Posted 02 Jan 11

I'm a day late in posting this, but hope everyone is having a splendid new year so far :)

So, what are some of your New Years resolutions? Mine is to make sure I get on here as consistently as I have been to validate (well, that, and to keep myself away from the people who were no good for me in 2010).


By Savannah_Cullen

Posted 08 Jan 11

I've been getting on a couple times a week, as well. Hopefully we can keep it up!

By j3nn

Posted 15 Jan 11

^ yay!! :D i've missed you haha

By awsomealice94

Posted 26 Feb 11

Hey! i was just looking on the most recent page and some of the banners are HUGE for what the rules allow. its been going on for some time now but..i suppose im a bit sour because i had to take down some of mine that were only a bit bigger (not even twice the size) than the rules allow, and now these banners that are seriously 4-5 times bigger than they can be get to stay. can we do something about this? its cluttering up the page and i think that was one of the reasons the rule was made in the first place thanks!

By j3nn

Posted 18 Mar 11

Sorry about that -- the problem is that when we validate we don't see the banners... I haven't been patrolling the news feed recently to look at banners because I've barely had the time to come on and validate. So we'll deal with them as we can.
Sorry again.

By Lisa254

Posted 02 Apr 11

Hey, it seems that we are not able to edit our story. There are some errors I wanted to fix, but when I make the changes to the chapter and hit the 'add story' button, it says it has updated it, but when you go back and view the chapter the changes have not been made. I didn't have this problem before. What's happening? Can this be fixed, because I really wanted to fix the errors. Thanks.

By admin

Posted 25 Apr 11

We'll be addressing the issue of banners with the new site - we'll enforce some restrictions to ensure a consistant experience across the site. Keith