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Shadow's Edge Everyone 5/5 4 1 No 2662
He shut his door, but stared out the window at me. His huge eyes were filled with sadness that were mirrored in my own. He mouthed the silent words he knew I would get – ‘Love you, Nessie.’ My throat felt swollen, though I was sure to him, I looked the picture of perfection, smiling, confident in my decision that he should go… Sometimes being such a good actress was no fun at all. “Love you too, Jake,” I whispered softly as he began to drive out. Don't want to give up much ;] But it's 7 years after BD *note-Adult rating is a safety net.
Shadows Teen 0/5 0 1 No 347
She's different and everyone can sense it. Though apart from being a social outcast her life is pretty normal. Then one day out of the blue she receives package and her life goes down a path she never expected it to take
Shadows Hide In The Dark Everyone 5/5 2 1 No 277
This is a poem about what a person would feel being changed. I know it isn't as amazing as others, but this was like only 5 minutes writing. And it is 9:46 p.m right now. So my brain is a bit numb. What you experience in my thought of becoming a vampire=} SHITD
shadows of the night Everyone 0/5 0 1 No 735
follow the lives of bella,edward,the rest of the cullen family in this fun pack adventure about true love. so edward and the cullens had to go away for a year. but bellas pregnent and hasn't told edward
Shadows of the Sun Teen 5/5 9 4 No 6892
"He had always been my friend, from the very beginning. I had always counted on him to be there for me, to catch me when I fell. When Edward had left me the first time, he had been there to erase my pain and to comfort my fears. He had taken away the darkness and disposed of it, replacing it with the sun." Emptiness. The one thing Bella thought she would never feel again - but she did. Edward has left for the second time, and for the same reasons he had before. He backed out of their plan once and for all and has refused to turn her into a living blood-sucking monster. Bella is miserable, and she is positive this time that she'll never again feel the touch of happiness. But with Jake still in her life to patch things up, maybe things won't be so bad after all. Edward may have had the power of an eclipse, but sun can shine through almost anything...including a shattered heart.
Shadowy Angel Everyone 4.5/5 27 1 Yes 1
I was crawling across the dark, cold stones of an unfamiliar street, under lightly falling snow, leaving a trail of blood smeared behind me. A shadowy angel in a long white dress watched my progress with resentful eyes . . . Time: Two hours Medium: Pencil
Shall We Dance? Everyone 4.5/5 8 1 Yes 1
i'm sorry if the title was already taken. i didn't feel like looking.
Shall We Dance? Everyone 5/5 7 1 Yes 2583
When Rosalie buys Bella and Edward two tickets for a dance lesson as a "pre-wedding" present, Bella is obviously worried... An hour of tripping over to music? What could be closer to hell? To console herself, Bella thinks of how she'll soon be perfect. How Edward won't have to come running every time she trips over her own stupid feet. But is that somehow endearing part of her something he'll miss? And if so, will 'changed' Bella still be Bella be enough for Edward? Fluff! BxE
Shampoo Teen 5/5 26 1 Yes 1234
After watching Bella at a salon, Edward decides that he wants to wash her hair for her. Squeaky clean hair, slightly dirty Edward.
Sharp and Shiny Adult 3.4/5 9 1 Yes 342
Bella can no longer handle the pain. So she finds a new friend. A deadly Friend. It Sharp, shiny and will never leave her.
Shattered Everyone 5/5 3 1 Yes 85
A little poem that I wrote when edward left bella.
Shattered Everyone 5/5 2 1 Yes 167
OK, so this is a sort of poem. It's song lyrics, again which would be why one part repeats three seperate times. It is for when Edward leaves Bella. I hope you like it. Please review!
Shattered Teen 5/5 4 1 Yes 3075
As she looks down upon a shattered youth/A shattered mirror shows a shattered truth.Everything is quiet. While quiet means anxiety to some, to her, it is a welcome blessing.

Quiet means that no one is asking her if she is alright. Quiet means that she is alone, and while the loneliness is never welcome, these silent times always are.

Because quiet means that her thoughts aren’t creeping in on her, threatening to drag her back down into the void.

Bella's feelings and experiences during and directly after "New Moon." Companion fic to "Sonata"
Shattered Everyone 4.5/5 8 1 No 944
One-shot scene from New Moon. Edward's thoughts as he tells Bella he must leave her forever and the struggles he hides deep within his topaz eyes.
She Belongs to Him Now Everyone 5/5 1 1 Yes 521
Just a one-shot about what it'd be like for Jacob to lose twice. This is one of the saddest things I've written, seeing as I'm pretty protective of my version of Jacob. Read & Review, please. WARNING: Not my best work....
She crashed Life with a Broken Heart Everyone 5/5 49 7 Yes 12733
Rated for a death. Charlie's death spins Bella out of control. She leaves everything behind.. but sometimes it's just not enough. "Sometimes a wolf runs and hides." R&R. The end will make you grip your seat in anticipation.
She Descended Everyone 5/5 2 1 Yes 57
A love greater then all
She Deserved Better Everyone 0/5 4 1 Yes 46
Jasper's thoughts on Alice.
she finds it's easier to forgive. Everyone 5/5 10 1 Yes 1069
edward/bella sequel to with one look
She Holds My Heart in the Palm of Her Hand Everyone 5/5 6 1 Yes 631
A story written from Edward's point of view. What if Edward had never gone to the Volturi? What if Bella had never jumped off the cliff? What would Edward have done if six months had already passed?
She Jumped Everyone 5/5 13 1 Yes 827
Emmett finds out Bella jumped... I couldn't laugh.
And dang it, I couldn't cry.
I wanted to cry for my little sister.
I wasn't sure I'd ever smile again.
She smiles Everyone 5/5 5 1 No 99
my first poem EVER... so don't be too harsh on me. to be honest, this isn't twilight realted, is that a crime? I just wanted to know if I'm any good, cause I have no idea. but I guess I can say it's Bella in New Moon. it's quite short so please give it a chance!
She thinks I'm HOT Everyone 4.5/5 30 1 Yes 1
How conceited is Jacob? He probably would never do this. Probably. It's a cartoon. Laugh. The drawing isn't really that good, but you get the picture. It was done a looooong time ago. CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR NEW MOON!!!!
She Was Always In The Dark Everyone 5/5 17 3 Yes 3841
The day she realized that the darkness didn’t disturb her anymore was a very disturbing day.
She Was Awake Everyone 5/5 49 5 No 7844
Edward went to Bella's room to watch her sleep for the first time and when she said his name, he thought she might have woken up. What would happen if she really had?
She Was Not Selfish Everyone 4.5/5 31 10 No 12917
What if Bella was not selfish in Eclipse? What if she never asked Edward to stay with her while his family fought the newborns, only Seth was with her? What would happen when Victoria came? This is what I think might have happend. Finally Chapter 10!
She's A Vamp Everyone 0/5 2 1 Yes 1
Yet another Vampire!Bella drawing...
She's Ecstatic! Everyone 0/5 4 1 Yes 65
Alice goes estatic over who know'swhat. . . .
She's gone Everyone 5/5 3 1 Yes 301
This is how Edward feels in my story New Horizons when Bella "dies". [Banner removed by staff. Banners must not exceed 300x150 pixels. - Parasite]
She's Mad! Everyone 0/5 2 1 Yes 77
A poem about Rosalie with her in her most famous mood!
She's mine Teen 4.5/5 130 7 Yes 10060
Seriously, what is it she sees in that jerk? Money? Nah, I have money, my parents own a store. Couldn’t be that. Good looks? No, can’t be that either. I’m a sexy beast. I mean, who WOULDN’T want to go out with me? Mike loves Bella, we all know that. Just what exactly will he say to make her like him? A heart-wrenching tale of boy love girl, girl love different boy, and boy who originally loved girl gets SHUT DOWN. This one will get you laughing.
Sheer Confidence Teen 5/5 3 1 Yes 1396
The life and times of Lauren Mallory.
Shell Teen 5/5 4 1 Yes 6170
Jacob couldn't have been more right. There really was nothing left of Bella now...oneshot.
Shiah Teen 5/5 5 4 No 8208
Her name is Shiah. She's the long lost sister or the Quileute Tribe - Embry's twin sister who disappeared with his unknown father the day after they were born. (Embry's mum is the one with pack blood instead of Embry getting his 'wolf' from his father)
She ends up back in La Push with the pack after her dad passes away.
Such an interesting twist.. confusing.. yet interesting.
Her life is continuously changing.
Shimmer Adult 5/5 2 2 No 4268
Elizabeth Melthrop is a ghost from the 1970's, and Paul a spirit warrior with a duty to his people. Paul isn't supposed to be able to see Elizabeth. In fact, he's the first person that's not a kid to see her at all. She's not sure what to make of that, and he's not sure what to make of her, but Elizabeth knows something. She needs him if she's ever going to be free.
Shimmering Light Everyone 0/5 0 2 Yes 909
So, This is a story about all the cullens being Human. Carlisle and Esme adopted 5 little kids when they were all Babies. Emmett who is now 5 Rosalie who is 5 and Jasper who is 5. Then there is Alice who is 3 and Edward who is 3. But Carlisle and Esme just had their own baby. They named her Isabella Marie Cullen. How will their kids react to her. ( Bella is biologically related to Carlisle and Esme, while the others are not)
Shining Moon Teen 0/5 1 2 No 3141
Create your own banner at!

This story introduces a new character to the cast of the Twilight Series: Benjamin Purser. It focuses on the Quileutes and the wolf aspects of the series, and takes place after Breaking Dawn. After becoming a wolf, the half Quileute half European Ben Purser faces the challenges of being a werewolf. What happens when he imprints on an unlikely person: Leah Clearwater? Adds a new twist on Quileute lore.
Shirley The Vampire Slayer Everyone 5/5 1 5 Yes 6134
Shirley, a (Buffyverse) Slayer wannabe, has traced, through Quileute legends, "vampires" to La Push. Her time of preparation and training behind her, Shirley is ready to act.
Shivering through the Storm Teen 5/5 5 1 Yes 3134 I took a deep breath to calm myself. I could do this. I would survive the night and live to see the sun and clear blue sky again. There was a knock on the door. I jumped, startled. "Rose?" Emmett said softly, "can I come in?"
Shock Everyone 4.5/5 7 1 Yes 862
Bella gets in a car crash
Shocked Adult 3.6/5 16 4 No 4936
Alice saw something... Something she wasnt meant to. Bella was being attack by vampire But before she knew it, she got the shock of a life time. Who would have guessed that Forks would become the home to Werewolf Teens, Rouge nomad Vampires and a Hybrid Vampire.
Shocked Bella Everyone 0/5 5 1 Yes 1
This is Bella she is schocked! i dont know why but i guess it can be when she finds out edward is a vampire!
Shocking Surprise Teen 4.5/5 30 9 Yes 8501
Bella and Edward go back to Isle Esme for awhile. When Bella find out she's prenant again thay rush back home to Carlisle. Shocking Surprise Banner by me! *Update- Story is now finished keep on the look out for Continuation of Forever the sequel it will soon be up.*
Shooting Star Adult 5/5 152 28 Yes 56193
Written before the publication of Breaking Dawn...MY ENDING TO THE TWILIGHT SAGA ----- "Edward, what's going on?" He didn't respond. His golden eyes were far away, like he wasn't seeing me. But then something flashed across his face. An expression of anger... "Matt...ew..." Edward managed to get out through clenched teeth, as if he were fighting something internally. "Or maybe he just takes control of your body. That might be it." Jacob had guessed. "Edward!" I reached out a hand to touch his cold skin, but I stopped--my hand hovering in the air between us. The cold distant look had consumed his face. He then spoke in a voice that had pain and fear shooting through me. "Goodbye, Bella," he hissed as he advanced towards me. Shooting Star Banner
Shooting Stars Teen 4.5/5 10 2 No 8463
My personal take on the Midnight Sun idea. Edward's POV throughout the Twilight chapters. Edwards struggles with his conscience over his base urges while finding himself the unwilling hero for a hapless but intruiging Bella Swan, the last girl who he should be interested in helping.
Shopping Spree Everyone 5/5 22 1 Yes 1
I'm so creative with titles, aren't I? :D Poor Jasper gets dragged along on a shopping trip with Alice.
Shopping Spree 2 Everyone 5/5 14 1 Yes 1
Another shopping picture xD This time with Rosalie and Alice
Shopping Trip Everyone 4.5/5 17 1 Yes 630
Alice and the girls go shopping!!!Basically, I REALLY random story about alice, rosalie, renesmee, and bella go shopping @ the mall. Hope u like it! banner made by the amazing TheRealCullen!=]
Shopping with Alice Everyone 4.5/5 26 1 Yes 791
Alice and Rosalie take bella shopping...haha, this was fun to write...
Shopping: An Alice Cullen Production Teen 0/5 10 4 Yes 4371
Once again, Alice Cullen has gotten her way. Doesn't she always? This time around, Alice has managed to convince Bella and Edward to accompany her to Seattle. Taking place about a year after Bella's transformation, how will the newest Cullen react to her first major shopping experience? Let's hope she can keep up -there's no stopping Alice when she's on a mission! Cue Bella's eye rolling here. Involves lots of fun and fluff. Enjoy! PG13 for sexual references, which we all enjoy, of course. (=
Short Road To Ruin Teen 4/5 4 1 Yes 674
Where did Edward go the day he left Bella? That heart breaking moment when his world crashed, but his decision was made...
Should I be afraid? Everyone 5/5 7 4 No 6597
Demetri pays Bella a visit. Wouldn't you like to know what happens? Read.
Should I Stay? Everyone 5/5 2 1 Yes 245
Edward and Bella return from the meadow what is Edward thinking as bella sleeps peacfully.
Shun the Heaven Teen 5/5 7 1 Yes 1975
When Jasper accidentally attacks Bella in New Moon, we know well what the effects are. But how does it feel to be the one who set all this in motion? Jasper's POV One shot
Shutter hearts Teen 0/5 0 1 No 595
When the heart cries out, the one who answers the call is not always the one you had in mind. PLZ review ppl! would really appreciate it.
Siblings Everyone 0/5 0 1 Yes 1657
When Alice invites Edward's 'little' sister, Asher Mason, to the Cullen house with the impression it'll surprise him, she never expected his response. But Asher is more interested in catching up and apologizing to an old lover.
Sick Everyone 4.5/5 20 5 Yes 6405
Okay, this might be the weirdest AU ever, but I thought it would be kind of cute. I got it from the idea of Bella always freaks when Edward's gone from school; what would happen if Bella didn't go one day because she was sick? It's after Port Angeles, but before the meadow. Pretty much, he comes to see what's wrong and has to take care of her.
Side by Side...Forever Adult 5/5 19 1 No 1303
“I think I’m ready, Jacob.” she said in her perfect, airy voice and that’s all it took for my instincts to switch from empathetic friend to romantic lover. Follow Jacob's thoughts when Renesmee admits she is no longer in need of his companionship, but of his love. <A.N> I have decided to continue the story instead of leaving it as a one shotBanner
Side Effects Everyone 4.5/5 21 8 No 9655
What if Bella's only side effect after being bitten by James wasn't only a scar? What if she had a few more things to worry about?
Silence Everyone 0/5 4 2 No 1488
It was surprising how silence could be so loud. My families thoughts came in tidal waves, they felt like daggers ripping and tearing away at my insides. An idea I had in my free time. Edward's and now Jasper's thoughts after Bella's disastrous birthday. Please review, they mean a lot to me! JCCx
Silent Everyone 0/5 0 1 Yes 49
"It would Be like if I never Existed" What would you do when love of your life tells you this and leave you falling in pieces.The one you loved by your soul or more then that......... My idea of what Bella would have been like when love of her life left her!!! A small piece of poetry.
Silent As the Wind Everyone 5/5 10 3 No 4218
What if Jake imprinted and then Edward came back. Well one of those things are true, GUESS?!!! READ BUDDY!
Silent Presence Everyone 5/5 9 1 Yes 572
Who knew that when Bella saw a vampire in the meadow, and suspected Edward, she wasn't that far off?

New-Moon Silentpresencebannercopy.tiff
Silent Student Everyone 4.5/5 22 2 Yes 1468
Teachers are supposed to care about their students, right? So when Bella Swan becomes depressed and silent, what is a teacher supposed to do?
Silver & Gold Teen 5/5 3 2 No 2462
Savers have existed for thousands of years without our knowing. They keep us safe from the unknown. They are fast, knowledgeable, incredible humans…well…much more than humans…they just happen to look like humans and have powers. Strength, speed, immortality, invisibility, mind control, element manipulation, and much more. They are born without warning, in triplets, each with their own specialty. The last known trio was born 200 years ago: Killian, Orin, and Ailis. This is the story of Ailis Bourke and Edward Cullen.
simpering Everyone 3.5/5 2 1 Yes 32
A poem about bella's unrequitted attraction
Simple Adoration Everyone 5/5 33 1 Yes 1
Yes!!! My first twilight drawing!! And yeah, it's Alice and Jasper.))
Simple Bliss Everyone 4.5/5 9 1 Yes 660
In the meadow, with Edward and Bella. Its as simple as the summary.
Simply Alice Everyone 4.5/5 22 1 Yes 3
a pic i drew of spunky, happy alice with big, yellow eyes time: again, 10 minutes probably materials: #2 pencil, various colored pencils by the way, please rate! i guess u could call me desperate...
Sin City Teen 4.5/5 44 4 No 7977

When Edward never came back, and Jacob and Bella never became friends, she stayed in her Zombie state far to long. Long enough to all but fail her senoir year. The only college that she could get into was in Las Vegas--Sin City. Bella's sins start to get a bit out of hand. What happens when Edward crosses Bella's path and once again saves her life?
Warning: Bella's some-what of a bad girl. She's a stripper.
Please read. I think you'll really enjoy the story :D
Also, i'm looking for a banner(:

A bit OOC
Sing With Heart Everyone 5/5 3 1 Yes 1880
I got this idea after listening to "You Raise Me Up" about seventy times. The song was insparational, so I figured that Bella and Edward should have a little moment with the song. Enjoy!
Singing Heartbreak Everyone 0/5 0 2 No 424
Bella moves on from Edward and becomes a famous singer that's world-reknowned. But, when the Cullens see one of her music videos on TV, and decide that they want her back, can "moving on", really be as easy as she thought it would be?
Sirius Rising Teen 0/5 5 1 No 1081
This is the story of Jacob's transformation to a werewolf from his POV. It begins with him leaving her house ofter the movie with Mike.
Sisters Teen 0/5 1 2 No 2919
Family is everything. Bella Swan, and her sister, Constance Marie, have always been the best of friends. Families are supposed to have unconditional love, but the love is put to the test when one becomes a vampire and the other becomes a werewolf. Experience the thrill of the Twilight series re-written with a new character added in - a sister for Bella.
Sisters Forever Everyone 4.5/5 17 3 Yes 1391
Edward leaves, but he didn't know something important. Bella was pregnant. When the Cullens show up two years later, Bella needs to decide on a very important issue.
Sisters Standing in the Twilight Adult 0/5 0 1 No 3008
(Twilight fanfiction) The cousins of the Cullens come to the wedding Bella discovers that they are not just vampire or werewolves but the three cousins are neither they are hybrids .No spoilers! read the story to find out what kind of hybrids are the sisters and they are triplets and they have history in forks the sisters begin to discover that things have really changed in forks since they last came. But what happens when a unexpected death happens and they are left alone not only does word get out of their existence and the voultri comes for them. The sisters need to chose whether to fight or die! Contains, humor, action and romance :D
Sisters, At Last Everyone 5/5 9 1 Yes 2338
Rosalie and Edward have never had an easy relationship. It was worse for her and Bella. But when Bella finds out she's pregnant, Rosalie is the one she calls for the support she needs. Who would've known that it would be Bella getting what Rosalie always wanted that would bring them sisters. Starts right after Bella calls Rosalie and asks for her help on the last page in the first book of Breaking Dawn.
Sixty Years Later Everyone 4.5/5 28 1 Yes 1209
What if Edward leaves, and comes back for Bella - sixty years later?
Sk8r Boi Everyone 5/5 25 1 Yes 903
Ten years have passed since Mike Newton and the rest of graduated from high school. Now, he is the most successful rocker of the year, has the hottest girlfriend in Hollywood and is rich beyond compare. Naturally, he is unhappy. But a chance encounter with someone from his past makes him see that al hope is not lost.
Skeletons Teen 5/5 25 14 Yes 26721
Image Hosted by banner by Iris Run Run Run Run Run Run CRASH
Two different people. Two different lives. Both running away from things they couldn't handle and didn't want to face. But a head on collision between the wounded Jacob and cunning Luz Maria maybe worth more trouble than facing the demons before them. (FIN : WASHOUT)
Sky Everyone 4.5/5 4 1 Yes 106
No main focus, no center. It has brilliancy, it had beauty. This is Edward's view on life only through New Moon.
Sleep Everyone 5/5 13 1 Yes 1670
Edward Masen had everything that mattered to him - good grades, a loving family, and the comforts of a home. For him, the only dark cloud on the horizon was his impending draft into a war he hardly knew about, and that, he goes toward voluntarily. But something much more sinister comes toward him, threatening his family, his future, and his very life. Companion to Angel. Edward's transformation.
Sleep, To Rise Again Everyone 5/5 5 1 Yes 1522
One shot. Bella and Edward at the end of all things. "The scientists knew just enough to determine exactly when the world was going to end, and not nearly enough to be able to stop it. Humanity had not dug its own grave, but opted for cremation."
Sleeping Beauty Everyone 4/5 7 1 Yes 1
Bella asleep in Edwards arms.. Sketched in ballpoint, coloured in photoshop.
Sleeping in Silence Everyone 4/5 12 1 No 1
A picture of Brooke and Izzy from were_pire_luv93's My Angel and Kaiwynn's Night-sprite.
Sleepover Adult 4.5/5 6 1 Yes 653
Claire gossips with her friends, and it leads to uncomfortable avenues of discussion. Part of the For Her series. One-shot. Adult for language and... adult themes.
Sleepover Teen 0/5 0 0 No 227
Just some fluff I wrote when I had gotten bored earlier. Let's see how far we can push poor Edward. ;)
Sleepover With the Cullens Everyone 5/5 27 2 Yes 1160
Alice and the other Cullen girls are sleeping over at Bella's while Charle is visiting a friend in Italy. Now Jasper is all depressed and sad. this made me laugh when i thought of it, Edward wants to pretend to be gay!!!!!!! =) Anyway, Jasper consumes a whole bag of cheetos. and they become pirates. A pillowfight at Bella's !!! How much more fun can you have at a sleepover with the Cullens? IDK!!!
slimming pills lida daidaihua Everyone 0/5 0 1 No 2
Slipping Away Everyone 0/5 0 2 No 61
Poems set during different points of the twilight saga and how each character felt at the time (depends on the pov) and also poems relating to the story i am currently working on :)
SLOW LIFE Everyone 5/5 36 12 No 9951
Slow Life Fanfiction Story Banner When Renee keeps telling Bella that she's an old soul, she has no idea how right she is. See, Bella really is an old soul. She keeps getting reincarnated everytime her body dies. So, where does Edward come in?
Slow Me Down - A Jacob Black FanFiction Adult 3.4/5 5 1 Yes 1208

He had never known love. He thought that she was the best in the world. Oh how fate could twist one’s view. A simple what Jacob finds at the end of his long run story.
This is written to the song Slow Me Down be Emmy Rossum. It shows Jacob’s feelings better than I could ever manage.
Small Smiles and Lies Everyone 5/5 12 4 Yes 5852
“I love you,” murmured Tanya’s mind, gaze and lips as she slowly leant forward. When Edward told Bella that Tanya had shown "an interest" in him in Denali, what exactly did he mean? Did it go further than Bella could have percieved? Edward battles once more with his concience before the wedding day. When he has so much to lose, can he decide whether hurting her is better than lying to her?
Smokin' Hott Everyone 5/5 5 1 Yes 981
one shot in which some girl from Jacob Blacks school tries to ask him out. is it because he is wonderful and hot and sweet and funny? why yes dear reader, it is! Note:HE DOES NOT IMPRINT Note:NOT MINE.
Smooch Teen 5/5 3 1 Yes 1
You guessed it! (teen for sexyness:])
Sneak Out Teen 5/5 10 2 Yes 1032
A little one-shot about Bella. Bella sneaks out and rides a motorcycle with no helmet. She will soon fell the wrath of Edward! This is my first story, so go easy on me. *Note* I've never actually done either of these things, so I pretty much made it up. If you have done either of these things, and I did something wrong, leave a commment telling me what I did wrong and how to fix it. Thanks!
Snow Angels Everyone 2.5/5 6 1 Yes 675
Takes place during the December of New Moon. I wrote it in a very different style to try and mirror how her life is during this point in the series. A little one shot about what Bella is going through. Feedback would be appreciated ^_^
snow ball fight connection Everyone 5/5 24 3 No 2323
Bella is stuck in the gym while Mike has his snowball fight... But she isn't alone. Set in twilight, the day Edward comes back. It never rained and Mike got his battle of the blizzard.
Snow fun with the Cullen's Everyone 5/5 7 1 Yes 518
A one-shot about the Cullen's having fun in the snow.
Snow on Italian Rooftops Everyone 5/5 4 1 Yes 1816
Jane's POV Takes place during the time of Twilight, but meanwhile, in Italy... "Aro sent you for the report?" He assumed. I only nodded. "Give me the overview," I said. "It seems they've aquired a human pet." My eyes widened. "Name," I demanded, holding out my hand. "Isabella Swan."

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