Swan's death, and young Adora has moved to Forks igniting gossip everywhere she turns. As Adora slowly unravels the clues that lead her down a path riddled with even more questions, she begins to realize that it seems to be more than coincidence, drawing her farther away from the life she knows, and into a world, she does not understand. The closer she gets to the truth, the more her own destiny becomes irrevocably entwined with the girl that haunts the small town. She wonders why everything that's happening revolves around the mysterious Edward Cullen, and why he seems to hold the key to the answers she's spent a lifetime searching for.
Eternal Midnight Everyone 0/5 3 1 Yes 2095
I was never very fond of Edward Cullen. He always seemed smug and superior to me. I wanted a way for Bella to find happiness with Jacob without compromising the characters or the story. Sometimes one small decision can significantly change the outcome of a series of events. In this story Edward decides to leave Rio on Easter Sunday in order to join his family in Denali. His ulterior motive lies in his desire to see Bella again and perhaps rejoin her life. These Characters are the creation of Stephanie Meyers
Eternal Nights Teen 4/5 1 2 No 2479
When the Cullens inform their friend Lira (an elven vampire) that they found a group of travellers, dead, Lira realizes she must help stop it for there have also been many other multiple deaths in the mountains but whom or what is causing it? But Lira and her newly acquired family face another setback, they have been exiled. How will they help or will it be too late? R
Eternal Punishment Everyone 5/5 2 1 Yes 673
The son of an Anglican Pastor, as a young man, Carlisle witnessed countless hunts led by his father. Innocent victims condemned to death for being supernatural. Experiences that will haunt him for eternity.
Eternal Reminders Teen 5/5 33 10 No 9409
Takes place the day Bella escapes Alice to La Push while Edward is away hunting.

What if Jacob hadn't been able to control himself around Bella? Wouls she be yet again endangering herself, as her vampire family believes, or will she prove that werewolves are harmless around the people they care about? And what will the consequences be for poor Bella?

T just in case.

Eternal Reminders Banner
Eternal Roses Everyone 5/5 6 1 Yes 91
Each humans life is like a flower. Fragile. Weak. And so easily broken. there are flowers that are stronger. almost indestructable. and beautiful beyond compare. These are the vampires. (I'm not sure about the its under editing :D

Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind Teen 5/5 8 2 No 5266
A crossover between ESOTSP and Twilight/New Moon. Bella can't cope with the pain of Edward leaving her. In depression she seeks out a company 'Lacuna'. Having Edward removed from her memory is like a relief, but is it the right decision?
Eternally alone Adult 0/5 0 3 No 1112
Edward Cullens new adopted sister Coral Cullen(Born Coral Thwaites) has caused a stir amongst the marriages of the fellow cullens and hales.But renesmee sees something pure about her new aunt and wants to try and find out what... Could a secret about coral,bring the family close together after discovering the reason of corals mystery behaviour or will it make them break apart forever...
Eternally Awake Adult 3.5/5 161 14 Yes 12815
I was a vampire now... Why couldn't my life just balance out? Bella has just endured her transformation, and she is excited about begining her eternity with Edward. However, fate seems to be against her happiness. Everything that was supposed to be fixed only seems to be intensified. Is there a way for her to get what she wants and keep everything she left behind safe, too?
Eternally Wounded Everyone 5/5 9 1 Yes 543
Edward's POV of when he leaves Bella in the beginning of New Moon. Warning: most of the people who have read this have cried, including me! Tissues are definitely needed. Thanks to Oh_ Mike How will I go onfor the awesome banner. XD
Eternity Everyone 5/5 15 6 No 4002
Edward and Bella got married in January. It is now February and Bella finds out that she is pregnant.
Eternity Everyone 5/5 2 1 No 1709
Edward never came back after that day in the forest. Few weeks after Bella realizes she's pregnant, she moves out of her father's house, and meets a family of vampires. After 100 years later she meets a familiar face again. This is one of my old stories, but im fixing it, trying to make it better. Please read and telll me what you think.
Eternity Teen 0/5 0 1 No 5349
Esme, Jacob and Christa Black have been living their lives as vampires for over a century. Carlisle and Edward Cullen also vampires, come across the Blacks when hunting. Esme and Carlisle fall in love with each other and get married. They all become a family. Jasper and Rosalie are attacked and Edward and Christa save them. They too become Cullens, but Rosalie gets pregnant...soon Alice and Emmett find them, an addition to their big family. They all decide to go back to Forks where Edward meets a beautiful brown-eyed girl...

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