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D a n c i n g Everyone 5/5 9 1 Yes 1240
Image and video hosting by TinyPic" a+j fluff<3 Cute little thing i thought of while watching dancing with the stars (lol). a+j forever
Daddy and Me Everyone 5/5 16 1 Yes 1395
Daddy Makeover Everyone 4.5/5 7 1 Yes 1794
When Renesmee returns home from a shopping trip with a Caboodle of hair accessories, Daddy is her preferred makeover subject. Charlie's recent words on fatherhood convince Edward to take it like a man and allow his daughter some fun at his expense. Daddy Makeover Banner
Daddy's Here, I Always Will Be Everyone 5/5 5 1 Yes 554
After Renesmee is born, and Bella is laying limp for the next three days, Edward shares his thoughts on his newborn daughter. Maybe she's not the monster he thought she was after all. Follow Edward's thoughts while he watches his little girl grow up.[I've decided to continue this story]
Daddy's Little Girl Teen 4.5/5 51 4 No 3267
Bella is Carlisle's daughter in the 1700s. One night, Carlisle doesn't come back from his hunt to take down the vampires. Bella is forced into a marriage with a man who becomes abusive. One night, a year after Carlisle bacame a vampire, her husband nearly kills her and she is left out on the streets, where she is changed. So, what will happen? Will she meet her dad? And will he have another family when she finally meets him?
Daddy, I need a Makeover Everyone 0/5 2 1 Yes 3265
Nessie's growing up, and Edward is having a hard time accepting it. When Nessie wants to wear make-up, it sparks the biggest fight she's ever had with her dad. From Edward's point of view.
Damaged Teen 5/5 95 16 Yes 18723
Damaged by Awsomealice94“I better dream if I have to struggle” Story of 19 year old Mary Alice Brandon
Damaged Adult 4.5/5 124 5 Yes 4943
Edward leaves for a second time and left bella hopeless and heartbroken. 50 years later bella is a vampire and returns to her home town forks to meet back up with her once true love.Can their love be back together after so long, or just be torn even farther apart.

Damned by Dawn Adult 0/5 0 2 No 9055
The story follows the life of an 18-year-old girl, who falls deeply in love with a 172-year-old vampire. Their relationship becomes increasingly complicated as a love-struck werewolf plans to make her his mate.
Damned Regardless Adult 0/5 1 1 No 2578
`` "Do you really think we should continue to mess with fate? We've toyed with it enough as it is and look at where it has gotten us! Edward messed with Bella's and now we're in a heep of crap that we're never going to recover from. This entire time we've been playing with it, changing it, molding it. Fate is not meant to be messed with when it comes to two things, love and death. I know that much. I'm sure Esme and Edward will agree as well. I know they will." I said, sounding sure of myself. That didn't mean I actually felt it, though. `` Bella/Edward, Carlisle/Esme, Bella/Carlisle, Alice/Jasper, Emmett/Rosalie, Victoria/Riley.
Damning an Angel Teen 4.5/5 116 6 Yes 8694
When Bella nearly dies, Edward must make a choice.

Damsels in Distress and Knights in Shining Armor Teen 4.5/5 6 2 Yes 3694
Bella and Edward are in a typical cliched situation. Bella's trapped in a tower and Edward is the knight in shining armor. Edward has to fight three old ememies that are somehow not dead. You know who they are. HINT: we met them in twilight

I think it is pretty funny

rated teen just in case Review and whatnot it makes me update that much sooner.
Dance with Me Darling Everyone 0/5 4 5 No 2837
What if Bella and Edward decided they didn't want Jake to be with Nessie? What if they forced her to leave him in the only way possible, by breaking his heart? This is my twist on what happens after Breaking Dawn.
Dance, Dance, Dance Adult 5/5 3 3 No 7724
When you leave someone you love for the better, they should just stay away right? Well, what if it was what you needed, but just couldn't get him out of your mind?
Dances Teen 4/5 16 1 Yes 2333
She was lost and alone in this world, though she was surrounded by people. He's a loner, banished. Their paths cross and the unthinkable happens. (It's a double imprint story. You know you want to read it.)
Dancing in the Rain Everyone 0/5 0 1 Yes 1
I got bored. Bella visiting Jake in the rain. I'm impressed with myself actually, I think it's pretty good for Paint.
Dancing Lessons Teen 4/5 5 2 No 1091
Shortly before the wedding, Alice decides that it's time to give Bella another surprise. Will Bella learn to dance before the wedding, or is she destined to finally conquer her inability to dance, or is this a disaster in the making? (Rated Teen in case Bella gets too frustrated...)

Dancing Lessons Banner
Dancing with Daddy Everyone 5/5 11 1 Yes 990
Breaking Dawn SPOILERS
Dancing with Jasper Everyone 0/5 0 1 Yes 1811
AU AH Alice's gran has just died and she has to clean and fix-up her house ready for selling. The problem - she has a horrible phobia of the house since a child. Will her dancing partner make her fear worthwile? (Horrible summary, its just a one-shot so just give it a go!)
Danger Magnet Teen 0/5 3 1 Yes 1473
This is a story about an interesting day for the Cullens. Bella's POV All characters, settings, etc. belong to the awesome Stephenie Meyer! Only rated teen just in case.
Dark Angel Everyone 5/5 3 2 No 3288
The story of Pire, Nahuel's mother, and how he came to be. Do NOT read if you haven't read Breaking Dawn.! You won't understand it most likely AND it might spoil a little. DISCONTINUED.
Dark Angels Adult 0/5 0 2 No 1692
The Disir and the children of the moon have teamed up in an unsteady aliance to go against vampires and humans, to bring the world back to the way it was in a time before time. A time were the Disir and children of the moon hunt freely and their kind are in an abundance. But there is one vampire clan that will be difficult to destroy ... the yellow eyes...
Dark by Light (Hope) Everyone 5/5 1 1 Yes 186
Sort of like what Bella felt like through New Moon, I'm not sure how to explain it, it just came to me. Enjoy!
Dark Crimson Adult 0/5 1 1 No 651
Caite Rosen has some secrets. There's the fairy blood, the persistant "ex" boyfriend that wants to eat her as well as have and hold her, and then there's the fact that she's been banished from her only home. Now, over a thousand years later, Caite meets more of the creatures she's trying to avoid, and some of her old demons rise to the surface yet again. Can she make friends with a constant threat? And how will her hunter feel when he spy's them together? OC/Demetri OC/Seth Rated Adult for: voilence, language, and mature content
Dark Light Teen 5/5 45 12 No 41100
What if the Cullens weren't the only ones who were special? What if Bella could do something they had never seen before? Canon pairings. Slightly OOC.
Dark Moon Teen 0/5 0 3 No 14425
Twilight from Edward's point of view.
Dark Past Adult 4/5 2 2 No 2252
Renesmee has lost her memory after mysterious circumstances. She now lives with her adopted brothers and sister after her adopted parents died in a tragic accident. But while in school she comes across some strangers who may hold the key to her past.
Dark Secrets Everyone 4/5 9 5 No 5355
Summary: They say that the past comes back to haunt you. What happens when a part of Edward’s past comes back to him? Say an old lover. Will he turn her away or will he embrace her?How will Bella react and handle this new information?
The prolouge is kinda depressing but read's only how Edwards old lover feels about being a vampire and her existence
Dark Symbols Everyone 5/5 3 1 Yes 19
short poem about symbolism that refers to characters in the books
Dark to Fire-Jane's Story Teen 5/5 4 1 Yes 2448
Dark to Fire-Jane's Story by Awsomealice94Dark.It was what we’ve always known.Fire.It was something that was forced to be familiar. Jane and Alec's lives before the Volturi stepped in. My entry for the Jane One-Shot Challenge
Darkest Before the Dawn Teen 5/5 138 29 Yes 169193
The door opened behind me, with a cold gust of wind suddenly sweeping through the room, rustling the papers on the desk and carrying that scent! I froze. Not again!...I sensed nothing...The fragrance was maddening. I slowly turned my head, following the scent, and there she was. Standing, back pressed against the back wall, waiting. She was haunting me. A reimagining of Twilight from Edward's perspective, starting from the very beginning...The First Time - and continuing on beyond where Midnight Sun ends. NOMINATED: 2009 Bellie's category Canon that's Better than Canon NOMINATED: 2009 Indie's Top 10 Best Canon Disclaimer: All characters, settings, and a great majority of the dialogue are the property of Stephanie Meyer.
Darkest Hour Teen 5/5 7 1 Yes 2073
(Edward pov.) "There was a bad hour," she whispered. "He decided to go hunting." - What did Alice see and what made Edward change his mind at the last minute in Volterra?
Darkest Midnight Everyone 0/5 3 2 No 3146
Edwards decision in New Moon - Just a couple of chapters up to the Cullens leaving.
Darkness Everyone 0/5 4 1 Yes 77
Edward has left. this is a poem Bella wrote after he left.
Darkness Everyone 5/5 2 1 No 28
A poem I wrote one day after re-reading New Moon.
Darkness 'Round the Sun Everyone 5/5 1 1 Yes 725
This is a songfic from when Bella decided to jump from the top cliff in New Moon.
Darkness Of Night Teen 5/5 10 5 No 7431
its been a while since bella had renesmee everything seems fine until the volturi (being mad from their last encounter) make another plan this time, involving some familiar wizards to get revenge on the cullen. What will happen and what will they do. Crossover involving characters from harry potter. R&R come on people almost 1000 reads and only 9 reviews...i wont be updating until i get atleast 15 please i have the rest of the story but what good is it updating if i dont get to see wat you guys think of the story ***update*** i still only have 9 reviews. is my story that bad?
Darkness Reigns Adult 5/5 4 1 No 1905
I was optimistic, in the borrowed finery of a film star’s optimism, and the clothes I had stolen along my way. When I passed windows I looked just like a girl out of the movies, ready to run into the arms of the waiting man who loved her. It was 1967 and I was sick of being alone in my own darkness. Alice/Jasper
Darkness to Light Everyone 5/5 13 1 No 1105
Bella Swan is the perfect child. Charlie and Renee are married and living in Forks with her. But Bella feels wrong. She’s diagnosed with depression that takes over her every thought. That is, until a certain someone comes to Forks. …A certain someone with gold eyes… AU.
Darkness Was Last Night Everyone 0/5 3 2 No 108
Edward and how he feels......
Dartmouth Everyone 5/5 9 1 Yes 1628
Dartmouth by Awsomealice94 ~Bella tells Charlie that she got accepted to Dartmouth~
Daughter Everyone 5/5 9 1 Yes 739
Carlisle reflects on his feelings about his youngest daughter.
daughter of aro Adult 0/5 0 1 No 6139
Daunting Teen 5/5 77 17 No 34011
Daunting Thank you, Marauder by Midnight, for the banner 3rd and last story in the 'Life in Love' series Sequal to 'Possibilities' "This is what we have been waiting for. This was the formidable fight. This was something that I wasn’t sure we were even going to win. Each pair of daunting red eyes stared back at me, filled with hope that they would win. Hoping, just like us, that they would live."
Dawn Adult 0/5 0 1 Yes 1222
Sequel to "Night." Jake's POV. Blackwater
Dawn Adult 4/5 1 2 No 4328
essie was kidnapped by a vampire at a young age. Years later with no memory of who or what she is she is constantly tortured, harassed, and bullied. What'll happen when the Cullens move into town? Will they be able to help her? Will they figure out who took her and why? Will Nessie ever remember her real family?
Dawn Teen 5/5 43 7 No 16095
Sequel to Midnight. Troy goes after the Cullen's and forces Jay to go with his family. Bella and Jay must work together to get through what Troy has planned. However, will Jay be willing to sacrifice everything for the Cullens again? Or will she simply give up?
Dawn's Embrace Teen 4.5/5 115 3 No 12526

Sequel to 'The Day I Died': Bella's problems are not over. Now, with the breaking of the treaty, Bella is in more danger than ever. Not to mention her strange abilities which put her at risk. Can their love, however pure, survive it all? Edward/Bella
Dawning Adult 0/5 0 2 No 1367
After Breaking Dawn from Bella/Jacob's perspective. Things go a little crazy a couple months after the Volturi came to fight the Cullens. As it turns out they aren't the only ones going after Renesmee.
Dawning Light Everyone 4.5/5 18 3 No 6075
Jenica Halliwell moves to Forks, Washington to fix one specific problem. However, as so often happens in Forks, one problem quickly multiplies into millions.
Day Break Adult 3.6/5 11 3 No 2685
This is a series to The Darkest Hour Before Dawn. now that Jake's on his way home safely and Bella's a vampire things should be simple right? Well the twins will be coming soon and there's the fact that Charlie is ready to drive up to make sure Bella's ok and a new round of problems are headed their way. How will they deal with the twins birth? How will they handel Charlie? What's Bella's power Please read and review. If you haven't read The Darkest Hour Before Dawn none of this will make sense. Sorry it took so long to write but I had writers block. There will be more as I think of it and as I get a good amount of reviews.
Day I Never Dreamed Of Teen 5/5 32 10 Yes 7033
AFTER BREAKING DAWN. MAJOR SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN'T READ IT. Jacob loved Nessie since the very day that she was born. After years of waiting for her to open her eyes and love him, the way that he has loved her, something terrible happens... She finds out about his first love. Will it ever work now that she knows he loved her mother? But that's just the beginning... What'll she do? Is there trouble ahead?
Daylight Teen 3/5 72 13 Yes 16187
 ^^^Made by the lovely, twilightOCD (yes I know thats my pen name, duh.) This is pretty much what would happen if I was Bella. Well, not really Bella, just having gotten to Edward first (I always dream of that :P) It's kind of boring at first, maybe to you, but for me, imagining me doing that, is just so exciting. Wow...he's even hotter in person, lol.
Daylight Moon Everyone 5/5 6 4 No 20905
Please take a look back on my bio.
Twilight with another girl, another personality and another whole lot of trouble.
Daylight Moon Adult 3/5 2 1 No 2840
"In the summer of 1918, in Chicago, rumors of an epidemic are causing panic. Everything I hold dear with fall away... my family, friends... even my own life. Only Edward and Carlisle remember my struggles... why? My name is Eleanor Elizabeth Masen, and this is the tragedy that befell me."
Dead Adult 5/5 34 1 Yes 2170
Bella is dead, and neither Jacob nor Edward really knows how to mourn her.
Dead and Gone Everyone 4.5/5 21 6 No 8313
Edward dies trying to protect Bella. Even though Bella would rather die, the Cullens change her when Alice finds out the Volturi are on their way. The story takes place after her change (with a little flashback in the beginning explaining everything). I'm sure there are other stories to do with Edward dying out there, so I did not attempt to copy them if my story sounds like them. Oh, and the title was inspired by the song "Dead and Gone" by T.I. featuring Justin Timberlake (it has nothing to do with this story, it just seemed to fit). Create your own banner at!
dead hearts Everyone 3.5/5 31 1 Yes 49
if only edwards heart could beat
Dead Inside Adult 3.7/5 79 4 No 2664
Charlie absolutely hates Edward and Bella. He's become abusive. Bella has had to break up with Edward or else Charlie will kill her and her mom. Now, none of the Cullens will speak to her or even look except to give her glares. Edward never glares, but he never looks either. Both or their lives are terrible, both are missing their soul mate, their other half, but Bella can't tell anyone about Charlie. So what will happen?
Dead Star Everyone 4.5/5 20 2 No 1506
Jacob was Bella's sun. He brightened her day and balanced out the clouds nicely.
But how could he fight with the cold, rock of the moon? How could he fight an eclipse?
He couldn't.

So he ran, and now . . . he's a dead star.
He's lost inside himself.

Another pack of werewolves, another coven of leeches.
He ran right to what he was running from.

Dead Zone Everyone 4.5/5 4 1 No 241
this is a story in poems about bella's dead zone thoses months after edwards departure
Deadly Dancing Adult 5/5 63 7 No 17661
A secret and mysterious cult is stealing artifacts across Europe, all with a goal made in the middle ages in mind. And that goal deals with only one thing. Vampires. Bella Swan is the only person in the world with the full knowledge of vampires, and is joined by her fellow agents of Zeta to try and stop the cult from spreading. But when a run in with her past occurs, will her duty be the only thing pushing her to fight? flag
Dear Alice Teen 0/5 0 1 Yes 25
What I think Bella would have written to Alice in a last letter before she jumped off the cliffs in La Push.
Dear Diary Everyone 0/5 3 1 No 1783
Dear Diary, Graduation is two weeks away. After graduation who knows what will happen... Much Love, Bella
Dear Diary Teen 5/5 7 2 No 2031
Diary 8/7/02 My name is Renesmee Cullen and i am 14 (8) years old. The only comfort life brings me is Jacob Black, my best friend.

Dear Edward Teen 0/5 2 1 Yes 56
What I think Bella would have said to Edward in a last letter before she jumped off the cliffs in La Push.
Dear Edward... Adult 3.4/5 7 1 No 1235
Edward left in New Moon and Bella moved on. She lives a happy life with her husband but never forgets him. One day Edward receives a letter from Bella and her husband. What is written in the letter? Review please.
Dear Emmett Teen 0/5 0 1 Yes 19
What I think Bella would have said to Emmett in a last letter before she jumped off the cliffs in La Push.
Dear Rosalie Teen 0/5 0 1 Yes 30
What I think Bella would have said to Rosalie in a last letter before she jumped off the cliffs in La Push.
Dearest Bella Everyone 5/5 8 1 Yes 219
Edward left Bella in the forest all alone. A short while later he writers her a letter that he never intends to send. Part of New Moon Edward's POV
Dearest Bella. . . Everyone 4.5/5 10 1 Yes 244
Edward's Point of View. Before Edward leaves Bella in the woods, he tries to write her a letter, explaining why he is going to leave.

Death Everyone 0/5 2 1 Yes 114
Whom shall we mourn for?
Death and the Maiden Adult 0/5 0 1 Yes 8578
"As long as Alice stays precious to Maria, there's a chance she might survive. Fear of Maria keeps James at bay, and it's enough to make me smother the very reason for my existence, drowning her in blood every time Maria asks me to…" JPOV, Pre-Twilight Vamp AU.
Death And Where It Leads Everyone 5/5 59 4 Yes 4934
DWYER (Renée) Quietly passed away in the loving arms of her family in Florida on 11/4/2039

The late Mrs. Renée Dwyer leaves behind a caring husband and a much-loved daughter.

She will be forever remembered most keenly as our sunshine in the darkest of days.

Rest in peace, Renée. You will be missed.
Death Angel Everyone 0/5 6 1 Yes 128
this poem is about..... bella's vamp transformationthe pain of item abovecoming out of the painstarting her new lifehunting as a vamp
Death Bed Everyone 5/5 13 1 Yes 3426
This is when Edward and Bella are dieing of the spanish influenza. Even on there deathbed people fall in love!
Death Do Us A Reunion Everyone 4.5/5 9 3 No 1155
I have decided to write a series of events that would convey Bella's transformation to a vampire. I know it's not well written and creative, but bear with me for this is my very first ever story. Yay! I hope this series will be as enjoyable as an electrifying song with a perfect set of lyrics and a full pack headbanging melody. Haha, i don't guarantee that, but please do read it=]
Death is Intimate Teen 5/5 2 1 Yes 510
Life as a vampire is much like a dance...To Rosalie, the dance she participates in is just as intimate as any other: the dance of death. The dance of predator and prey is one that she knows well.
Death is No Fear Teen 0/5 1 1 No 996
Amber is looking for her lost mate Zane, but so is her twin brother, Gabrielle. While following on scent she finds the Cullens'. Will she save Zane from her own brother? *Spoiler alert for those who have not read Breaking Dawn*
Death is only the beginning Teen 4.5/5 16 4 No 3311
Danielle is a 17 year old girl, she was left broken by a disturbed childhood and now lives with her colsest friends in Louisiana. She fears that her life is incomplete and that she will never fill the void that is within her. Will the cullens be able to help her? First fan fic so please be gentle.
Death is... Everyone 4.5/5 16 1 Yes 1495
The Cullen's are suffering after a death in the family, but one word might change things (and a vision or two from Alice!)
Death Of A Soul Adult 5/5 78 3 Yes 6250

His heart swells. His unbeating heart. It aches like never before. He has to let her go, he knows this. But why? Why? Why not him? What did he ever do wrong? If Bella had picked Jacob instead of Edward in Eclipse, and she told Edward, how would he react and how would the conversation go?

Death Of The Volvo Everyone 5/5 33 2 No 1369
Bella is tired of Edward's obsession, so she decides to take matters into her own hands... along with some explosives.
Death, Love, and Rebels Adult 2/5 1 1 No 356
Bella lives a reckless and rebelious lifestyle in Phoenix and is forced to move to Forks to live with her father. There Bella finds a friend in Alice Cullen and love in Alice's brother Edward and Bella's twin brother Emmett finds love in Rosalie Hale. BTW: Alice, Edward, Jasper, Carlisle, and Esme are Vampires while as Bella and Emmett are twin humans! ALSO Edward is dating Tanya! But does he truly love her I guess you'll have to read to find out!!! Please read and review!!! Thanks! :)
Death, that hath sucked the honey of thy breath, hath had no power yet upon thy beauty. Everyone 5/5 6 2 Yes 1499
The breaking point in Edward's life as he rushes to Italy to end his own life, having only found out that his beloved Bella had jumped from a cliff to end her life....
Debts Repayed--Bella's Secret Everyone 4.5/5 23 1 Yes 680
Its the night before her transformation, Bella has a special gift for Edward. She hopes he will take this contraversal gift.
Deceiver Teen 5/5 210 28 Yes 32471
Leaving behind everything that matters to her, she heads off to her own personnal hell to protect the ones she loves... After being blackmailed by the Volturi to join them, Bella and her coven go to Italy, breaking many people's hearts. While the others mourn, they fight to escape their jail. And when the do, what will they find in the world they left behind? Banner by Iris!
December Air Teen 4.5/5 27 5 No 11660
Edward never came back.
Bella has tried her best to go on, by settling with someone.
She knows she can never love with what she was once capable of.
But when disaster strikes who is it that is capable of putting her back together again?

Chapter 5 is UP


no need to fret guys
I have a beta; the search is over YAY
The AH-MAY-ZINGG Alyss in Wonderland
has temporarily released me from writers block by being my co-writer "]
Let just say this story just got a whole lot more unpredictable
Deception Adult 4/5 19 4 No 2739
When Bella finds Edward cheating, he leaves. Victoria finds her and transforms Bella. 90 years later, Bella sees the Cullens again. What will happen? BTW, I have a new contest, the first 7 to review get to create their own character to put in the story . . . I even have blank lines ready to fill names in with already . . .
Deciding on Dresses Everyone 5/5 6 1 Yes 1
Bella has just had about enough of our darling Alice...
Decision Teen 5/5 18 3 No 4951
Alice has a violent vision of Bella's future and the Cullens consider changing Bella ahead of schedule. Jacob cannot bear the thought and considers war. After their decison Alice has strange visions of a silver-haired vampire and her mate.
Decisions Adult 5/5 15 6 No 5648
What she said next I would never forget. "If he dies Edward, I die too... and it will be your fault." Then she left and I knew what I had to do, even if it was going to kill me.
Decisions Everyone 5/5 6 1 Yes 119
basically, it is edwards POV and he is trying to decide whether he should get close to bella or not. beginning of twilight
Decisions Everyone 0/5 3 1 Yes 587
Comfortable walks on the beach give way for awkward conversation. Bella/Jacob, mentions of Bella/Edward.
Decisions Adult 0/5 0 4 No 3128
Edward's father dies and tells him to never get married or have children, it always gets in the way of dreams. Edward and bella are twenty three years old and have been dating since freshman year in high school. Bella's ready to make it official that she's Edward's. Tim epasses and bella decides that he has until their anniversary to propose or she's done with their relationship. Well complications arise and Bella finds out she's pregnant with their child. Everyone know's she's about to leave Edward but Edward doesn't realize it. Even his mother knows and she's dissapointed that he won't finally propose. Edward has a lot of hard decisions to make and the wrong one could mess up his entire life.
Deep in your Soul Everyone 4.5/5 41 4 No 3779
Bella is a vampire now and has a new ability. An ability that is much stronger than everything you have seen before. Forks has forgotten her after 30 years. But why?
Defaulted Love Adult 0/5 9 1 Yes 2461
Is Jacob the real threat to Bella & Edward’s wedded bliss or is there someone else Edward should worry about?
Thanks to Sam for thinking of the title. You rock Sam.
Definition: Gianna Teen 5/5 11 1 Yes 3236
How does one define Gianna? Definition:Gianna
Deja Vu Teen 5/5 79 10 No 20797
Edward never came back after he left Bella in New Moon. Bella went to college, married Jacob, had a daughter. When Bella's grandaughter and Edward find each other in Forks, can Edward overcome his memories and devote himself to a new love?
Deja Vu Teen 4.5/5 257 31 Yes 15404
or Not on My Watch AU from chapter 3 of New Moon. Bella is taken to Florida with Renee. However, she is even more heart-broken without Jacob Black to cling to. She is sent to an asylum by a distraught Renee. Alice wasn't looking. She'd promised to leave Bella alone. But sometimes the visions come before you ask. She couldn't help it. She sees Bella being sent off and goes to convince Edward she really isn't better off without him. "Because I'm not going to let you do this to her! I know what it's like in there, Edward. Maybe I don't remember it, but... look. What more harm can you do?"

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