Forum Spring Clean

Posted 12 Apr 11

The forum has certainly slowed down over recent months and become a magnet for spam.

I've taken a bunch of actions to give the whole forum something of a spring clean:

  • The forum software has been updated to the very latest version.
  • The very first forum on the site has been deleted, with all the posts and users merged into the curent database.
  • Akismet spam bloking is in place to prevent most post-spam.
  • Users are unable to setup a signature until they've made 5-posts. This should stop fly-by users from trying to spam the site with their signatures.
  • Until I've cleaned up all the existing signature-spam, I've hidden signatures from appearing at all.

Hopefully these measures will help prevent the issue form reappearing in the future. I eventually would like to integrate a custom-built forum into the website so that it can all be tied together beautifully.
I encourage you to dip back into the forum, reiginate the community there and continue to make use the fo the Report button to flag any content that should be removed.
Thank you and I'll see you in the forum!



By Lisa254

Posted 15 Apr 11

Hello. I'm having an issue. I'm trying to correct some errors in some chapters of my story, but whenever I edit them and click 'add story,' the changes do not show up. Why is this? I never had problems with this before. Can this problem be fixed please?

By admin

Posted 16 Apr 11

Looking into it Lisa254.

By Lisa254

Posted 17 Apr 11

Thank you. I appreciate it!

By admin

Posted 25 Apr 11

How's it looking now Lisa254?

By Lisa254

Posted 26 Apr 11

It's working great now! Many thanks!!

By RileyHale

Posted 09 May 11

My friend tried making an account, but it wouldn't go through. She tried changing her penname and password and her bio. That still didn't work. She then thought it could have been her internet connection, so she restarted the connection and then her computer. She still can't get through. Is anyone else having this problem that you know of?

By admin

Posted 09 May 11

Hi RileyHale, Sorry to hear that your friend is having difficulties in getting going with her account. Did she get the email asking her to confirm her email address? Any particular error that she came across during the signup procees?

By RileyHale

Posted 10 May 11

She couldn't even submit for her account. When she hit the 'submit' button, it had a bunch of gibberish on the next page. She checked her email but there was nothing there, in the inbox or spam folder.

By Elito

Posted 31 May 11

Hi I'm tryng to submit a new chapter to my story, everything goes fine until I click submit and then I receive an error message, what should I do?